Incorporating Luxury Roses Into Your Home Decor

If you have decided that it is time to give your interior design an overhaul, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed in how to tie your home together, so could we suggest roses? Choosing the right colors and accessories can be challenging, but incorporating flower arrangements, especially roses, into your interior design is a simple way of adding elegance and beauty to any room.

At Venus et Fleur®, we specialize in creating stunning arrangements of long-lasting roses that will take your interior spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. Everyone from the Kardashians and DJ Khaled to Danielle Brooks and several NBA and NFL players love our unique creations. Today, we’re going to show you how easy it is to incorporate luxury roses into your home and how to use them in your interior design to seamlessly tie things together. When you’re done, shop with Venus for customizable arrangements to fit any room or occasion.

Tips for Decorating with Luxury Roses

While they may remind you primarily of centerpieces for your kitchen or dining room table, incorporating stunning rose arrangements into your foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom is easier than it seems. With the right colors you can give each room its own aesthetic or set a tone that carries throughout the home.

Foyer Flower Arrangements

Because the foyer is the first space that your friends and family see when they enter your home, it is important that the design elements of this space send the right message. All too often, foyers are boring, sterile spaces that lack style, or worse, have piles of shoes and backpacks littering the space. 

A more elegant way to greet them would be by making your foyer inviting with some light décor. You don’t want to crowd the area, but a large arrangement on the foyer table or some light accent pieces can give the space a warmer feel, rather than just a bare space to enter. Our Fleura Porcelain Vase with Mixed Orchids would make a great choice as a centerpiece and can provide a slight floral fragrance, while our Le Mini arrangements and letter collections make great accenting wall décor. With a large variety of colors you can select from our Le Minis for a single season or the entire year, but whatever flower arrangement or other art you use, offsetting the sides of the foyer with décor helps you establish the aesthetic of the home or theme of the season.

Living Room Arrangements

Whether you like to spend time as a family watching your favorite television shows and movies or you prefer to cozy up on the couch with a good book, chances are that your living room is a place you like to unwind at the end of a long day. Having the space designed in a manner that facilitates calmness and tranquility is an essential consideration as you decorate the room, and it’s something that the right arrangement can help deliver. Obviously consider whatever colors you like or that would tie the design together in a pleasing manner first, but we recommend cool tones and earth tones for your living room and décor to deliver on that peaceful feeling. Whether you want living room décor that’s elegant, homey, or modern, the right arrangement can do just that.

To keep things going from the tone you set in the foyer, consider arrangements that match in color or container or that provide an easy transition from the foyer arrangements. Choosing all round-, square-, or heart-shaped boxes is a great way to easily keep the cohesiveness from room to room. Having the colors of your arrangements transition smoothly with your other décor could be a beautiful interior design challenge as well.

Dining Room Arrangements

When you are thinking about how you can transform your dining room from a simple eating space into an elegant room that lends itself to conversation and stylish dining, you might feel a bit lost. Sure, a stunning dining room table or antique china hutch might suit your style, but as with anything else, the devil is in the details. Finding the right accessories for the space might seem challenging, but thankfully, luxury roses never go out of style.

If it’s dining room table décor you need, flowers are a classic option as a centerpiece. Choose colors that go with your current theme or that match the overall décor of your home and that play well with any other décor pieces you might have brought in. Whether you’re carrying out a full fall harvest look in your dining room or something minimalistic and modern, the right centerpiece is a final touch that immediately draws the eyes of your guests. Our Allura Porcelain Vase, full and wide, would make a great option for the holidays or a harvest theme, while something like the Le Douze Porcelain Vase provides a slimmer, but tall-standing dozen roses for an elegant arrangement.

For dining room wall décor, china or curio cabinets, there are many great display options. It just depends on the style, theme, and symmetry you’re trying to keep with your dining room or the home’s interior design as a whole. For your wall décor, people commonly go with small items to accent the space. Again our Le Minis or letter arrangements are good options here. For curio and china cabinets, flowers can look great on top or in the case as part of the display. Choose arrangements to offset each other on the top or middle shelf of the case or go with something like a single-stemmed or pair of Eternity® roses in our Ela, Florentina, or Babiole vase to be the elegant centerpiece of your cabinet.


Your kitchen is often referred to as the “command center” of the house. With such a utilitarian role in the home, this might be true, but it is also one of the main gathering spaces for friends and family. We think a kitchen should be warm and inviting. Sure, there’s work involved in cooking, but there’s also an inherent bonding that takes place where people gather to eat. Keeping the atmosphere warm, clean, and inviting is key to connecting over food and at the end or beginning of your day. If you have computers, paperwork, and calendars scattered about, it might be time for a design makeover. Replacing the clutter with a cohesive design, some minor décor, and flowers can help you bring the kitchen back to its main purpose.

When it comes to maintaining that purpose in the kitchen, and not being cluttered, it’s important not to go overboard with kitchen décor. Moving things out of your way while cooking isn’t really ideal. For this, we recommend a large arrangement for your island, or dining room table if it’s adjacent to the kitchen, as well as two to four smaller pieces of wall and counter décor to frame your centerpiece or to be placed strategically to give the whole room symmetry. If you don’t have an island or enough table space in your kitchen for a larger arrangement, then smaller arrangements or single-stemmed options can look gorgeous on counters, baking racks, or your kitchen cabinets.

Bedroom Arrangements

Whether you have decided that it is time to redecorate your master bedroom or you are changing out the decorations in your guest room, it is important to decorate bedrooms in a manner that promotes relaxation and comfort.

For master bedrooms, incorporating our Ela Marble Vase with luxury roses into your décor, will add an element of romance to the space. Here we might suggest shades of red or purple, mixed with greenery or white roses, as a centerpiece to go on a dresser or mantle. If you don’t have the space for that, then our single-stemmed roses or Le Mini arrangements make great side-table décor. This is a nice way to add just a bit of elegance or color to your master bedroom without having to change much about the rest of the bedroom décor.

If you’re looking for guest bedroom décor, then you might want to promote sound sleep and relaxation. For this, roses in a calming and neutral-colored Terre Travertine Vase or something similar will do the job as a centerpiece. Guests will be greeted by the beauty of the display and gently soothed by its light fragrance. If you don’t have the space or furniture to make a large arrangement work, then consider a Le Douze arrangement of a dozen roses or a smaller vase with a single-stem or pair of roses for side tables and smaller dressers. 

Finally, with so many options for bedroom décor, consider shelves for your wall décor and other arrangements. With shelves, you can create the opportunity for a larger arrangement or choose smaller shelves in a unique arrangement for smaller pieces of offsetting décor. Once again, our Le Minis fit seamlessly into this concept and can go great with candles or wall sconces to create a beautiful and unique design. 

Master Bathroom Arrangements

Bathrooms were once seen as simple, utilitarian spaces, and the design elements usually echoed this sentiment. However, homeowners today often view their master bathroom as an oasis that allows them to escape from the rest of the world. This means that more and more people are looking for interior design elements that provide a spa-like environment. Roses and other flowers are a great way to bring that spa-like ambiance to your bathroom.

To get your spa atmosphere started, one of the most common and best places to put a flower arrangement in your bathroom is on large counters or vanities. Assuming they’re in a focal area of the bathroom and the minimalistic design of most bathrooms, an arrangement here can be the crux of your bathroom's design. However, not everyone’s lucky enough to have a bathroom so large as to accommodate an arrangement without damaging it. For these bathrooms, there are plenty of smaller florals to go with. An elegant vase with a single stem can take the place of a larger arrangement on countertops, while adding shelving can also open up some unique ways to incorporate single flowers or smaller arrangements. Finally, the last piece to add just a bit of class and elegance into your bathroom, is toilet-top décor. A mini arrangement, single-stemmed rose, or our Aura porcelain vase would all look wonderful here.

Get Luxury Roses and Floral Décor From Venus et Fleur

Are you ready to transform every room of your home with the simple elegance of floral décor? Venus et Fleur's arrangements are already the top choice of many homeowners' and celebrities. Our customizable arrangements can last for a year with proper care, allowing you a long-term interior design solution for every room in your home. Visit us to shop for a wide variety of arrangements or to start designing your own unique arrangement today.