How To Pick and Decorate With Accent Colors

When choosing beautiful colors to fill your space, be sure to add gorgeous accent colors to your space. Decorating with accent colors can make a statement and add instant drama to any room while creating a harmonious color scheme throughout your home.

Read on to learn how to pick and decorate your home with accent colors. 

What Are Accent Colors?

Accent colors are used to add interest and impact to a color scheme. These bold, vivid colors are typically used sparingly, naturally drawing the eye to those pieces. 

An accent color can be complementary or contrasting to the main tone of your room and should add emphasis to the overall color of your design style.

Let’s discover how to pick and decorate your home with gorgeous accent colors. 

Why Are Accent Colors Important?

Accent colors are essential to your home because they add dimension and define your space. Accent colors also add personality and joy to your home, and even adding a small amount of brightness will make a massive difference in a space. 

You can even add multiple accent colors in a space to create a vibrant, colorful look.

When looking at the rules for accent colors, about 60% of your room should be your main color, with 30% of the room being your accent color and the remaining 10% made up of a secondary accent color. 

Bringing in gorgeous accent colors to your home will add a whimsical touch to your lovely home.

How To Pick Your Accent Colors

How do I pick the accent colors for my home? Every color has its own place on the color wheel. The color wheel is the basis of color theory and shows the relationships between different colors. 

Colors that look good together and blend well have color harmony. You can use the color wheel to determine which color combinations will look the best in your specific home.

Some ideal accent colors and combinations to include in your home are:

  • Peach
  • The trio of white, black, and blue
  • Tropical colors such as yellow, green, pink, and orange
  • Yellow and blue
  • Fiery red

Every home is different, and the accent colors you choose will be unique to your home’s look and design style.

To find out which specific accent colors you should use, first look at your space and determine the dominant color. Then, find an accent color that complements your main color.

Accent colors should typically be contemporary, solid colors as opposed to tonal and gradient colors. This will help your accent colors to pop against the rest of your color scheme.

The best way to use accent colors is to start small. Then you can increase your color from there. Try adding in variations of enhancing colors to see which accent colors work best in your room. See what a colorful piece of art or furniture looks like in this space and if the accent color is the one you want to use.

Once you have found the beautiful accent colors you want to use, you can begin the exciting process of decorating your home with accent colors.

How To Decorate Your Home With Accent Colors

Colorful accent decor items will stand out amongst the rest of your home decor and are beautiful to showcase to family and friends. Accent decor is known for being bold, colorful, and having an eye-catching design.

Decorate your home with accent colors by adding color to throw pillows, picture frames, rugs, or gorgeous wall art. This will add a pop of color and enliven your space.

Remember that adding texture is also a great way to use accent colors and will help to provide a more organized and cohesive design look.

Accent Decor Ideas

Here are some fantastic ways that you can decorate your home with accent colors:

  • Add a colorful backsplash tile as an accent color in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Add a touch of glamour to your home by using metallic colors such as gold or silver.
  • Use accent colors to separate a certain zone in a larger room.
  • Add contrast to a room by breaking up big blocks of color with a crisp, white accent.
  • Create highlight paneling in your home office with your main color as the background and your accent color as outlines for the paneling.
  • Make a fun play area in your children’s room by using several bold accent colors together or by making fun, geometric designs.
  • Bright colors such as red or yellow can also be used on larger pieces of furniture in your home and will show off your bold style.

Make sure the accent colors you choose for each room match the overall design aesthetic for your home. For example, if your home is glam or modern, try selecting bold, beautiful accent colors that will create a stunning contrast with your overall room color. 

Here at Venus ET Fleur®, the vases from our Maison Collection will make a statement by bringing a sense of refined feminine opulence to your surroundings. For a vase that stands out, the Florentina vase with a single-stemmed rose in your accent color will be sure to be a stunner.

The single Eternity® Rose coupled with a charming rose quartz crystal vase radiates with positive energy and is a wonderful accent piece for your space. Try placing this bold vase on your mantle, next to an ornate gold mirror, along with glittering candles for a look of perfection. 

Painting an Accent Wall

If you really want to make a statement in your home, adding an accent wall is a great way to define a space. This is a timeless and classic way to create a focal point in a room.

Accent walls can be vivid or calming, depending on what sort of look you want to achieve. 

When choosing a wall to paint with your accent color, select a wall with an unobstructed view balanced in the room. This will help make your accent wall stand out and create a sense of impact and drama in your space.

For a luxurious look, paint the wall behind your bed to draw your eyes to this area and make your furniture stand out. Adding color here will create a more intimate look in a large, airy room and make a beautiful area to relax in. We recommend choosing a warm color like orange or yellow. 

To complete this gorgeous arrangement, add some glittering candles to your nightstand, and your bedroom will be a stunning sight. We offer luxury candles, like our Rose Blanche, Rose Oud, and Nue Tuberose, all nestled in luxurious porcelain vessels. 

Decorating Your Home With Holiday Accent Colors

Adding festive accent colors to your home decor will fill your space with holiday spirit. 

Here are some beautiful color schemes that you can incorporate into your this holiday season:\

  • Add a glittery gold accent color to your Christmas decor to create a high-fashion look.
  • Use blush pink as your primary accent color and white as your secondary accent color to make a gorgeous and feminine Christmas look.
  •  For Thanksgiving, add a vase of burgundy roses to your dining table to make a statement.
  • If you love nature and earth tones, feature green as your accent color by bringing in plants, greenery, and natural elements to your home.
  • For Halloween, use orange as your main color and bring in silver and black as your accent colors to create a spooky look for all to enjoy.
  • During Chinese New Year, use red as your main color with yellow as your accent color to bring feelings of freshness and good luck into the new year. 

Whether you are decorating your home with accent colors for the holidays or are incorporating accent colors into your home’s design style, adding accent colors will truly create a stunning and personalized space for you to enjoy.

Final Remarks

Decorating your home with accent colors is joyous and fun. You will love using your creativity when selecting gorgeous accent colors for your home. Be sure to follow our tips and tricks for picking the best accent colors for your space, and you will fall in love with your beautiful, colorful home.



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