What Flowers Should I Bring on a First Date?

For many of us, spring is a time when love seems to simply hang in the air. You will probably come as no surprise that there is plenty of science backing up this airy claim. But you don’t need a Ph.D. to know that, as the last frost melts and the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, many of us will find ourselves awake to the possibilities of new love. It also doesn’t hurt that we’re able to shed our bulky winter coats for lighter, more fashionable duds.

Those of you looking to get out and meet someone new already face a number of challenges, chief among them being: how do I make the best first impression possible? You want to put your best foot forward, which means wearing a flattering outfit, spritzing on the proper fragrance—subtlety is key here, nothing too strong—and picking a trendy spot to meet.

In the face of all these dizzying challenges, we too often overlook that custom that can make for a charming and memorable first date impression: picking out a charming bouquet of flowers.

Some will argue that flowers on the first date are a bit much, and we agree that they aren’t for everyone. The answer to this question, and several others, depends on you and your date’s already-existing chemistry. But if you’re looking to sweep someone off their feet, flowers can strike the perfect tone of romance, even if it is only a single red rose.

If you’re still in doubt over which flowers would be the most appropriate gesture on this initial voyage down the river amour, have no fear. We at Venus ET Fleur® are tried and tested professionals in the art of flower-giving and have compiled this helpful guide on the blooms we think best suit the occasion of your first date.

So without further ado, let’s dive in to our favorite first-date flowers.


Tulips are one of the perfect spring blooms to offer as a romantic gesture. They are one of our favorite alternatives to roses on Valentine’s Day. Something about their soft petals and long, elegant stakes make them fantastic for setting a first impression. They also come in a wide variety of beautiful colors.

Tulips only bloom in the springtime. Therefore, giving them as a gift on your first date can signify the new and hopeful beginning of your relationship. They are exceedingly popular in European countries, particularly Italy and Holland, where you can find large fields of these gentle blooms in many different varieties.

Best of all, tulips are one of the more affordable blooms on the market during this time, making them a practical investment and freeing you up to spend more money on other parts of your first date!


Gardenia is a beautiful flower with a heavy fragrance, making it a wonderful addition to any kitchen, dining, or living space. Typically colored white, gardenia symbolizes joy and purity. They are sometimes considered a more old-fashioned sign of affection, but combine them with other flowers like peonies and lily of the valley for a positively lustrous and perfectly modern spring bouquet.

For an even more modern approach, we humbly submit one of our most beautiful and best-selling arrangements from Venus ET Fleur, our Le Clair Gran Un. This exquisite piece features a single gardenia bloom seamlessly ensconced in an acrylic display case. It makes a positively radiant appearance in any setting, and its pure aroma will make your partner fall in love every time they open the lid.


Orchids are exotic and refined flowers that are traditionally associated with passion, beauty, and friendship. Delicate yet long-lasting, orchids will make your date feel graceful and well-cared-for.

These flowers require a great deal of time and attention to cultivate, making them rarer and more expensive than many other blooms on this list. This will surely not be lost on your date, however, and can make a spectacular impression in the right hands.


Daffodils are another one of the very first flowers that bloom with the dawning of spring. Also notably, daffodils are the official birth flower for March. For these reasons, daffodils are understood to convey feelings of rebirth and new beginnings, making them ideal for the occasion of a first date!

Daffodils were incredibly popular as tokens of love in the Victorian Era of England, when the practice of floriography was spreading like wildfire among aristocrats and courtly types. To this day, daffodils are sometimes thought to bring the recipient 12 months of happiness—a sentiment we find delightful.


A lesser-known flower is admittedly a mouthful and is luckily also known as the Peruvian lily, or “Lily of the Incas.” The striking patterning on the inside of its petals grabs the eye immediately and makes a wonderful impression, either by itself or in a richer spring bouquet.

These lilies come in a variety of vibrant colors, with our personal favorite being rich orange-gold. They are known to symbolize mutual support and devotion between two persons—though it can also symbolize a pretty flower! We highly recommend giving alstroemerias to someone who maybe started out as a friend, whom you hope to forge a deeper relationship with over time.

Gerbera Daisies

Often referred to simply as “Gerberas,” these bright and bold flowers pop gleefully in a bright arrangement and can strike a wonderful tone of joy and excitement. They are recognized by the large flowering head, not unlike a sunflower. However, they come in far more color variations, including pink, white, red, and yellow.

Bringing a bouquet of big, vibrant gerberas to show that special person that you’re ready to have fun and not be too serious.


You’re probably not surprised to find roses named here as the ultimate gesture of floral romance. Most typically associated with Valentine’s Day and established romantic love, these fragrant blooms come in a staggering variety of colors, shapes, and styles these days.

In our experience, no one is upset to receive a bouquet of roses—they elevate our lives and spaces with fragrance and beauty.

Are Red Roses Okay on a First Date?

This is a perfectly natural question to ask, given the deep and lasting associations between red roses and the notion of lasting, romantic love. This broadly understood symbolic tradition can make lots of men nervous about presenting their date with these ruby-red blooms. So what’s the answer? Is it too much, or just enough?

The answer, of course, is that there are no prescriptions in the art of love. As with all first-date matters, it depends on things like your shared chemistry, your individual commitment to this person, and your own values when it comes to romance. Some people may find red roses too traditional for their tastes, while others are liable to have their hearts melted by such a flowery gesture of romance (pun quite intended).

While we wish we could give you the perfect answer to this complicated question, we can only advise you to use your discretion and, most importantly, to trust the decision you’ve made! There’s nothing more attractive than confidence, after all.

However, if you’re still apprehensive, there are plenty of other wonderful rose colors to choose from! Take one look at our iconic Le Petit arrangement in tasteful pink, which features four gorgeous pink roses neatly housed in one of our signature suede vessels, which are modeled after the Parisian style of hat-box.

This charming piece is small enough to keep your date from feeling too spoiled while conveying all the beauty and fragrance we expect from real roses.

Saying “Yes” to Roses With Real Roses That Last a Year®

At Venus ET Fleur, roses are our specialty. If you decide to say “Yes” to roses for your first date bouquet, then you simply cannot go wrong with any one of our spectacular Eternity® Rose arrangements. Each one has been handcrafted by our experienced floral designers to radiate beauty and sophistication.

Our Eternity Roses are made from 100-percent real roses sourced from the farms of Ecuador, which, due to the region’s bright, year-round sunshine, makes our blooms all the fuller and richer. After being plucked at peak fulness, they are treated with our proprietary solution and color pigmentation process, allowing them to last for up to an entire year given proper care.

If you’re looking to make a striking impression on your first date, an Eternity Rose bouquet will do the trick and then some. For more information, take a look at our special collections today!

Final Remarks

We know that choosing the perfect arrangement for your first date can be fraught with nerves and expectations. While it’s only natural to fret and sweat over what little you know about their tastes and predilections, at the end of the day, the situation demands you take a leap of faith. We have no doubt that you’ll choose something beautiful and refined that will make your date swoon.

It is our sincere wish that this guide has been informative to you in preparation for the first dates that spring and summer will bring. Please keep reading our blog for more guides like this one concerning flowers, gifts, décor, romance, and so much more!



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