Gifts Ideas for July Birthdays, the Summer, and the month’s Zodiac

July is a fun month where many really get their summer started, making it a great month for gift giving despite a lack of holidays. No matter who you’re shopping for, there's a wide variety of seasonal, fun, and practical gifts. Take advantage of all that July brings, add a personal touch, and you’ll have an easy path to a great gift.

At Venus et Fleur®, with our many color options, vases, and flower boxes as well as multiple varieties of our eternity® flowers, you can customize a gift that’s perfect for anyone or any occasion. However, we want you to get the gift that best fits the person in your life, whether it be flowers or something else. Here are some aspects to consider for all your gifting needs in July.

Timely and Festive Flower Arrangements and Gifts For July

In July, summer fun is all around us, with almost everyone out of school, many taking vacation time, and July 4th kicking off the month. It’s a great time for summery gifts that help them ride the wave of good times and sunshine. It provides tons of great weather for work and play, bright colors will be all around in fashion and décor, some will be at their most adventurous.

July 4th and Seasonal Inspirations

When it comes to July in the U.S., there's no event bigger than the fourth. If you’re throwing or attending an upscale July 4th garden party, then luxurious arrangements in red, white, and blue make great centerpieces and gifts. They’ll go great among white tablecloths and people dressed in their Sunday best.

If you’re getting a birthday gift or something for another occasion in your life, take into consideration some of the things that person loves. Plant life, travel, being on the water, and many outdoor sports are all interests that get into full gear in July and are things you can build a gift around. For ideas closer to home, home improvements or some bright home décor can help elevate their home and give them a new look for the summer. With our many arrangements and color options, you can find something that feels calming, uplifting, inspiring, and that pairs perfectly with a number of decors. 

What Cancer and Leo Tell Us in July

If you’re looking for a birthday gift in July, it means you’re shopping for a Cancer or a Leo. Aside from their creativity and their ability to build close bonds with people in way of their temperament, these two signs are rather different. While one, Leo, can make close bonds because of their warm general temperament, Cancer is almost the opposite. Closed off, but loyal, the Cancer will grow strong bonds with those they trust and care about while keeping their circle small.

Given their nature, Cancer is likely to be a little less outgoing than Leo during the summer, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be at home. The cancer is highly tenacious and imaginative, and summer sun should only stoke those characteristics. For your Leo friend, get them something fashionable or on the go that will be able to keep up with them over the summer. For Cancers, choose something that helps them either with their endeavors or helps give them the chance to lounge around when they’re ready. 

Some of our arrangements that could do the trick include our Le Mini and Le Clair Un for those Leos and Cancer that want to travel, for a fashionable, personal touch for wherever they're staying. For those staying closer to home, one of our Zodiac arrangements, in their favorite colors, could help them feel that this is their time — whether they’re looking to have fun or get things done. 

The Colors of the Month and Gifts for July

In July, aside from the day or weekend Americans go all out in red, white, and blue regalia, there aren’t any obvious color schemes to follow, like there might be in the fall or winter. However, there are some fiery colors that typically go along with the month, plus some cooling colors in one of the hottest months never hurt either. This leaves many options in terms of clothing and décor gifts.

The color of the month in July is coral blush, according to colorstrology which is a great color that’s similar to Venus et Fleur’s shade of blush and would look great for various summer fashions or décor such as a summer floral arrangement. Our mixed hydrangeas have similar shades among them and add a light, airy presence to a room. Considering birth stones and daily birthday colors as well, and July has a range of bright, perky colors to choose from. A display in either red, orange, and pink or red, orange, and yellow would look great against a number of backdrops.

Get The Perfect Gift for Them This July and Flower Arrangements From Venus et Fleur

Now that we’ve shown you some of what July has to offer, we hope you have a clearer idea of just where you might go with your gift. If that takes you to an elegant flower arrangement, shop with Venus et Fleur for the longest-lasting luxury roses and floral arrangements.