Gifts For Her: What To Get Her On A Special Day

If you’re stumbling across this article, you may feel absolutely lost when thinking of what to get that special someone in your life! Chances are, you’re worried that she won’t like the gift, whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, or a Mother’s Day gift. Maybe she’s the type of person who already has everything they want and need— or maybe she gives the best gifts, and you need to step it up to meet her level! Either way, see our ideas for unique gifts to put a smile on her face! 

Birthday Gifts For Her

Birthdays are a chance to spoil the women in your life with something that they wouldn’t usually purchase for themselves! Instead of purchasing an over-the-top gift flooded with romance, birthdays are a good time to really tune in on things that she’s been mentioning on her wish list and that she would appreciate for a thoughtful gift. 

For example, if she’s always busy and never has time to practice self-care: paying for a gift card to a local spa or restaurant can be a thoughtful way to facilitate some well-needed rejuvenation, whether it’s for a peaceful pedicure or a night out with good friends. You could even get her aromatherapy and skincare supplies so that she can get that same relaxation at home. For the fashionista, consider checking to see if there’s a particular crossbody bag she’s been eyeing but doesn’t want to splurge on for herself. If you aren’t as aware of her style or are worried about picking out the wrong thing, consider making sure the items are returnable or opt for a gift card instead! 

For a more practical gift, it might make sense that the foodie in your life might enjoy a new tool in the kitchen or something decorative that reminds you of her! Maybe you get her the tools to make a fantastic cheese board, or maybe you go all-in with a monogram stemless wine glass set. If she's really into interior design, some personalized home decor can be a great option. With birthday gifts, it’s important to keep the person's interests in mind— even if it’s not the perfect gift, it means so much to show that you’ve thought about their interests and picked something you think they would enjoy and get use out of!

Sometimes, you might be looking for a gift idea that doesn’t break the budget. The good news is that these options are all scalable! For a cheaper homemade version of the spa day, consider making a gift set with some scented candles, a comfy robe, and face masks for a bubble bath as a surprise at the end of a long day! Accompanied by a bottle of her favorite wine, it’s a cheap way to unwind! If nothing else, spend time with her, and she’ll be sure to appreciate it. 

For some more specific ideas on a great gift to get that special woman in your life, be sure to look for something on-trend that relates to her interests! For example, someone who’s always on the go might benefit from having a high-quality carry-on to take on their travels or a professional yet functional tote bag! 

A coffee fiend might benefit from a coffee brewing set up, and some custom ordered coffee from somewhere local that you can share together in a lovely gift box. From a simple pour-over coffee maker to an automatic espresso brewer, there are gift ideas that you can scale to your ideal budget. If all else fails, jewelry is another way to avoid going wrong. Consider looking up her birthstone for a personalized touch in stud earrings or finding a pendant necklace that’s especially suited to her style. If you’re not sure, pay attention to what she wears the most! If she wears a lot of trendy rose gold, that could be your hint!  

For techies, gadgets can be a great gift as well. Consider getting her some Bluetooth headphones, Airpods,  or a fancy new charger so that she can make the most of her electronics. As long as you consider her interests, you're sure to come up with some unique gift ideas. For those who are eco-friendly, stainless steel water bottles or tumblers can be a fun and useful gift that she's sure to get a lot of use out of.

Anniversary Gifts For Her

Compared to other special days, anniversaries are the time to bust out the romance to be sure to wow that special lady! For a fancier option, consider putting together an evening for two where all she has to do is show up. By booking a manicure, picking out her outfit, and making the reservations, you’ll show her that you’re capable of pulling out all the stops to make her feel like royalty! 

Ladies also love to be surprised with flowers, so consider picking up a surprise bouquet. Venus ET Fleur® offers the finest selection of real roses that will surely wow that special person in your life. All of our luxurious arrangements provide the option to customize the arrangement to fit the personality and preferences of your lovely lady while never compromising quality. Because our Eternity® Roses last a year with proper care, gifting these will be a constant reminder of your love for whoever admires them. 

Another way you can go with anniversary gifts is to veer towards sentimental shared memories. Customized jewelry or accessories can be a terrific way to give her something that reminds you of the beautiful, touching, or just plain silly moments you’ve shared over the years! You could even consider getting her a subscription box for a gift that keeps on giving.

One caveat to this approach is that these personalized gifts often require additional time to be produced since they are custom-made upon order. If you need a gift on a short timeline, consider purchasing something that can be quickly ordered online or picked up in the store! For wedding anniversaries, you can always add a traditional spin by incorporating the materials associated with each year of marriage. If you’ve never heard of them, or want to look up some ideas, traditional anniversary gifts can be a great place to draw inspiration for gifts. 

Bat Mitzvah Gifts For Her

Gifts for bat mitzvahs can require a lot more foresight and thought, especially for those who aren’t familiar with Jewish traditions. In order to lay out some easy options for all levels of gifters, we’ve compiled some key tips to keep in mind! 

Firstly, for those who are not incredibly close to the special young lady or don’t know her very well, cash is always a welcome option. Be sure to choose an amount that is a multiple of 18, as 18 symbolizes life. In order to practice the Jewish tradition of philanthropy and generosity, consider offering her a chance to choose a charity that you would donate to in her honor. Alternatively, consider giving half to her synagogue and half to her! There are plenty of ways to make sure that even the simplest gift is still packed with meaning.

An additional option that’s a little more sentimental is some simple jewelry to help her remember the occasion. There are plenty of options online to explore that will commemorate the occasion with a star of David or another small symbol of her faith. 

For a simpler option that doesn’t relate to Judaism, if you aren’t sure what to get, there are plenty of easy ideas that will help you find the perfect item. If you are closer to the family or to the special girl in question, consider reaching out to see if she would be interested in Judaica. There are a variety of different Jewish customary books and ritual objects that make perfect bat mitzvah gifts, and you can even purchase them from her synagogue to help support her community!            

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Bar mitzvah gifts can actually be very similar, given that cash, gift cards, and donations in $18 multiples are always an option. Judaica is another welcome way to surprise the special guy who will be celebrated. If you’re not sure, traditional birthday gifts are also welcome if you’re looking to leave the more sentimental religious items for family and friends to get. A creative idea we’ve seen around: getting a small menorah to celebrate the transition from childhood to manhood that can be taken off to college or to his first apartment. Regardless of your choice, there are a variety of ways to make sure you’ve given the perfect gift for the special day!