6 Heartfelt Gifts for Grandma

We don’t know about you, but for us, grandmothers hold a special place in our hearts. Not only do they give the best huge and make the very best food for us, but they also bring to the table a wealth of experience that we would all be much better off if we listened to. As time has gone by, we put greater and greater stock into the things our grandmothers have told and taught us about life.

Another thing we’ve found is that grandmothers are sometimes overlooked on Mother’s Day, which to us is heartbreaking. They are as responsible for our coming into this world as our own mother, after all. Mother’s Day falls on May 9th this year, and we urge our readers to think also of their grandmothers on this important day.

The summer also grants you the opportunity to celebrate the lesser-known Grandma’s Day on July 23, which we encourage you to observe. She’s sure to be grateful for the double dose of gratitude.

At Venus ET Fleur®, we wish to celebrate all the wonderful grandmothers in your and our lives. Because our they mean so much and do so much for us, it can sometimes be difficult to find a gift that expresses our admiration and gratitude. While nothing quite compares to quality time, we’ve collected a list of fine alternatives that you can send to your Nana, Meemaw, Mimi, or Gigi this summer to put a smile on her face and show her how much you care.

Let’s now take a look at some of our favorite, most heartfelt gifts for grandma.

A Good, Old-Fashioned Tea Party

While it may seem a tad bit outmoded or cheesy, in our experience, grandmas simply love tea parties. If you live with or near your grandmother, we think this can be a delightful gesture. With traditional ceremonies like this, it is a great deal of fun to commit heels-up to the experience—assemble on top of a nice tablecloth your works: old-fashioned cucumber sandwiches, doilies, fancy silverware, clotted cream, and anything else your fancy suggests.

Round out this charming display with one a delicate flower arrangement, like our Le Clair Tresor piece. This design features a single one of our gorgeous Eternity® Roses in a sleek, clear acrylic box that includes a handy drawer, in which you can drop a smaller gift or a kind note. The drawer is just big enough to fit what may be your grandmother’s favorite chocolate truffle, an ornate ring, or a bedazzled brooch. Let your imagination run wild over this elegant and ostentatious bit of tradition!

In the event that your grandma doesn’t live near to you, you can still set up a video call with her and meet custom halfway with a virtual tea party. In advance, send her a package of her favorite sweets and perhaps even some fine china. Ask her how to cook your favorite of her signature dishes, and the two of you can even cook this meal together, virtually—through this, the two of you can dissolve the boundaries of distance and share real, quality time together. This is a memory your wonderful grandma isn’t likely to forget.

A Beautiful Flower Arrangement

We would be surprised if you weren’t already considering buying some nice flowers for your grandmother—nothing spruces up a home like the vibrant colors and delicate fragrance of fresh blooms.

The month of May nurtures a number of different blooms and bulbs with which to show your grandmother just how much you care, but at Venus ET Fleur, our particular preference is, above all, the rose.

Our radiant and long-lasting Eternity Roses are made from real roses grown in Ecuador. They have undergone a special process that enables them to last for up to a year with proper care, meaning your grandma can treasure your beautiful gift for long after it’s been given.

Roses come in a splendid variety of different colors, each with its own tradition of symbolic meaning and emotional associations. Grandmothers, even more than us, are typically well-read in these flower-giving customs, so we recommend you take some time to understand these so that you might craft the perfect message.

For the grandchild who wants to truly make an impression, the best way to accomplish this with flowers is to spring for a bold statement piece such as our peerless Fleura Vase, which displays two dozen Eternity Roses in a breathtaking, handcrafted porcelain vessel. This grand arrangement is perfect on a coffee table or as a dining room centerpiece! Thankfully, our roses come in a wide variety of different colors, allowing you to adjust for her individual taste.

Or, for the mother who favors boldness over all, opt instead for a bouquet of bright orange-colored roses. Either way, she is sure to be amazed by the fragrance and long-lasting integrity of our innovative yet elegant Eternity Roses. 

A Candle that Smells Like their Treasured Memories

A candle with the right scent can evoke powerful memories and emotions. If you know a little bit about your grandmother’s life (or, simply, her favorite scents), you can likely find the perfectly scented candle to bring her deep delight and fill her home with fragrance.

While any number of splendid options are available on the internet and elsewhere, at Venus ET Fleur, we carry a beautiful selection of floral-inspired candles, such as our signature Nue Tuberose. This dreamy candle will transport her home to a faraway rose garden. Its subtle rosy nose is accented with notes of orange blossom, freesia, and lotus flower.

If you know your grandmother loves scented candles, we urge you to spring for our Votive Bundle Set, which contains three of our most sought-after scents, each more rich and fragrant than the last.

Something Comfy-Cozy

For that special Meemaw who prizes comfort above just about anything else, you cannot go wrong with something soft and cozy. A nice, loose-fitting cardigan or pajama set might be just the ticket for when the summer cools and crispens into autumn. Combine this gift with a set of warm socks for a gift that can be as stylish as it is practical.

Or, for a more personal touch, plenty of stores and websites allow you to create custom-embroidered throw pillows. Inscribe her family name, an inspirational quote, or any other text that you think is sure to surprise and delight her.


Is your grandmother someone who appreciates the finer things in life? A little glitz, a little glamour? If this is the case, then she’ll be over the moon when she receives a piece of stylish jewelry for Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, or her birthday!

Since these days there are so many different kinds of jewelry available online, you’ll have no shortage of options to choose from. Show your thoughtfulness with a ring, pendant, or pair of earrings that contain her birthstone. This is just one example of a creative way to customize your gift of fine jewelry.

For an even more elaborate and still very special piece that she will treasure for a lifetime, you can commission a jeweler to craft a truly one-of-a-kind piece that contains the birthstones of her children or grandchildren. While a more expensive option, we’re certain this gift would make any grandmother simply aglow with joy.

The Gift of a Clean House

Lastly, for a gift slightly less material, but no less appreciated, consider contracting someone to pay her a visit (with her foreknowledge, of course) and give her house a nice, thorough clean. Thanks to the internet, it’s very easy to find a local, friendly company that offers this kind of service.

As we get on in years, it becomes more and more difficult to find the energy to clean, not to mention getting on our hands and knees to reach the more difficult cracks and crevices where dust and even less pleasant things tend to gather. A service-oriented gift like this one is no less thoughtful than flowers and jewelry!

Final Remarks

Each and every grandmother is different. The last thing we wanted to suggest here is some sort of one-size-fits-all prescription. Your own keen judgment and understanding of your grandmother’s tastes will serve you better here than all the wealth in the world.

We have absolute faith that, whichever of these options you choose to spoil your grandmother with, that she will feel seen, understood, and appreciated.

Let us know in the comments below if this guide has been helpful to you in your search or if you have any questions at all. We are more than happy to help!



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