10 Home Accessories Every Home Should Have

Decorating your home with gorgeous accessories is a wonderful way to add instant beauty to your space.

Choosing your own unique home accessories will showcase your personality throughout your home and truly enhance your space by bringing out your design style. Read on to explore the top 10 home accessories that every home should have.

What Are Home Accessories?

Home accessories are portable furniture or decor items that add beauty, character, and style to a home. Home accessories can be functional or purely decorative and are wonderful items to compliment home interiors. 

When decorating your space with home accessories, make sure you choose pieces that will match your furniture and design style. Home accessories will add the finishing touches to your space—they’re like the jewelry of a room. 

Let’s discover the top ten home accessories that you should add to your home this year.

Top 10 Home Accessories Every Home Should Have

Shopping for your home can be a challenging task. You need to stay up to date with the latest design trends while also finding items that will match your home design style. That’s where we come in to help. 

We have put together the ultimate list of home accessories that will bring beauty and elegance to your home this year. Let’s break down the top 10 home accessories that every home should have and how to style these items in your home.

1. A Luxury Throw Blanket

A luxury throw blanket will be the perfect home accessory to elevate your home or living room and will be especially useful during cold winter nights. Snuggle up by the fire with our luxuriously soft and plush Throw Blanket, woven from 100% lambswool. This stunning coverlet features our signature VEF diamond print and finished edges.

This gorgeous throw blanket will add personality to your space and will make your guests feel right at home.

2. A Signature Room Spray

This year, add sophistication to your home with one of our signature room sprays. Our classic Rose Blanche spray is a lovely home accessory that will fill your home with an elegant floral fragrance. It comes beautifully bottled and is topped with a shell reminiscent of The Birth of Venus, making it a stunning home accessory to have on display in your living room or bathroom.

You can use your signature room spray in every room of your home to create a true floral oasis. Simply spritz into the air or on linens and clothes to spread rose-scented goodness throughout your space.

3. A Gold Mirror

This year, one of the most popular trends for home accessories is adding a gold, French-inspired mirror to your space. A stunning golden mirror can be placed in your living room, bedroom, or entryway.

Guests will love walking into your home and seeing their reflection in your golden mirror. This beautiful home accessory will also add light and make your space feel larger. Remember to measure your available space before choosing the size of your mirror. 

You can also do your own DIY project and make your very own Parisian-inspired gold mirror at home. Start by visiting a local antique store and seeing if they have a vintage mirror that is the right size and shape for your project. Then, with the right paint and some supplies, this lovely home accessory will be ready to display in your home in no time.

Decorating your own mirror will give this gorgeous home accessory extra meaning in your heart, and you’ll love this item even more every time you see it dazzling in your home.

4. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are the perfect home accessory to help show off your home design style while bringing freshness and color to any space.

Indoor plants such as a jade plant, a string-of-pearls plant, or even a bouquet of roses can add subtle fragrance and a great deal of beauty to your home. Use open shelving to show off the greenery in your kitchen, or place a stunning mixed floral arrangement above your fireplace for all to see. 

5. Gorgeous Table Lamps

Finding the right lighting is key to creating the perfect space. Gorgeous table lamps are practical home accessories that will brighten your living space and add elegance to your home.

Table lamps are great for providing ambient light in your living room and bedroom and make the best reading lights. Look for a chic table lamp with a sleek shade and a colorful, ornate base to match the interior design style of your home.

6. Stunning Wall Art

Whether it’s a large-scale landscape painting, or a chic family photo, decorating the walls of your home with stunning wall art is a wonderful way to add gorgeous home accessories to your space. 

Wall art can add sophistication and charm to your home and introduce a unique touch to each room of your home. Art is perfect for showcasing your personality and can bring out a comforting feeling.

7. Outdoor Pergolas

If you have a backyard or patio that needs a special touch, adding an outdoor pergola will bring instant beauty to this space. Spend your day in the sunshine underneath your new outdoor pergola, and you’ll get plenty of shade, with some bright rays as well. 

Cedarwood pergolas are a popular choice as they are beautiful, insect resistant, and very durable. This cost-effective and functional piece is a gorgeous outdoor home accessory that your family and friends will love and will be the perfect area for hosting an outdoor party or BBQ and lounging by the pool.

8. Glittering Candles

Some of the most beautiful and timeless home accessories you should have in your home are glittering candles. Our luxury candles have a delicate floral fragrance and are made from the highest quality perfume oils in the world. 

Candles are fantastic home accessories because they will provide a soothing effect, spreading peace and love throughout your home. Glittering candles can transform your home into a stunning oasis and will set an intimate mood to make your guests feel welcomed.

9. A Velvet Shell Chair

This year, one of the most popular home accessories is a velvet shell chair to spruce up your makeup area or office space. Choose a soft color like blush pink, sage green, or beige for a classic and timeless look.

This stunning cushioned seat is fit for a queen and will be a beautiful home accessory. 

10. Luxury Vases

Decorating your home with gorgeous vases will add charm and elegance to any space. Our hand-crafted porcelain vases will add a touch of luxury to your home and are perfect for placing on a mantle or your coffee table. 

The Sylvie Vase from our Maison Collection is the perfect petite home accessory to add to your bedside table or in your office for a more intimate decor look. You can fill your vase with gorgeous EternityⓇ Roses or use it to store items in your home, making it a stunning and practical home accessory.

Final Remarks

All in all, these gorgeous home accessories will add dazzling beauty to your home and will carry your design style throughout your space. Remember to add pieces that bring you joy and that add character to your home. You will love walking through your home and seeing all of your elegant home accessories. 



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