Introducing the Susan Miller Zodiac Collection

Susan Miller is one of the most well-known experts of astrology, and the horoscopes she provides to her readers offer guidance about what they can expect in the days and months to come.

Susan Miller is beloved by people all over the country, including celebrities like Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston. At Venus ET Fleur®, we decided it was only natural to collaborate with Susan Miller on an astrology themed collection that features the perfect Eternity® Rose color for your sign. Explore our newest collection to discover specially curated arrangements combining our Real Roses That Last A Year® and a personally written 2020 horoscope. Order your arrangement from Venus ET Fleur today!

Introducing the Susan Miller Zodiac Collection!

Each zodiac sign is unique in its own way. With this new collection from Venus ET Fleur, we collaborated with Susan Miller to create a unique arrangement of Eternity Roses in a color that plays into the characteristics of each sign.

Order Your Zodiac Arrangement Now!

Whether you or a loved one is passionate about astrology, these zodiac arrangements by Venus ET Fleur and Susan Miller are the perfect gift for all signs. Explore our collection to find your sign, and be sure to check out all of the other arrangements of Eternity Roses that we have available. With proper care, these gorgeous roses will last a year or more to help you live up to your sign’s full potential. Order your Real Roses That Last A Year from Venus ET Fleur today and have them delivered right to your door!