How to Celebrate National Rose Month

As the warm and beautiful summer season approaches, we want to remind you that June is the National Rose Month. With this in mind, we're thrilled to highlight different ways that you can celebrate this beloved flower.

Venus ET Fleur® captures the beauty and vibrance of roses That Last A Year, grown in the lush fields of Ecuador. We create luxurious, bespoke arrangements, skillfully curated by our floral design specialists. As the original creators of Eternity® Roses, we want to share with you the elegance and true beauty that we see in these stunning flowers. Let’s celebrate National Rose Month together. Browse our beautiful rose arrangements today. Let us know how you’re celebrating!

Send Roses to Your Friends

petite rose arrangements in round hat box

It’s been a few months since we were all last with our friends and even some or all of our family members—and now, in some cities, we finally can. But we’re still apart from many of our loved ones. Use National Rose Month to send those who we cannot yet see a thoughtful rose arrangement to let them know you are thinking about them during these intense, uncertain, and tumultuous times. Send them some love and a personal note to let them know how much they mean to you.

A Lé Mini Round arrangement is the perfect piece to send to your friends and loved ones. Just as a single rose arrangement stands on its own, remind your friend that although they may be one among millions of other roses, they are seen, heard, recognized, and loved regardless. Let them know that they are your rose. Although they may feel alone, especially during this time, they are not—because you, and your love, are with them. Roses are soothing, and all of us could use some extra calming elements in our lives these days.

Decorate Your Home With Roses

rose arrangements in white porcelain vases home decor

As the season changes from spring to summer, so should you change up the energy and flow in your home. By rearranging your living space and adding floral arrangements to your rooms, you’ll also feel your inner thoughts and feelings changing as well. Elevate your life by caring for yourself and loving yourself even more. By clearing the space around you, you will also be clearing your mind to make room for self-reflection and meditation—both of which are essential components of a happy, healthy life.

Our Maison Collection has been carefully curated with the homeowner and/or interior design fanatic in mind. We want to help you capture the simplicity and the elegance of a Parisian abode with our carefully curated floral arrangements. Our custom, exclusive vases feature Eternity Roses, Eternity™ Hedera Leaves, Eternity™ Hydrangeas, and exquisite Gardenias. These atelier pieces are pieced together by hand and placed into our new exclusive handcrafted porcelain vases.

Plan a Romantic Evening

romantic rose arrangements in classic large square

When it comes to celebrating a whole month dedicated to roses, you probably thought of surprising your loved one with a rose bouquet, just because. Take it one step further by creating the perfect candlelight dinner. Light a few fragranting, soothing candles to set the mood, and spend your time together having deeper conversations about your relationship, life, your aspirations, that which is most meaningful to you, and your future together. Cook a beautiful, clean meal using seasonal ingredients, and enjoy it—slowly, and with gratitude.

For a truly romantic experience, scatter your bedroom floor and bed with rose petals, or line the hallway leading to your bedroom with rose arrangements. Leave a Classic Large Square arrangement of red Eternity Roses on the bed with a personalized card professing your love for your partner. Roses are symbols of love, and it’s important to let your special someone know how much you love and adore them, as frequently as you can.

Get Down On One Knee

engagement ring box in le clair tresor rose arrangement

Because roses symbolize love and passion, many often use them for proposal tokens for their partner! If you plan to get down on one knee soon, there’s no better time to do so than during National Rose Month.

Venus ET Fleur’s Lé Clair Tresor arrangement features a single Eternity Rose in a sleek, clear acrylic case with a drawer at the bottom. You can place your ring in the drawer, as you propose.

If you’d like a more traditional box, consider our Lé Clair Un arrangement, which features an Eternity Rose in a small, Parisian-style hat box. Your ring will fit perfectly at the center of the rose. The best part is that she (or he) will be able to admire the rose and ring box for a long time during your engagement and even after your wedding.

National Rose Month presents many different ways to celebrate love, passion, and appreciation for those around you. Browse our special collections at Venus ET Fleur for more ways that you can send and spread your love.