Luxury Gift Ideas For the Working Mom

Choosing the perfect gift or gift set for a working mom can seem daunting because it seems like they have their lives in order. They work hard for eight hours in the day and spend another eight managing the home too. It takes great strength and selflessness to be a working mom. They spend most of their days thinking and caring about others, leaving little to no time to care for themselves.

This Mother’s Day, she deserves to be showered with a little extra love. Venus ET Fleur® is here with a gift guide to help you treat your hardworking mother like the queen that she is.

A Beautiful, Long-lasting Flower Arrangement

It will come as no shock to you that flowers are perhaps the most timeless and essential way to say “Thank you,” “I love you,” and “I appreciate you.” When searching for a way to express the profundity of your gratitude this Mother’s Day—whether they are the centerpiece of your gift or merely an addendum to a larger tribute of affection—you cannot go wrong with a beautiful flower arrangement.

The month of May offers a wealth of different blooms and bulbs with which to show your mother just how much you care, but at Venus ET Fleur, we encourage you to say it with roses, the most classic and ubiquitous of all flowers in the United States. Our radiant and long-lasting Eternity Roses come in various colors, each of which conveys a range of symbolic meaning. Rose colors and their various associations are a subject which we’ve covered at length in the past, and we encourage you to do your homework so as to send your mother the perfect message of love and gratitude.

For the child who wants to truly impress on this Mother’s Day, we urge you to spring for a bold statement piece such as our Le Clair Quinze arrangement, which displays 15 Eternity® Roses in a crystal-clear, acrylic vessel. This grand arrangement is perfect for your mother to show off at her office desk or to feature on her nightstand. Classic red or vibrant pink will do the trick quite nicely.

Or, for the mother who favors boldness over all, opt instead for a bouquet of bright orange-colored roses. Either way, she is sure to be amazed by the fragrance and long-lasting integrity of our innovative yet elegant Eternity Roses, real roses which will last for up to a year with proper care.

If, perhaps, your mother isn’t interested in actual flowers for decor, you can still give her the gift of their luxurious scent. The Rose Oud fragrance encapsulates all the stunning scents that you associate with a blooming flower garden, distilled into one small bottle. For the mother who loves luxury but stays minimalist, this is ideal. 

Go Violet

violet roses that last a year

For centuries, the color purple has been associated with royalty and wealth. Centuries ago, purple was one of the rarest dyes for fabrics, so only the wealthy could afford to wear that color on their fabrics. It took about 9,000 mollusks to create one gram of purple dye. In the late 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I forbade anyone but close relatives of the royal family to wear purple because she wanted to set apart her family’s regal status. Treat your mother with a high-quality purple cashmere sweater or satin pillowcase. Each day, she'll wake up feeling like royalty.

Although purple is a more readily available color now than it was centuries ago, it still carries a resplendent element about it. The first step to treating the working mom in your life like a queen is to make sure she’s immersed in a majestic environment. Decorate her room with bestseller Small Square arrangements, and choose lavender, lilac, or plum-colored roses. For a bigger statement, order a Large Square arrangement in Grey Suede. Suede instantly brings a high-end luxury style to any room because of its soft, delicate material.

Invest in Quality Home Décor

white gold rose arrangements

Fresh flowers add natural beauty to any living area. Whether you choose to add a small arrangement to your vanity or a huge centerpiece to your entryway foyer table, an elegant floral arrangement makes the perfect decor for a luxe aesthetic.

Gift her a stunning Le Petit arrangement so she can set it on her bathroom counter. Every morning she wakes up to get ready, she’ll feel like she’s pampering herself. For the complete package, consider buying a pack of new make-up brushes, a rouge lipstick, and a small make-up organizer tray in stainless steel, gold, or marble. Her bathroom counter will instantly feel elegant and sophisticated. Consider ordering the same petite arrangement for every bathroom in the house for a more coordinated look.

If your mother’s favorite spot is in the sunroom or patio, then consider a baby blue or mint green arrangement. Adorn the shelves with matching floral arrangements, or place them on the end tables and coffee table. Splurge on a soft shearling blanket to round out this great gift. Natural colors are easy on the eye and will create a relaxing atmosphere for when she needs a quick break from working at home.

Choose Designer

designer luxury rose arrangements

You may have seen some DIY designer looks from fashion houses like Dior and Tom Ford trending on social media. Many YouTube stars are creating wall home decor using designer logos from brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, to elevate the look of their living areas.

Take your Mother’s Day gift to the next level. Venus ET Fleur creates custom arrangements and can combine a combination of rose colors, letters, or numbers. For a classic Chanel-themed arrangement, select a Large Round arrangement in Classic Black. Create a personalized style with a letter C. Choose two contrasting colors for your roses, like gold and white, and voila! A beautiful designer-themed arrangement your loved one can set in her walk-in closet, next to her favorite Chanel purses, or atop her bedroom dresser for a statement piece.

For brands with signature colors such as Tiffany, consider ordering a Large Square arrangement with matching roses (in this case, mint green), so she can match it with her Tiffany-blue totes and boxes. If she loves her Christian Louboutin heels, order a Small Le Plein arrangement with red roses to match the signature red-sole aesthetic. These arrangements have a look as beautiful and as timeless as her favorite designer brand.

The Gift of a Clean House

dinner party with rose arrangements

One of the least pleasant parts of being a mother, particularly when there are small children in the equation, are the big messes. If you live with or near your mother, a gift that can pay dividends is the labor of love embodied by cleaning up the home. What better feeling than waking up to a spotless house?

Alternatively, do a little research to find a cleaning service local to her area and book it well in advance. That way, she’ll be able to enjoy the luxury of spending her time however she pleases, all the while knowing that her home is being picked up, polished, and put in flawless order. This way, you not only give her a spotless residence, but also the holiday gift of quality time to herself.

Throw a Five Star Dinner Party

Though it may be hard to take her to her favorite restaurant, you can always throw her the Michelin-star dinner soirée of her dreams. Whether it’s for you and your wife or for the entire family, crafting an elegant menu is a great way to feel like you’re at a five-star restaurant.

The first thing you’ll need is a great bottle of champagne. The next thing you’ll need is an elegant table setting. Bring out the white tablecloth and the fine crystal glasses, and lay out a few elegant Mini Round arrangements or a piece from our Maison collection and candles for the finishing touch. Look up fancy recipes online when coming up with menu ideas, and print out the menu on cardstock for a true dine-in experience. Perhaps play barista after dinner and offer to create complex espresso beverages. 

After a long work day, week, or month, most of us want to wind down and relax, but for a working mother, there’s hardly any time. This Mother’s Day, give her the best gift with a five-star treatment and elegant flower arrangements from Venus ET Fleur.

Final Thoughts

Your mother is a very special person in your life. She lifts you up when you’re down, and she teaches you everything you need to know about life. She is the person you go to when you’re having a bad day or when you’re in need of advice. When you think about everything your hardworking mother has done and still does for you, it makes complete sense that we take the time to celebrate how wonderful she is once a year on Mother’s Day.

All of us at Venus ET Fleur are more than glad to help you show your appreciation and affection to that beautiful working mother in your life, whether she’s your mother, your wife, grandmother, sister, or aunt, or anything in between. Some mothers will appreciate new gadgets and BlueTooth products, while others will be on the lookout for stunning Cartier designs during this special holiday season. But no matter your mother's preferences, there is no question that she will appreciate stunning flowers. 

We hope this guide has been a help to you in your admirable search to honor all the mothers in your life this year, wherever they may be. We wish you the best of luck.



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