The Best 5-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

If you or a loved one is coming up on their five-year anniversary, you may be wondering what an appropriate gift would be to give someone for this special occasion. Five years of marriage is well worth celebrating, but finding the right anniversary gift isn’t always easy. That’s why, in this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most unique five-year anniversary gifts to give to a loved one.

Gift Idea #1: Frame Your Wedding Vows

While the traditional fifth-anniversary gift is wood, you can find unique ways to incorporate this material into a framed gift for your loved one. In the popular television show Sex and the City, Mr. Big couldn't find the words to express his love for Carrie, so he framed famous love letters instead. If you and your significant other took the time to write your vows on your wedding day, consider framing them and giving them as a gift. If you didn't write your wedding vows and writing doesn't come naturally to you, consider looking online for a verse or letter that speaks to your relationship to have framed. Not only will your loved one appreciate this thoughtful gift, but they will also be able to admire it on the wall for the rest of your marriage.

Gift Idea #2: Send Her Eternity Roses

Flowers are never the wrong choice for an anniversary. If you're looking for a beautiful and thoughtful gift to give your wife on your fifth anniversary, consider sending her a luxurious bouquet of Eternity Roses from Venus ET Fleur®. All of their roses are cut at peak freshness. When they are treated with our proprietary solution and color pigmentation process, the roses are transformed into long-lasting flowers that can maintain their freshness and biological structure for more than a year!

The limited-edition Garden Rose Collection is a great way to make your wife feel special. This prearranged box of roses comes in a decorative off-white or black box, featuring 36 of their most beautiful roses. Send them to her at work for a mid-day surprise or have them waiting on the dinner table when she comes home!

The gorgeous Heart Box Collection is almost too perfect when you need an anniversary gift. This arrangement offers approximately 36 roses beautifully arranged in a heart-shaped box in a blush or red color. The roses are available in 9 stunning shades ranging from pearl to rose gold.

Gift Idea #3: Make A Memory Book

If you're interested in crafting your anniversary gift, consider making your husband or wife a memory book with pictures from your past. While it's much easier to let these images live on your computer and phone, nothing says "I love you" quite like an array of old, romantic photos. If you and your partner have taken trips together or celebrated milestones, be sure to include pictures of these special moments. You can even include pictures from your wedding!

Gift Idea #4: Give A Girl Some Pearls

Coco Chanel said, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” Pearls are the ultimate gemstone for your fifth anniversary, especially if your wife loves jewelry. A strand of white cultured pearls is a versatile and luxurious way of showing your loved one how much you truly care. Your wife can wear them for a night out on the town, or she can sport her new pearls with a casual pair of jeans and a sweater.

Gift Idea #5: Schedule A Couples Massage

Another great fifth-anniversary gift idea is a couple’s massage. This relaxing experience can be enjoyed by both the bride and the groom in the comfort of a luxury spa. Unlike traditional massages that are done solo, a couple's treatment allows you to experience the beauty of a massage with the person you love the most. A couple's massage can be extremely romantic, and these sessions are an ideal time to bond and relax with your partner. Massages have been known to reduce stress and muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and eliminate stiffness and soreness. 

Gift Idea #6: Plan a Travel Bucket List

Plan a fun and tangible travel bucket list. You know where your partner has been dreaming of visiting, so save up beforehand to ensure that they will have an unforgettable experience. Traveling is a great way to recharge a relationship as you will get to spend time together in a new setting. Keep track of your travels on a physical push pin map or electronically by tagging each of your destinations on social media.

Gift Idea # 7: Organize an Intimate Date Night

Surprising your hubby or wife with a nice homemade meal is sweet. Take time to make their favorite meal and set up the dinner table beautifully with candles and flowers. Enjoy the meal together while having an intimate chat, rekindle the moments you have shared, and light up the moment with beautiful memories. Dance together to a romantic song that will create an emotional atmosphere. 

Gift Idea # 8: Order or Create a Painting

If you know how to paint, make a portrait of you and your partner with a love message beside it. You can also order a painting to hang around the house as a symbol of togetherness and long life. A painting is a constant reminder of your love while at home. It is often personalized gifts like this that hold the most meaning.

Gift Idea # 9: Get a Customized Necklace or Bracelet

Do something cute for your partner by gifting them matching necklaces or bracelets with beautiful inspirational messages like ”You are my better half.” Your partner will always have it with them and feel close to you despite any distance. 

Gift Idea # 10: Engrave Your Feelings on a Rock

Another 5th-anniversary idea is to engrave your feelings on a polished stone. It is a romantic gesture to buy a glossy rock with a special engraved message, telling your partner how much you love them. Get a palm-sized rock so that your partner can carry it anywhere. 

Gift Idea # 11: Engraved Pocket Watch

Men love nice jewelry as much as any woman does. While a wristwatch is great for a man’s collection, a pocket watch is a great way to add variety to the wardrobe. Buy a classy pocket watch with a chain that has a message like "I loved you then, I love you now” or “I will always love you." This thoughtful and custom gesture will be a constant reminder of the love and thoughtfulness present in your marriage. 

Gift Idea # 12: Buy a Chocolate Treasure Box

If your partner has a sweet tooth, gift them some beautifully packed goodies in a wooden box to keep with the theme. This gift box could contain chocolates, candy, wine, or whatever other treat strikes your partner’s fancy. Your partner can even keep a pretty box for storing sentimental items like cards, letters, and other gifts. Make them feel that even if you have a tight schedule at work, they are still the priority in your life. 

Gift Idea # 13: Get a Personalized Anniversary Journal

There is no doubt that your wedding day was one of the memorable days of your life. A personalized anniversary journal is a gift that will last a lifetime. The anniversary journal allows you to document every anniversary as those precious years pass you by. Many provide prompts to help you reflect on the past and create a thoughtful plan for the future. A journal is a beautiful way to collect the memories you share with your partner. Having a journal also allows you to share stories with family and friends as you gather together for the holidays.

Gift Idea# 14: Plan a Sport Activity

Does your partner love to get down and dirty? Enjoy your 5th anniversary with an exciting outdoor activity. Most men love exploring and engaging in adrenaline-pumping activities. Go sky diving, release your partner’s inner daredevil, and see the world from a whole new perspective. If they are into hiking, pick a beautiful view and enjoy some nature. Take cute pictures and post them on social media or print them out so you can have them ready to frame.

Gift Idea # 15: Get Your Partner a Kitchen Set

If your partner loves cooking, surprise them with quality cooking utensils that are durable and make cooking easier. Does your wife love baking? Get her high-quality baking pans that will make the most delicious cakes and cookies your household has ever seen. If your husband is a coffee lover, gift him a top-of-the-line espresso maker. Let your partner know that you pay attention, and you’re interested in what they love.

Gift Idea # 16: Give Your Partner A Bar Set

People can get very busy with their day-to-day work activities and may need a way to unwind. If your hubby likes a glass of whiskey to relax after an exhausting day, why not upgrade his libation organization with a toolset for his beverage goodies? You can even enjoy it together, seeing what kind of crazy cocktails you can mix up. You can include a bottle opener, jigger, and strainer in this anniversary gift jackpot.

Gift Idea # 17: Buy a Game Console

Does your husband or wife like to kick back, relax, and play games after a long day? Upgrade your current console with a modern edition. Preorder that PlayStation 5 he has been talking about. If your partner is absolutely in love with what they already have, grab the latest game that just came out. Go that extra mile and do some research into what’s new and trendy. Take the initiative to get interested in what makes them love the games they already have. Then spend some time together playing alongside your partner.

Gift Idea # 18: Tickets to a Sporting Event

Snag your loved one tickets to watch their favorite team play when the next home game rolls around. You can be cute and get matching outfits that complement their favorite team. You can even have a dinner date before the game. Afterward, go home, relax, and grab a celebratory drink!

Gift Idea # 19: Personalized Tableware

Sometimes, everyday life’s daily hustle and bustle keep us from spending time with the ones we love. Spending a meal together is one of the best ways to keep relationships strong. Personalized tableware is a great way to capitalize on the occasion of a family dinner. You have many options to choose from, and you can even expand out to include personalized napkins, silverware, or china.

Gift Idea # 20: Handwrite a Love Note

Use your own words to let your spouse know that your love and appreciation is still there regardless of how often you say it aloud. Nothing is more personal than a handwritten love note. It’s often easier to put your feelings into words when you have the opportunity to sit down and channel them with pen to paper, so surprise your spouse with a sweet letter. We promise it will make their day.

In Summary

Finding the perfect gift for an anniversary can be hard, but we’ve given you some great options here that are sure to please that special someone. As always, flowers remain a gorgeous and classic option for a fifth-anniversary gift and Venus Et Fleur’s blooms will keep you smiling and in love for much longer than a standard bouquet.