Luxury Advent Calendar: Les Douze Jours

Look no further for the perfect holiday gift! Venus et Fleur®’s exclusive and luxurious advent calendar gift set, Les Douze Jours, is back, completely redesigned and elevated for a 2020 holiday season of warmth, beauty, and love. This gift emanates luxury, elegance, and simplicity — all in a single, holiday-ready gift box. You don’t have to search far and wide to get a glimpse at this year’s presents. Sneak a peek at this year’s limited edition gift set — we won’t tell.

Meet Les Douze Jours, which Translates to The Twelve Days.
It’s the perfect luxurious gift for this Holiday Season. 

Oh, the holidays. How did you experience the holidays when you were a child? The rush of seeing twinkling lights adorning trees, the colors on the streets illuminating reds, greens, blues, golds. Family coming together, delicious dinners, celebration, love, light, and, of course, presents. Nothing is better than peeling away the shiny wrapping paper to reveal something carefully considered and just for you. The way that your heart swells as you hold the box in between your hands, feeling the weight of whatever lies inside, the incredible sense that a surprise is in store... it’s almost like there’s truly magic in the air. 

Just for the holidays, we’re offering our stunning, unique advent calendar gift set. Les Douze Jours is back again by popular demand and is redesigned for the 2020 Holiday season. Offering beauty, warmth, and light to last all season long, advent calendars are a perfect way to lead up to the big day or to celebrate the special days as they come. No matter what or how you celebrate, we can all agree that gifts are welcomed. Holidays with Venus are very special indeed. This exclusive, limited edition, highly sought after gift set sells out every year and brings immense joy to every recipient. 

The holidays can become a bit daunting when we start thinking about all of the ways we can gift our loved ones, our darling hostesses, beloved clients, inspiring leaders, and those special caretakers in our lives. When you want to provide your loved ones with something tasteful, unique, touching, and thoughtful, look no further. 

Our advent consists of twelve luxurious, exquisite gifts. Before The Twelve Days of Christmas gets stuck in your head, we promise there’s no partridge and no pear tree. It may not hold five golden rings,, but this gift can be just as meaningful. Each is handcrafted and meticulously designed by our in-house designers (or should we say elves?) who are dedicated to creating a unique and memorable present certain to bring joy every day. Les Douze Jour is a luxurious and gratifying experience of a gift created with you in mind. 

There’s nothing like a little treat to start this special season off right and to remind us that the holidays are here once more. And a surprise gift every day for twelve days sounds to us. Long gone are the days of small pieces of chocolate that are there and gone in a bite. While, of course, we love chocolate, this year, we want to offer something even more decadent, long lasting, and exquisite than an extra dark square of candy. 

Included are many of our classics like the Le Mini Round, our porcelain candle, and even a Le Mini Square arrangement (that’s nine of our gorgeous mini roses—a bit better than nine ladies dancing, don’t you think?) All presented beautifully and, as always, designed to last. Open up everlasting joy this season. Each surprise is stunning, and with a decadent variety of gifts, each one is certain to please every and any aesthetic. These are perfect gifts for everyone on your list and, additionally, make for excellent stocking stuffers. 

Each gift within the advent calendar is packaged in a stunning, holiday-exclusive maroon box, making it the perfect present and expression of love and adoration. With twelve gifts to be presented, this special, holiday-exclusive is certain to please. Les Douze Jours is a truly thoughtful token of your appreciation. 

The overall package is stunningly simple and white, with our golden logo printed on top, so you can save time on wrapping because our packaging is perfect on its own. Picture the elation on the hostess’s face as a beautifully crafted advent gift box rests in her hands. And it’s a wonderful holiday housewarming present, as each of our mini arrangements will bring a certain holiday cheer. 

We are the masters of luxury, and we know even a touch of elegance can always elevate any space and experience.

Maybe we have a loved one who prefers time together, an adventure, or a meaningful conversation over a physical present. But we all know that even a little gift goes a long way, and we have something that will certainly please everyone on your list. 

Les Douze Jour is an experience, and there are so many ways to embrace this thoughtful box. Open one gift a day and see what surprises it holds. Each exquisite gift in the set, which includes long-lasting Le Mini rose arrangements, our warming and gorgeously fragrant candles, and luxurious candle accessories, will elevate any space. 

Place an ornament on the tree together. Light a candle and enjoy the aroma while you sip a nice, warm drink. Admire your Le Mini Round next to the holiday decor. Use our golden candle accessory set to add even more charm to the season. These special days only come once a year, and with Les Douze Jour, you can truly elevate the moment and make each one count. 

Maybe this year you’ll be a bit further from your family than before. Send love from afar with our limited edition box and create the opportunity for moments together. It will brighten the lives of those you love and is the perfect gift to create a sense of closeness from a distance.

Have a video call as you open your surprise box and revel in the pleasure of a luxury treat together. Light your candles and savor the sweet scent—sense memory is a highly emotional experience. Our advent box contains both of our sensational scents—Rose Blanche and Nue Tuberose—so the next time you light one of our candles, even when the holidays have passed, you’ll remember the precious time that you and your loved one spent together. Even if you’re not available to gather with others this season, give your loved one a chance to think of you each day with a stunning gift. 

A very Venus holiday only comes once a year. Order today to make sure our elegant and thoughtful gift box arrives at your door this holiday season. For $699, you can acquire 12 of our delightful, precious, and luxurious gifts. Perfect for loved ones, the family, someone you admire, or even yourself. 

The Venus ET Fleur advent calendar is the ultimate when it comes to holiday luxury, and it’s here for a short time only. Even though these exclusive gifts are limited edition, they’re long-lasting. Because our design is crafted with elegance and longevity in mind, your gifts will aesthetically last for the seasons to follow. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. And we’ve even included a $25 Venus ET Fleur gift card so you can gift yourself again. 

When you were younger, how did you imagine the holidays to be in coming years? Did you picture yourself as the gracious host with the thoughtful decor in every room? Entertaining those you love, knowing that every touchpoint is an opportunity for elegance and charm? Maybe you envisioned something simple and intimate. 

Whatever your holiday vision holds and however you celebrate, we want to help you to elevate and simplify your process, providing more time and energy to enjoy all that this wonderful season has to offer. Invigorate your inner child and remember that the holidays, even as they evolve when we grow up, are a truly special time full of light, love, beauty, and grace. Select our Les Douze Jour this year, or any of our holiday décor, and make the holidays simply magical.