Floral Arrangements for Your Home Style Aesthetic

Whether your home decorating style is classic or contemporary, there’s always a flower arrangement that can take your interior design to the next level. Venus ET Fleur® creates exquisite floral arrangements in a vase or hatbox using our timeless Eternity® Roses, so you can decorate your home with fresh flowers that will last an entire year, or longer!

Rose Arrangements for the Contemporary Home Style

white small square classic blush pink rose arrangement in contemporary style living room

A contemporary home style is defined by simplicity, subtle themes of sophistication and a deliberate use of texture and clean lines. The contemporary style is often confused with the modern style, but a contemporary aesthetic utilizes contrasting colors and architectural details to add some depth and warmth to a space. It is less minimalistic than a modern style home and focuses on textural details and bold, but clean, contrasting elements. One of the most notable characteristics of contemporary design is the use of lines and geometric shapes.

To create a contemporary living room, keep the floor simple—perhaps a rug with a simple, geometric pattern over a classic wooden floor. In terms of color scheme, keep it neutral. Look for white, black, gray, or beige tones. Contemporary homes typically incorporate elements of metal, wood, and glass.

If you want to decorate your contemporary home with flowers without taking away from its unique style, consider a Classic Small Square rose arrangement for your coffee table, or for a more subtle aesthetic, consider a smaller Classic Le Petit arrangement to add some sophistication to your side table. The square shaped hat box will complement the use of lines in your space, while the roses add an air of elegance. When choosing the color of your roses, stick to neutral colors like white, blush, or pearl, or match the roses to your upholstered furniture.

Flower Arrangements for the Luxe Home Style

lavender mixed flower arrangement in white porcelain vase and a single gardenia flower arrangement on a luxe style dining table

A luxe home style is defined by elegance, sophistication, and impeccable attention to detail. The luxe aesthetic incorporates the use of precious metals, glass and crystals, velvets, silks, and other lavish textiles for home decor. If you lean towards the modern-luxe aesthetic, your color palette will be comprised of white, greys, blacks, and one or two types of precious metals. If you lean towards the luxe-and-glam aesthetic, your home may have accent walls and upholstered furniture in bold, sumptuous jewel tones, with curtains to match.

One of the easiest ways to create a luxurious living space is through the kitchen and dining area. Set out a lavish centerpiece on your dining table, such as our Serene Vase with Eternity® Roses & Eternity™ Hedera Leaves. Choose gold or silver flowers to match your flatware, or opt for a more subtle color, such as pearl or champagne, to let the rest of your dining area stand out. The handcrafted porcelain vase will effortlessly match the luxe aesthetic in your home and bring a sense of sophistication to your dining area.

To make your home more cohesive, browse through the rest of our extensive Maison collection and choose matching rose arrangements to place in every room. Set a Fleura Vase with Mixed Eternity™ Flowers on the mantle or on your kitchen island to add some freshness to the space. Our arrangements make any space feel brighter, more abundant, and more luxurious.

Rose Arrangements for the Mid-Century Modern Home Style

small sylvie vase rose arrangement in white porcelain vase with white porcelain rose scented candle in mid century modern style living room

The modern style became popular around the mid-40’s for its clean, timeless look. This style focuses on high functionality and organic forms, incorporating a lot of wood, stone, and other natural elements. Mid-century design focuses on an item’s true essence—it’s practical and durable, but has just a dash of flair for added interest. A mid-century modern aesthetic takes advantage of the exposed wooden beams in the ceiling and adds emphasis to other natural elements in the home. It is not pretentious, and adds a comfortable, lounge-ready vibe to any room.

A mid-century modern living room or home office space might include a futon, day bed, or a couch with large, cushioned seats with a couple extra lounge chairs for guests to converse. Coffee tables, side-tables, and even bookshelves might come from a secondhand shop or an online auction house. For the color palette, you want to opt for saturated hues to add some brightness and warmth that 50’s and 60’s designs evoked.

The perfect rose arrangement for a mid-century modern style home is our Sylvie Vase with Eternity Roses and Eternity Hedera Leaves. Consider warmer-toned roses such as champagne, orange, or yellow to keep the room warm and sunny in tone. Its miniature in size, which means that you can order multiple arrangements to place in every room for a subtly coordinated aesthetic around the home.

Flower Arrangements for the Bohemian Home Style

on the left is a classic square rose arrangement with a crystal roller, on the right a classic round green rose arrangement

The bohemian, or “boho,” style is characterized by bold colors, unique patterns, layered textures, and a mix of organic materials. Inspired by a global design, the bohemian aesthetic incorporates styles and patterns influenced by various corners of the world. It combines an array of home decor pieces to create a unique and relaxed atmosphere.

Jewel-tones such as emerald green and bright magenta are definitely encouraged, along with a mix of beige and wood-colored tones for a down to earth aesthetic. When it comes to decorating your home in a bohemian style, don’t be afraid to layer different colors and patterns with each other—and you should definitely incorporate lots of vibrant, beautiful plants! Your home will emanate the spirit of a care-free, nomadic individual who isn’t afraid to dabble in the unconventional side of life. You may also find yourself wanting to decorate with crystals, golds, and other precious metals. A bohemian aesthetic, while eclectic and fun, can still be glamorous.

For a cozy bohemian style bedroom, consider a Classic Black Square arrangement with plum colored roses to match the jewel-toned fabrics in your room. The black box adds some depth and a bit of glamour to the rose arrangement. For something more sophisticated, consider a Small Round Black Suede arrangement with green flowers. Place this rose arrangement on your bedside table next to a potted palm plant, or place it on top of your dresser next to a jewelry box that you got imported from Eastern Europe. You’re just a few steps away from creating a soothing, sumptuous, jewel-toned bohemian bedroom.

Browse our special collections at Venus ET Fleur for more ways you can decorate your home today!