Home and Table Flower Decoration Ideas For Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the right decorations can be the difference between a warm, thankful season and just feeling as if nothings changed with the season. However, bringing the home together with fall foliage, flowers, pumpkins, and the comforting smells of fall throughout your home, will help make this Thanksgiving season seem like a dream. 

At Venus et Fleur, one of our specialties is helping to bring home décor magic to you. Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just a Tuesday in July, we have a number of flower arrangements that are great starting places or accent pieces for your holiday or year-round home décor. For the holidays, we think it’s always good to add a little flair around your table centerpiece and other arrangements, as small details help to bring the whole atmosphere to life. With that in mind, here are a few ways to awe your guests and set the stage for the perfect Thanksgiving feast.

Flowers as Thanksgiving Decorations - A Home Décor Walkthrough

Setting the stage for an enchanting and elegant Thanksgiving can start as soon as your guests open the door. While you don’t want your home to throw-up Thanksgiving on them, simple, elegant touches throughout will go a long way towards creating a warm atmosphere. Some of your décor will carry just a whisper of the season, then moving towards the dining room, you put your Thanksgiving table on display with décor worthy of the incoming feast.

Entryway Flowers

Starting in the entryway, fresh blooms will instantly bring light and fragrance to brighten up your home as guests walk in this Thanksgiving. Putting them on your foyer or entryway table or replacing some of your wall décor with a small or mini flower arrangement are both great options. Having a beautiful arrangement of white roses in one of our signature  Small Round boxes or four champagne color roses in a Le Petit black suede flower box are two options for a clean, luxurious look that will go with Thanksgiving and beyond or you could also try an arrangement of colors like orange, red, and burgundy for something that’s still luxurious, but a little more oriented to fall and Thanksgiving.

Mantle Flowers

Your mantle, typically in the living room area, is a place to set decorations that tie the whole room together, so they’re a great place for a grand arrangement. Here you could go with a luxurious Le Plein black hat box filled with Eternity® roses. Choosing the right colors will help your arrangement serve as a focal point in your celebration and can help ensure it goes with your décor year-round.

Whatever color you go with, offset your arrangement with some other thanksgiving decorations, such as strands of colorful leaves or decorative twigs and berries. Another option for flowers would be an arrangement of baby’s breath at each end of your mantle. These wispy, gorgeous little flowers add subtle color and beauty to your home at any time of the year.

Kitchen Flowers

As your family gathers in the kitchen this Thanksgiving and prepares the food, have a small or subtle arrangement on the counter. You can do this in a number of ways. Choosing something like baby’s breath would be a gentle choice in flower and arrangement, while something like roses would be very assertive. Hydrangeas or a mixed floral arrangement with hydrangeas, orchids, and lilies, would be a good option for something in between. Mixed arrangements in soft colors or even the darker colors of fall carry a strong, confident, and feminine beauty. They make great décor for anyone who enjoys elegant but practical home décor. 

Another option, if you’re lacking for counter space, is to place small or mini arrangements on baking racks, shelving, and corner tables. These can be used to tie the kitchen’s broader décor together. With the right touch of Thanksgiving décor and the smells of Thanksgiving dinner, guests will remember to be thankful for all the small, sweet blessings in life.

Centerpieces and Table Flowers

For most, probably the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about Thanksgiving is the image of family sitting around a gorgeous meal. However, it’s not just the food that gets us to this idyllic image, it’s the gorgeous table décor and Thanksgiving decorations spread around it as well.

Picking the right centerpiece for your dining room really depends on if you need the piece to be seasonal, year-round, or perhaps even seasonable but adaptable to other aspects of your home’s décor. Our Fleura Porcelain Vase with mixed orchids in white, ivory, and pearl eternity flowers can bring elegance to your family's Thanksgiving dinner this year and act as a sophisticated centerpiece for Christmas, New Year’s, and beyond. The various shades of white go with practically anything, especially modern and minimalistic décor, and they can easily be accented and surrounded by the motifs and colors of fall to create a beautiful thanksgiving table. For something more on brand to Thanksgiving, go with an arrangement of mixed florals with soft pinks, yellows, and whites or something like our “pomegranate” arrangement in our Demi Sandstone Vase for something that can work with the season but will add a strong, confident elegance to your dining room table throughout the year. . 

Next, place your arrangement on a linen tablecloth in a neutral or warm fall tone to bring attention to the bold color of the flowers and create cohesion with your other autumnal décor. Then, arrange some natural seasonal décor around the table, such as cranberries, twigs and berries, and rosemary, for freshness and hints of nature. 

Finally, to top it all off, add white, monogrammed place setting cards and gold folded napkins to create a stunning, sophisticated look. This will provide a stunning appeal to your home in the days and hours leading up to Thanksgiving, and all that will be left is adding the turkey, dressing, and all your other favorite foods when it comes time to eat dinner.

Perfect Your Thanksgiving Table Décor With Venus et Fleur

Getting the holidays just right is a matter of setting the stage, so we hope this has helped walk you through how to better incorporate flowers into your Thanksgiving this fall. Shop with Venus et Fleur for your fall flower arrangements and Thanksgiving centerpiece today to get something beautiful, unique, long-lasting, and fully-customized to you.