8 Gifts for People Who Have Everything

We all know that one person who’s impossible to buy a gift for. Maybe your dad always buys everything he needs before you can buy it for him. Maybe your sister is really into collectible stuffed animals, and you don’t know the first thing about them. It might seem like your quest for the perfect gift is doomed to failure.

That’s not the case at all. As a matter of fact, according to a Vistaprint survey, two-thirds of people would rather receive a personal, heartfelt gift than a more expensive, generic gift. Not only that, but more than half of them would be more likely to talk about a heartfelt gift than a generic one.

This isn’t just true for people who receive a heartfelt gift; it’s equally true for gift-givers. The majority of them also prefer giving a heartfelt gift to something less personal.

So, as you read through these options, think about who you’re buying for. Imagine the look on their face when they open the wrapper. Do they smile? If they do, you’ve found yourself a winner.

1. A Long-Lasting Flower Arrangement

A survey by Ross-Simons Jewelers shows that a full 35 percent of women prefer flowers to any other Mother’s Day gift. We’re guessing most women are just fine with flowers on any other occasion, too. 

But why settle for “just fine” when you can give her something truly spectacular?

Venus ET Fleur®’s Eternity® Roses are created with a special process that allows them to stay fresh for up to a full year. 

First, they’re bleached to remove the original red color. Next, they’re dipped in an all-natural wax that dehydrates them without distorting the shape or texture. Last, they’re dyed to their final color, whatever that may be.

All of our roses are sourced from Ecuador, where they’re allowed to grow to full blossom before they’re harvested. They’re available in two dozen colors, so they can match any taste or décor.

For instance, consider the Small Round display or Le Mini Square from our Classic Collection. 

This is a display of 9 to 15 blossoms arranged in a customizable display that’s available in black or white. It’s emblazoned with a gold Venus ET Fleur logo, and the roses are available in all 24 colors. In addition to natural colors, this includes more exotic options like silver, gold, black, and rainbow.

2. An Amazing Experience

When many people think of a gift, they think of something that comes in a box. But a gift doesn’t have to be a physical object. It can be an experience instead. In a recent survey of 500 people, 67 percent of people said they would prefer the gift of an experience to a physical possession.

For example, is your loved one a big fan of Bruno Mars? See if their favorite artist is in town, and buy them a pair of tickets. Are they a diehard football fan? Tickets to an upcoming game certainly couldn’t go amiss.

Experiences can also involve their favorite hobby or interest. Pottery classes, museums, and most other “event”-type services almost always offer gift cards or vouchers. If you’re not sure, call them up and ask!

The nice thing about an experience like this is that it comes with a ticket, card, or voucher. It’s something you can slip into a gift card, so the other person will still get to enjoy the anticipation of opening the envelope.

Depending on who you’re buying for, an event gift can even be something you do together. If your girlfriend is a wine connoisseur, why not take her to a wine tasting? Does your husband love sushi? Take him to the nicest sushi restaurant in town, and pick up the tab.

In this case, you’re not just giving the gift of an experience. You’re also spending time with the other person and sharing something that’s special to them.

3. Something For Their Favorite Hobby

If the person you’re buying for has a favorite hobby, that’s a great way to find a gift they’ll love. For example, let’s say your nephew is lining up at midnight to buy the next PlayStation console. 

More realistically, let’s say you know his mom has pre-ordered one to give him at Christmas. A PlayStation game is going to be a perfect pairing.

Of course, this requires at least a passing knowledge of your loved one’s hobby. Use your judgment here, and make sure that whatever you’re buying is actually something they’ll use.

4. A Starter Kit For A New Hobby

As a twist on our last idea, why not help your loved one discover a new interest? There are plenty of hobby kits on the list, from sushi rolling kits to home craft brew starters. These can kick start a lifetime of interest and enjoyment.

The key is to find something you think your loved one would actually enjoy. Otherwise, it will just end up sitting on a shelf.

That said, if the hobby is something they actually enjoy, who knows what might happen? For example, most kids love listening to music. Why not buy them a guitar or a keyboard? They might or might not ever take it up, but if they do, they’ll have you to thank for it.

5. Something Practical

If you’re having trouble finding a good gift, a practical present isn’t always a bad thing. We’re not saying you should buy your wife a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas, but something that’s both useful and unique can bring someone joy every time they use it.

For example, suppose your aunt is a collector of Coca-Cola memorabilia. You come across a serving set with a tray, dip bowls, and matching accessories, all with Coca-Cola themes. Now, unless you’re buying for a new homeowner, a serving set isn’t exactly the most thrilling gift choice.

But with this particular example, for this particular person, it’s an excellent choice. It shows you’re paying attention to what your aunt enjoys

Another good time to buy a practical gift is for any kind of event with a registry. In fact, if someone sends out cards with a registry, it’s generally considered polite to stick to that list. 


Simply put, having a baby or getting married is a major life event. People will often need a lot of new things, and they put those things on a registry so their friends and family can help. Since they’re already telling you what they want, it’s generally best just to stick to that.

6. Alcohol

If the person you love enjoys a drink or two, why not give them something to sip on over the holidays? Now, this can be a bit touch and go, so you have to know what you’re doing. First off, not just any wine or beer will do. It’s got to be something special.

Second, if the person is a connoisseur, they probably have some preferences. For instance, there’s a huge difference between an IPA beer and a stout. If you don’t know which one to buy, you could end up giving a hoppy, aromatic IPA to someone who prefers a rich, creamy chocolate stout.

Similarly, wine can be difficult to choose. Does she prefer red or white? Sweet or dry?

If you know the answers to these questions, proceed full steam ahead. If not, you might want to choose a different gift.

7. Chocolate

Let’s be blunt. Chocolate isn’t exactly the most personalized gift on our list. But it gets a pass for one important reason: everybody loves it!

Of course, if you’re going to give chocolate, you’ll want to choose something a little nicer than a single Hershey bar. A box of chocolates is a far better choice. They may not remember your gift forever, but it’ll be delicious while it lasts.

8. A Gift Card

A gift card, like chocolate, isn’t very personal. It doesn’t say, “I know exactly what you want.” But it does say, “I care about you getting something you want.”

This isn’t the best choice for your mom or your significant other. But for acquaintances, coworkers, or neighbors, a gift card is a great way to show appreciation or celebrate the season.

In Conclusion

No matter what gift you end up choosing, remember that the most important thing is for it to come from the heart. Even something that seems as simple as an origami bird, with the right meaning behind it, can be something your loved ones treasure for ages. Keep this in mind when choosing a gift, and think of what the other person would really enjoy.

If you’re still stumped, there are plenty of other gift options available. If you need more help, check out our guide to the best gifts for that special man in your life. At least one of them is sure to fit the bill!