How To Host a Gender Reveal Party With Preserved Roses

Hosting a gender reveal party is an exciting way for you and your loved ones to find out if you’re expecting a baby boy or girl. These parties are perfect for creating an intimate gathering for friends and family and finding out the gender of your future child in a thoughtful and surprising way. If you and your partner are expecting a little bundle of joy and want to plan a glamorous gender reveal party, we are here to help. 

With everything from a beautiful cake to balloons and stunning flowers, we will walk you through creating an elegant gender reveal party fit for royalty. Read on to discover how to host a gender reveal party with preserved roses.

Preparing for the Party

When you and your significant other are ready to begin preparing for your elegant gender reveal party, remember to schedule your ultrasound during your second trimester to learn if the baby is going to be a boy or girl. Some parents like to be surprised and find out with their friends and family at the gender reveal party, or you can find out together before your big event. 

Once you know who you will be surprising, you can begin the planning process for your party. Pick the perfect date and time that works well for you and your guests, and get ready to send out some gorgeous invitations, inviting your loved ones to witness this extra special surprise. 

Choose a Theme

Once you know when the party will be, you can focus on choosing a theme for your gender reveal party. Choosing a theme upfront is very important because then you can use themed invitations and use your theme for planning purposes.

When choosing the theme for your gender reveal party, be creative and incorporate elements that both parents will enjoy. You can also find inspiration from children’s books, characters, films, and even baby animals. Whichever theme you choose, we can help you take it to the next level by using preserved roses to make your party a glamorous affair.

Here are some of the most popular themes that parents pick for their gender reveal parties:

  • Classic pink and blue theme
  • Prince and princess theme
  • “What will it bee” theme
  • Sports theme
  • Holiday theme
  • Twinkle twinkle little star theme
  • Animal theme

Once you have chosen the perfect theme, you can go shopping to start finding the perfect items to decorate your home. 

For example, if you opt for the prince or princess theme, turn your home into a castle, and decorate it with arrangements of beautiful preserved roses. Our timeless Small Round arrangements are made up of 13-15 exquisite Eternity Roses and are set in Parisian hat box-inspired vases. Choose from baby blue or soft pink to give your gender reveal party an elegant feel.

If you choose the “What will it bee” theme, you can have fun decorating your home with everything bumble-bee, such as a bumblebee cake, arrangements of yellow roses, and honey-inspired food items.

Whichever theme you choose, your guests will be sure to fall in love with your personalized theme and your stunning decor.

Plan the Entertainment

If you and your loved ones enjoy having fun together, make sure to plan some exciting games and entertainment options for your gender reveal party.

You can create an exciting gender guessing game by placing a beautifully framed sonogram photo on a table, along with some notecards for family and friends to write down their guesses.


Another creative and fun activity is to play gender reveal juice pong. For this game, you can split your guests into two teams: Team Pink and Team Blue. Then, set up two tables filled with pink and blue cups, and have your guests try to throw the ball into their team’s coordinating colored cups. You can use your favorite sparkling grape juice or some festive punch to fill up the cups.

If you want to give your guests another special surprise at your party, you can also play the “name game” and have your guests guess the name of your future little one. 

To set up for this game, set out two chalkboards with three girls’ names and three boys’ names written on them. Then, have some note cards and colorful pens laid out next to a bowl where guests can write down their name selection and see if they win. After you have done the big reveal, you can also reveal the name you and your partner have chosen for your new baby for an extra special surprise.

Last but not least, make sure to have some special prizes ready for all of your guests who win the games. 

If you want to give your guests a luxurious prize that they can keep for many months to come, give them a delicate Le Mini™ Round from our Classic Collection. This beautiful preserved rose comes nestled in a petite pink suede box and is the perfect gift for a loved one. You can give these singular roses as a party favor to all of your guests or to the winners of the games.

Food and Drinks

When it comes to choosing the food and drinks for your gender reveal party, the sky’s the limit. For your party, you can choose to serve a full meal or light refreshments. 

We recommend setting up a gorgeous food table filled with baby decor and an arrangement of pink and blue preserved roses for your centerpiece. Then, serve up your favorite party snacks, including chocolate-drizzled popcorn, a platter of fresh fruit, tea sandwiches, and delicious cake pops.

For the drinks, opt for a fruity punch, iced tea, and some pink rose water for a delicate and feminine touch.

The Big Reveal

Now it’s time to plan the big reveal! This will be one of the most special moments of your party and is a wonderful way to share the exciting news about the gender of your baby with all of your loved ones. 

An Elegant Reveal

If you really want to make a statement at your gender reveal party, you can order one of our beautiful arrangements of Eternity Roses from our Baby Boom Collection, which are fully customizable and perfect for creating a dazzling surprise. 

Simply choose a box, a style, a color, and a lid, and you and your loved ones will be in for a stunning surprise. Our team of in-house designers can even personalize the lid to say, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” as needed.

Have the mom and dad-to-be sit down on a plush loveseat, with the guests gathered around, and count down until the moment that it’s time to open up the box of gorgeous flowers and see the gender of your little one.

Cutting the Cake

For a sweet surprise at your gender reveal party, find out the gender of your baby by taking a slice out of a delicious cake that is blue or pink on the inside but a soft, neutral color on the outside. 

If you want to give your guests the taste of luxury, order or bake a rose cake for your gender reveal party. Rose cakes are infused with delightful rose essence and can be decorated with lovely rose icing designs.  

Then when it’s time for you and your partner to slice into this delectable dessert, everyone will find out if you’re having a baby boy or baby girl and can enjoy a piece of the surprise.

A Balloon Surprise

For a special surprise that will have all of your guests involved, have a loved one find out the gender of your baby and fill a box full of colorful pink or blue items, such as balloons, rose petals, and confetti, depending on if you’re having a boy or girl.

You can also have your guests get in on the fun by giving them all confetti poppers. Then, when it’s time for the big reveal, do a countdown and have everyone pull the string at the same time. 

You and your partner will love seeing the beautiful balloons float up into the sky as you’re showered with gorgeous colored rose petals and confetti for your special reveal.

Final Remarks

All in all, if you follow these tips, you will be on your way to hosting a fabulous gender reveal party filled with beautiful, preserved roses. Make sure that you thank all of your guests for coming to your special party and give them a small gift or token as they leave.

Also, if you have any friends or family that are not able to come to the party in person, you can live-stream the big reveal so that loved ones have the option to see your special moment virtually as well. 

Most of all, remember to enjoy the time left in the rest of your pregnancy and to take lots of photos at your gender reveal party so that you can share them with your little one someday.


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