Gift Ideas for the Zodiac Signs and Month of March

In March, winter finally gives way to spring in most of the Northern Hemisphere, and things start to feel new again for the first time since about January. With a whisper of spring on the wind, flowers are being prepared to bloom by the beginning of April and if you have someone to get a gift for, then all of this spring newness and the dawning of nature can give you plenty of gift ideas to go off of.

At Venus et Fleur, March is an exciting time. It’s when most avid gardeners are preparing their soil and getting bulbs in and it kicks off one of the best times to add a new flower arrangement to your décor. For a gift in March, one of our Eternity® Rose or other flower arrangements in bright, spring colors can uplift any home’s décor. For unique gifts, the soft pastel and brighter colors of spring pair well with the month’s eclectic mix of colors.

March Zodiac and Seasonal Gift Ideas

In March, Pisces is paired with a sign that it’s very different from. A water and fire pairing, Aries is much braver than Pisces in general, but also much more impulsive. Not much ties these two but their birth month and they may handle it very differently.

What Pisces and Aries Tell Us This Month

With their opposite personalities, how you choose to give your gift will probably vary widely for these two. Aries will likely be in high spirits come March, as their birthday rolls around and things start to bloom this will just stoke the Aries personality. Pisces, however, may be slower to come out of her winter slumber. Something subtle should work for the Pisces, while Aries might enjoy something a little louder to enhance their days. 

What the Month’s Colors Say

Bringing in the boost that Pisces may be looking for, is March’s color of the month, fair aqua. This aqua color matches the Pisces and encourages intuition, spirituality, and psychic abilities. While it’s not exactly a match to the personality of an Aries, the color could help to calm some of the signs’ impatience and impulsiveness. The month’s other colors are lime, black, and purple, so there are complementary cool and dark tones. For a more dynamic arrangement, softer spring tones, such as mint, lavender, and a light pink can help incorporate the season.

The Season and Holidays

In March, depending on the year, it is finally time for spring to be sprung. Often half bearing snow and half melting it away, it's a time when we can start to clean up the habits and mess of fall and winter and get ourselves into shape for the physical demands of summer. It also marks some of our first real chances of the year for a warm-weather celebration — St. Patrick’s day. 

While not a typical St. Patrick’s day gift, an arrangement of flowers could be a great gift at any point in March, just to send warm tidings in this transitory time.

Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas

In the month of March, Aries will likely be meeting everything head on and jumping into the spring. Some gifts for the outdoors would be great, so knowing what sports or hobbies they might have could help guide you further. If you want to get an Aries something for indoors, a bold blue, black, and purple flower arrangement would likely be received well, or something bright to complement their natural optimism and enthusiasm.

For Pisces, something in an aqua color or a bright, happy arrangement might work best if you were going to go with flowers. These will help brighten things up and reinforce their best qualities. For other gift ideas, a good book on romance or spirituality, or a gift that encourages their artistic side could be options as well. If you’ve seen them show passion in something, they’ll appreciate the acknowledgment.

Get the Perfect Spring Arrangement and Zodiac Gifts in March

With brighter days starting to bloom in March, it’s natural to want to match that in your own space as well. With Venus et Fleur, you have many unique floral options for decor or to give as a gift, with all of them lasting up to a year. Shop with us for fully customized options, including zodiac arrangements, and the perfect display to match any home or personality.