Flowers by Season: The Best Rose for Each Season

As we take the first few steps into yet another year, full of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, congratulations, and life, we at Venus ET Fleur® find the perfect opportunity to take a broader look at one of our favorite ways to mark an occasion—the gift of roses.

Anyone who’s spent a day in their life has likely been acquainted with the power of roses, probably as a gesture of romantic love on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, occasions which traditionally call for red roses. However, roses come in many different colors, each with its own unique history and meaning

Certain colors—pink, for example—are more appropriate for the expression of loving gratitude on Mother’s Day. Yellow roses are ideal as a thoughtful addition to a sincere “thank you” sent to a dear friend. Our hope with this guide is to prepare you for all the different occasions throughout the year that might call for a gorgeous flower arrangement!

At Venus ET Fleur, we celebrate the multiplicity and diversity of roses. Our in-house floral arrangers daily create custom bouquets in a dazzling spectrum of different colors, shades, and textures. There’s no better way to celebrate any occasion than with a bouquet of stunning Eternity® Roses.

The Winter Months

While the winter frost may nip our gardens, making it harder to grow flowers of our own, the colder months are replete with opportunities to send gifts of love and gratitude, from winter holidays to the ringing in of the New Year. Just because the world outside might be a bit grey doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the beauty of colorful roses indoors. 

This is the time of year that many of us spend with our nearest and dearest loved ones, exchanging gifts between friends, family, and those we care for the most. For this wonderful time of year, deep red and burgundy best convey the inner warmth that these admittedly cold months can embody. However, we must remind the reader that red roses are most often associated with feelings of long-lasting romance. 

As an alternative, we particularly recommend the splendor of gold and silver. This piece from our Maison Collection embodies radiant elegance, while the gold symbolizes good fortune—both the wealth of the present found in company and togetherness and good fortune in the new year ahead. Seated comfortably in a handsome, handcrafted porcelain vessel, this arrangement also makes for an ideal holiday gift.

Winter also commemorates the most important day of the year, where roses are concerned: Valentine’s Day. As we’ve said, when it comes to overtures of romantic love, the word is still “roses, red roses!” Consider presenting your loved one the gift of an Eternity Rose, which are 100-percent real roses that have been treated to hold their bloom and fragrance for up to a year with proper care. 

Our Small Heart Box, gorgeous in its elegant simplicity, is the perfect treat for that special someone in your life, conveying all the effects of love in a smart, space-efficient vessel that can serve as a beautiful conversation piece long after the snows have melted and the flowers begin blooming.

You could also treat your loved one to a Love Locks Box, designed specifically to invoke images of the Ponts des Arts bridge in Paris, a meeting place for lovers to seal their commitment with a physical lock on the bridge. This box features a custom clasp and metal handles, as well as the option to have it engraved with your love’s initials. 

Spring Blossoms

The first day of spring usually arrives in late March, and if you are like most Americans, you can hardly wait for the changing of the season. Spring is full of things to look forward to, from sunshine to the blooming of springtime flowers. The turn of the season itself is a wonderful thing to celebrate. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a fragrant spring bouquet in colors of green, pink, pale blue, or a rich lilac.

Spring also offers a rich bouquet of occasions which offer ample opportunities to send the gift of flowers.

Mother’s Day 

Whether you’re a daughter, a son, or a husband, one way to make this Mother’s Day more special than the last is with the perfect flower arrangement. Someone as unique and exceptional as your mother deserves only the finest things in life, and one of our bespoke arrangements is sure to make her smile. 

Our beautiful Le Clair Cinq arrangement is poised to do exactly that. This piece features five stunning Eternity Roses encased in a sleek, clear acrylic case that protects the roses while displaying their true beauty. In pink or hot pink (or, even better, your mom’s favorite color), this marvelous arrangement is sure to make her feel seen and appreciated and brightens up any space. Each time she looks at the beautiful gift of roses that you’ve given her, she’ll remember just how much you love and appreciate her, and every mom deserves to feel that special. 


Most college graduations fall between the months of April and June, and if someone close to you is all set to throw their cap in the air, consider sending them a thoughtful flower arrangement to commemorate the occasion. 

Pale pink roses are ideal for a congratulatory sentiment, although white roses are also fairly traditional for a graduation ceremony. You can also go the extra mile and create a custom arrangement fashioned from the colors of their educational institution. This can be a creative way to show that accomplished scholar how proud of them you truly are. Don’t forget to accompany this stunning gift with a heartfelt note that expresses just how proud you are of the graduate and all that they’ve managed to accomplish.

Flowers in Summertime

The brightest and warmest time of year is best served by bright, warm colors. Yellow roses convey bright joy and are commonly associated with feelings of friendship. Celebrate friend-love in the summer of 2021 with a radiant bouquet of yellow roses.

Wedding Season

Summer also marks the very peak of wedding season in the United States, with the majority of weddings falling between June and September. The white rose, traditionally considered the “bridal flower,” is the rose we see most often in bridal bouquets. It can also serve as a terrific way to congratulate a bride-to-be or a newly-married friend, loved one, acquaintance, or co-worker. 

This magnificent arrangement from Venus Et Fleur’s classic collection makes for the perfect engagement or nuptial gift. This iconic arrangement embodies everything that Venus ET Fleur stands for—sophistication, abundance, luxury, elegance, and beauty.

Autumn Roses

All things must come to an end, but endings mustn’t always be sad or solemn. Though the Russian playwright Chekhov famously declared autumn roses to be “lovely, sad roses,” we find that the opposite is true. Autumn is the perfect time of year to decorate our homes and spaces with the richest, deepest, and most life-affirming colors—bright oranges, deep plums, and earthy burgundies, and even classic red finds perfect placement within an autumnal palette.

This time of year, as we say goodbye to summer and prepare for winter, we want to enjoy the last fruits of the full season. Treat yourself to a gorgeous Serene Vase with 47 rich plum-colored roses to fill your home or office with the splendid fragrance of our real roses.

In Conclusion

Roses serve as a timeless symbol of love, appreciation, gratitude, and affection. As each new season brings with it new and different opportunities for connection, success, and celebration, different kinds and colors of flowers offer us a chance to testify to all the joys that life has to offer. We at Venus ET Fleur specialize in roses, so we hope that this brief catalog has opened you to the possibilities embodied by this giving and memorable flower.