5 Fun and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him This Year

It's a common stereotype that men can be tough to buy gifts for. Buying gifts for him at Christmas can seem even worse, when you want to get him a variety of practical and unique gifts, it seems like everything he wants he’s already bought. The truth is, it just takes time to go out and find that perfect gift he doesn't already have. 

At Venus et Fleur, we know it often takes some time to find a gift that is truly unique, but a unique gift is a great way to show you care, which is why all of our gift sets and floral arrangements are completely customizable. When it comes to Christmas shopping for your man, there are plenty of good ideas, beyond the usual set of tools, another mug, or a pair of socks.

5 Fun and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him

Luckily, we’ve put together a few helpful suggestions for that perfect, unique gift. Each one of them is something that a lot of men are going to love. With our selection of gifts to buy him for Christmas, you’re sure to find at least one thing that will bring a smile to the man in your life.

A Home Brewing Kit

Another common stereotype is that  guys love beer. This is backed up by a 2016 Gallup poll, where 54 percent of American men listed beer as their adult beverage of choice. That’s more than twice the percentage of men who prefer wine or liquor. 

Of course, coming home with a 12-pack and shouting, “It’s Miller Time!” isn’t the best way to celebrate Christmas with your significant other. On the other hand, a home craft brew kit is an excellent gift.

For one thing, a homebrew kit allows him to make his own, unique brew. When he’s done creating a batch, it will be something you can never, ever find on a supermarket shelf. It may even become something you and him, or him and others in the family can bond over.

Plus, when you buy him his own at-home brew kit, you’re opening the door to a hobby as well. He can begin with the basic starter ingredients and make a simple, no-frills brew, and then he can kick things up by choosing from a variety of hops and other ingredients. He might just create a masterpiece.

Homebrew kits can be used to create just about any kind of beer. Depending on the ingredients, you can brew anything from a rich stout to a tart IPA, you could even brew wine or gluten free beer. Many home brewers will even create special brews for the holidays! So this time next Christmas, you could be enjoying a beer brewed from the gift you got him this year!

A Weekend Getaway

If your man is like most people, he could probably use a break. So why not turn Christmas into an opportunity to do something special?

When we talk about a weekend getaway, we don’t mean Christmas dinner with the in-laws. We mean a couple of days just by yourselves to relax, unwind, and have fun.  The holidays are a great opportunity to do this. After all, what better time of year to leave the kids with grandma for a night or two?

Now, a vacation might seem a bit spendy for a Christmas gift, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few ways you can save on the cost of a vacation.

For one thing, look for somewhere nearby, within a few hours’ drive. Not only will this save you money, but it will also save you time. Remember, this is a two-day jaunt, not a weeklong vacation. You don’t want to spend half your weekend going through airport security.

If you’re fresh out of ideas, the internet is a great resource. Look for a state park with good hiking, or visit a museum if the weather is too brisk. Alternatively, if you’re a frequent flier, you can burn some miles on a pair of tickets and go somewhere a bit more exotic.

For lodging, you can get creative. For instance, there are plenty of Airbnb rentals that have just as much charm as a nice hotel. You won’t have a concierge, but you also won’t have an absurd bill.

If you’re feeling more adventurous and love the outdoors, then stay at a state campground. Not only is it cheap, but it’s also fun to do, provided the weather allows for it in your area.

To make a staycation feel even more like a vacation, try shutting off your phones for the weekend. This will let the two of you connect and enjoy your time together without outside distractions. At the end of the day, a vacation is more about a state of mind than it is about your geographic location.

A Fancy Watch

According to a recent poll, men love a good quality watch. Maybe it’s because every action star from Bond to Ethan Hunt has worn one. Maybe it’s because a mechanical watch oozes style and class.

Of course, a high-end, name brand watch can run in the high hundreds to thousands of dollars. That said, there are plenty of less costly brands that offer the same quality at a relatively reasonable cost. In many cases, you’re getting the same parts as the brand name without the expensive logo.

A Long-Lasting Floral Arrangement

Getting roses is a lovely, warming experience, especially if those roses come from a loved one. For a man, the right flower arrangement can be particularly special, as no one may have ever thought to get him flowers. A beautiful arrangement, with colors customized to him, along with a card and a heartfelt message, may be perfect holiday gift for the man you think has it all. However, if you order roses from your neighborhood florist, they’re only going to last for about a week. After that, even the most nutrient-rich water won’t stop them from wilting. With Venus et Fleur, you get flowers that can last the whole year.

Venus et Fleur® sources roses directly from the best rose fields of Ecuador. Once they have matured, each blossom is picked and carefully packed for shipment. Because most of the roses are originally red, our experts use a non-toxic bleach solution to remove the original color.

The roses are then treated with a non-toxic, hypoallergenic wax to preserve them, along with natural oils. This combination dehydrates the roses without compromising their shape, color, or texture. They’ll even hold a lovely floral scent for some time to come.

The final step involves staining the roses to their final color to create the rich, colorful blooms that arrive at your door. Best of all, Venus et Fleur’s Eternity® Roses will last over a year as long as they’re properly cared for. They come lovingly and beautifully packaged, so bigger arrangements can be left as they are by the tree or bed for a Christmas morning surprise, while smaller arrangements can be easily gift-wrapped or bagged. 

If you are looking for a meaningful gift option for your partner, consider the Feu Cast Iron Vase with burgundy eternity roses. This stunning vase represents glowing flames with a brass vessel, and is an excellent sign of your strong and burning love. Burning bright all year long, it can add warmth to a bedroom, mantle, or any other space in the home.

For a bigger, bolder display, get a Venus et Fleur’s Large Square box with burgundy, black, or gold eternity roses. This gorgeous arrangement has roses available in 22 different colors, so you can match them to the décor in his favorite space or get them in his favorite colors.

If you want a smaller arrangement that fits anywhere, you should look at the Le Mini Round, a single rose displayed in a small round box. They can place it on a desk, nightstand, shelf, or any other space that needs a bit of luxury decor.

For a more personalized Christmas gift for him, get him a Mini Letter from The Letter Collection. You can find a floral letter in his favorite colors or use them to spell out his initials or a phrase he will love.


There’s a popular holiday song that goes: “All I want for Christmas is you.” As it turns out, for a lot of men, that statement is literally true.

According to a recent YouGov poll, 20 percent of men wanted some alone time with their special lady more than any other gift.

While this poll was about Valentine’s Day, we’re guessing the same holds true on Christmas, so if you want to make this Christmas extra special, there’s nothing stopping you from spending some extra time together under the mistletoe.

The Best Christmas Gift for Him is Your Love and Affection

Remember, it’s the thought that counts, so don’t worry if you can’t afford the biggest, most expensive gift this year. A meaningful gift, given with love, is the best gift of all. Discover Venus et Fleur's incredible selection of thoughtful and personalized gifts for your loved one this holiday season.