Graduation Gifts for Her: Perfect Gifts that She Will Cherish


Is someone important in your life graduating soon? You probably want to find her the perfect gift— something that says, “I am proud of you!”. But what would be best?

Of course, elegant flowers are always the best option. Venus ET Fleur® offers luxury flower arrangements that last as long as a year. This is much longer than the two weeks you get from traditional flowers before they begin to wilt.

These are what we would recommend for any graduating woman in your life who you want to show that you care about her and her accomplishments.  

Why Give Flowers for Graduation?


She worked hard for her degree, so sending her a flower arrangement can be a way to let her know you recognize her hard work. Graduation day is also one of the significant milestones in life that we often remember. Sending her flowers can make the day even more special to her.

Flowers add joy and excitement to any special event. Your graduate will be sure to love receiving them as well. All of our products are perfect for her special day, or even for her graduation party; we know that she will cherish them.

What is an Eternity® Rose?


Our arrangements are made from Eternity Roses, making them the perfect gift for a recent graduate. They are real roses that can last a year if you follow our care guidelines. They are high-quality roses cut at their peak when blooming, ensuring that they stay gorgeous and naturally beautiful. 

Custom Arrangements


Do not forget that we offer custom arrangements so that you can design the perfect set of flowers for the graduate. Venus ET Fleur allows you to work with a combination of rose colors, letters, or numbers.

This way, you can design a thoughtful gift for her. For example, you could choose the rose colors to be the colors from her school or use the box of flowers to spell out her graduation year— the possibilities are endless with our custom options.

Plus, our custom arrangements utilize our special Eternal Roses, meaning that this wonderful gift you created will last her at least a year. She will be able to display it at home to remind her of her amazing accomplishment or even make it the centerpiece at her graduation party.

She will be sure to cherish a box of flowers that you designed just for her. If you want to make your gift more thoughtful, be sure to include a sweet note that you took the time to write. Make it personal to her, and she will be sure to feel appreciated.

You might surprise her by having the flowers ready for her at her graduation or even send them to her at school beforehand. Either way, if you choose to give her the custom arrangement, she will be sure to cherish the roses.

White Roses


A bouquet or box of white roses makes for the perfect graduation gift as they are considered to be one of the best types of flowers for graduating. She will be in love with the natural beauty of these flowers and feel deeply appreciated. 

White flowers are often given at graduations, due to what they represent. They convey a message of peace, new beginnings, and hope. These are all messages that you will want to send to a new graduate, as with white roses, you are telling them “good luck” and “I support you” as they venture off into their new lives.

Venus et Fleur has many different options for white roses. You might want to consider sending her a box from our Le Clair collection. These arrangements come in a clear acrylic box so that you can easily view the beauty of the flowers.

The box also includes a drawer where treasures could be stored for her to find at her graduation. You might want to include a card, candy, money, or a piece of graduation jewelry. Everyone loves finding something secret in a gift, and these boxes can make the experience of receiving flowers more exciting. 

Rose Blanche Candle


This is our very first signature rose candle, the Rose Blanche. It stays true to our high-quality craftsmanship and uses only the best perfume oils available. All candles are hand-poured into porcelain and smell amazing.

This exquisite candle includes a scent made from hints of geranium, cinnamon, and of course, roses. They are designed to create a soothing environment, which might just be what your graduate needs.

Graduates can often be stressed about what they are doing next, whether that be moving to college or going to a new job. Aromatherapy might just be what they need to create a relaxing environment at their home.

Our candles are cozy and offer a comforting scent, so we are sure that your graduate would love to receive one as a gift. She will be able to enjoy the scent whenever she pleases, plus, it might remind her of her graduation for years to come.

Zodiac Collection by Susan Miller


The Venus ET Fleur Zodiac collection by Susan Miller is perfect for any young woman. She will love that the box is tailored to her astrological sign and appreciate the personal aspect added to her gift.

If your graduate loves the stars and learning about the signs, then she will cherish seeing that you chose her a box of roses designed for her astrological sign. The boxes we use in this collection are paired with our hallmark logo, and the flowers are all Eternity Roses.

There are many reasons as to why the Zodiac signs are important to many young women. Some enjoy seeing their compatibility with others, while many love learning about their strengths and weaknesses. 

Florentia Vase


The Venus ET Fleur Florentina Vase is another gift that she will be sure to cherish. It includes a single, elegant Eternity Rose placed in a charming rose quartz crystal vase. This piece is stylish and radiates positive energy.

If your graduate is moving to college, she would likely appreciate having this decorative piece in her new dorm room. It would look beautiful on her desk and be a warm reminder of home. If your graduate is older, she would still love displaying this flower in her home for all to see.

The single rose is inspired by the flower recognized for representing purity and devotion; plus, the vase material represents restoration and healing. Together, the ensemble is designed to promote self-love and friendship, making it perfect for a graduate starting a new chapter in her life and seeking to attract those aspects to herself.

This gift is sure to make her feel happy and at ease when she sees it sitting out in her home. Since our Eternity Roses last so long, she will be sure to have it as a reminder of her accomplishments for a very long time.

The Maison Collection


If she has achieved something amazing and put in the hard work to get there, what better way to show her you recognize her talents than by giving her a piece from our Maison Collection?

These arrangements are meant to capture the beautiful simplicity of a Parisian home, and all of the designs are handcrafted and placed in real porcelain. If she loves all things chic and French, then this will be sure to make her feel special and appreciated.

The Classic Collection


And of course, our Classic Collection is always a wonderful option for any special occasion. These arrangements can even be personalized by changing the colors of the flowers, so you might want to make them her favorite colors or the colors of her school.

She will be excited to see these flowers as the centerpiece of her graduation party or would love to have them on her graduation day to take beautiful pictures with. Our Classic Collections have been making women feel appreciated and loved for years, so you can be sure she will cherish these luxury flowers.

These boxes are made from our iconic hatbox design that started with Venus ET Fleur. We have options from a single rose to over 100 in a box, so you can be sure to find one that suits your lucky graduate. 



If you are searching for the perfect graduation gift for her, then we know that she will cherish one of our Venus ET Fleur arrangements. We have so many different options available, so we know that we can find you one that will suit her personality perfectly.

Many of our arrangements can also be personalized. If you want to change the color or design, we have a wide range of options available. Doing this will allow you to design an arrangement that she will be able to cherish for a very long time.

If you are unsure about where to look or need help finding the best set of flowers for her, contact us today. We would love to help you make your graduate’s important day even more special.

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