Good Gifts for Weddings, Graduations, and Milestones

Giving a good gift is an art form, and part of that art form is matching the moment with a unique gift as special as the person receiving it. When it comes to life’s special moments of achievement, new beginnings, or a life well lived, good gifts might involve a little more luxury, serve as a symbol, or simply offer decadence as a reward.

At Venus et Fleur, our flower arrangements and other products can serve as unique, luxurious gifts for many special moments. With a level of beauty, style, and luxury that’s been heralded by some of today’s biggest celebrities, our gifts make a great addition to any home-interior or lifestyle. When you shop with us, you open up a world of unique, personalized gifts that the person will treasure right along with the moment.

Getting the Right Gift for Milestones and Achievements

Finding a good gift for a momentous occasion can be hard. They’re rare, and if you care then you want to let the person know they’re not going unrecognized. Putting years into something, making or completing a commitment, is something not everyone is willing to do. When someone in your life shows the fortitude and the stability to do so, giving them a gift as beautiful and prominent as the moment is a great way to show you care. For some of the most special moments in your life, here are a few pointers on how to make a gift great as well as a few that might fit the bill.

For Anniversary Gifts

Committing to someone is something special, it's not something everyone can do, and behind that commitment is a level of love and caring that only that person can give you. That’s why a good anniversary gift should be a symbol of love that’s as unique as they are. A personalized gift or gift set, with a combination only you’d think of is a great way to do that. 

If you’re thinking about gifts for her that might fit for your next anniversary, think about how long you’ve been together, the year you’ve had, and what you might want that gift to say. For benchmark years, or when you simply want to make an anniversary one to remember, you might consider something like our Le Duo Magnifique or Le Plein arrangements or one of our large signature flower boxes. These options make a great gift for your loved one or as an anniversary gift for parents in acknowledgement of the bond they’ve kept and cared for as well as what they may have built together.

Another route you could go in providing the best anniversary gift for your loved one, may be preparing a day, evening, or trip with a variety of activities and all the stops. Or maybe you renovate the bathroom, and give it all the luxuries needed to relax and set the aesthetic as well. In either case, it’s the little details that make the difference. Adding small touches or gifts personalized to your partner can be the difference between a gift that’s nice on paper and one that’s truly magical. For a romantic evening with your partner, you could top off a display of rose petals with an arrangement that will last the whole year — one of our heart boxes or something in the Le Mini Collection are good options — or to top off your renovations, add something beautiful and lasting, like our Fleura Porcelain Vase or one of our single-rose vases.

No matter what you choose to do for your loved one on your anniversary, and no matter the year, make it a gift that truly encapsulates not only the love in the relationship, but its beauty and strength as well.

For Wedding Gifts

Unlike anniversaries, which are more of a renewal of love, weddings represent the start of something. It forms a bond between partners, and it shows that they love that person fully enough to sweep aside doubt and worry, to build something with someone they couldn’t possibly see letting them down. A good wedding gift is going to entail something that fortifies or strengthens that bond.

To be sure, things like an air-fryer or toaster will be appreciated, but for some wedding guests that just might not seem to not have enough significance. For these guests, something luxurious and lasting may be in order. Not only that, it should serve as a symbol of their love, so they may look at it and be reminded of not only their love, but the love and support around them.

Gifts that serve as décor are a great gift in order to remind someone of a special moment for some time to come. A framed picture of the couple or the couple and people close to them, a hand-made display item or custom furniture of some sort, one of our Eternity® flower arrangements in a stone or porcelain vase would all be great choices. They’re all things that could stand as a daily, visual reminder of the love and life the couple shares.

If you’re planning a wedding of your own, it’s not only the couple that gets a gift. Wedding favors for all the guests are a pretty common practice as well as gifts to the wedding party. Good gifts for this include small, useful items, things to set the aesthetic, or items to help pamper your guests. 

A candle or some other aromatic, some type of plush item, or small decor items could all be a good choice. For gifts to the wedding party and others close to you, you may want something a little more personalized. Small gifts that are refined but elegant and take the individual into account will be appreciated and kept for a long time to come. 

For Graduation Gifts

When someone graduates, whether it be high school, college, nursing school, or from a Masters or Doctoral program, it’s a huge accomplishment. Even getting through high school, especially doing it well, represents hard work and a foundational step toward your future. Graduating from college or some other form of continued education is an even bigger statement. It’s one of the first major commitments of many adult lives, and one that can require years of sacrifice and commitment. 

With an accomplishment as big and meaningful as graduation, you want the gift to match in at least the latter of those two things, something that stands as a testament to their accomplishment but also that’s personalized to them. 

For those going off to college, some type of décor that captures their personality might fit nicely in their new space at college. A wall hanging, something like our Le Mini boxes and letters, or something for their bathroom or nightstand are good options. Think gifts that incorporate their favorite color, their name, their sign in astrology, or some other aspect of who they are. These are good gift options because they can fit into almost any scheme and décor. These types of gifts are time-tested and will stand out amongst edgy, modern décor or more refined, classic schemes.

Going beyond college, someone who’s completing an additional degree or medical training has put in extra dedication and effort to pursue their dream or passion, often sacrificing their living standard for years at a time to do so. These people are also moving into more established adulthood by the time this graduation comes around, so as far as a gift, something that can serve as a centerpiece in their home or make their life a little more luxurious are always good gift options. 

For Retirement Gifts

When it comes time to retire, it’s the culmination of years of work and dedication. No matter who you are, or how late or early it comes, it is a definite milestone in life and is something that should be commemorated. All the long days and nights, or the years spent dedicated to one field deserves recognition. Perhaps from those closest to the person, for persevering and providing for many years or from an employer who’s seen the employee live the better part of their life in the business.

Being that they’re put together, typically older adults, most retirees are going to have a clear sense of taste and a reasonably furnished and decorated space, so they’ll appreciate a gift that fits them and easily works into things. Again, incorporating their favorite color is always a good option that doesn’t age out, or you could offer something more refined or sentimental. An arrangement of our Eternity® flowers with an elegant vase to match, is something that could offer all those things.

For some retirements, especially for those who have been with a company for decades, who have proven to be a foundational piece, or those who have truly transformed lives, you might have something a little bigger planned. Getting a party in place is a good start, to send a colleague into retirement on a happy note, but maybe you want to include a grandiose display of recognition as well for all they’ve done. One that’s customized is even better. You could write out a message in some display, or arrangement, or maybe some kind of symbol recognizing their work in the field. 

Give Flower Arrangements as a Gift for Any Next Step

Getting a good gift for your loved ones’ biggest moments can be a challenge, but if you make it personal, customized to them, and something they can savor for some time to come, you can be sure your care will be shown and appreciated. Shop for Venus et Fleur flower arrangements to make sure they always get a gift that lets them know.