Fall Decorating Ideas

Autumn is quickly approaching and this year, perhaps more than ever, we’ll be spending lots of time in our houses—many of us are still working from home, most of us are cooking the majority of our meals, and we’re not going out quite as much as we used to.

Let us take this moment in time as an opportunity to move forth with positivity and make the absolute best of the gorgeous transitional season. How can we make autumn even more cozy and glimmering? Think surrounding yourself with flowers, enjoying seasonal recipes, and making your home into a cozy oasis that you’ll love spending time in.

Time at Home, Elevated

When it comes to decorating your home for the fall season, keep your focus on three of the senses: sight, touch, and scent.

The Sumptuous Fall Living Room

If you have a fireplace, now is the time to accentuate it—and to actually use it! Make your mantel gorgeous with an Allura Vase filled with gorgeous, warm yellow roses, and hedera leaves—the sun-toned arrangement will fill your space with a bit of golden fall light reminiscent of the changing leaves, and the luscious hedera leaves will bring a sprinkling of the outdoors into the safety of your beautiful home. Invest in a few luxurious fireplace accessories so that you’re even more encouraged to light fires a few times per week. Spending an evening fireside is romantic, warming, cozy, and soothing—and we could all a lot of that these days. As the evening comes earlier during colder months, bringing warm tones into your home is an excellent way to set your space aglow. Warm-toned colors will also make you happier.

Consider updating your coffee table for fall with our stunning Rose Blanche candle, a few travel-inspired coffee table books, some incense, leather or suede coasters for placing cups of warm matcha, coffee, tea, and seasonal cocktails on, and, of course, bountiful arrangements of flowers! If you have a smaller coffee table, place a small but radiant arrangement such as our Sylvie with burgundy roses atop a stack of books. The burgundy tone is reminiscent of rich velvet tones, romance, and warmth. For larger coffee tables, consider a more abundant piece such as our Le Plain arrangement from our Grandir Collection. In going with an autumnal theme, go with a rich burgundy, gold, or plum tone. The contrast between the fragrant roses and the elegant, subtly printed Parisian hat box-inspired vase will catch the attention of everyone who has the pleasure of cozying up on your couch for a cup of hot tea and a fall themed movie.

All in the Details

Update your oasis for autumn by incorporating warm fabrics like velvet, cashmere, and suede—consider elevating your windows with rich velvet curtains, placing cashmere blankets around your space, investing in a few sumptuous chenille or cashmere throw pillows, and setting the tone for abundance and warmth with arrangements set in timeless suede. You can also bring seasonal color into your home by placing bowls of pomegranates in your kitchen and on tables. They’re gorgeous to look at, and you can use the seeds in tons of different recipes. Gold is an amazing color for autumn, so place a few golden objects—vases, mirrors, vases, and pillows around your space. Gold-toned pumpkins, plated fall leaves, and gorgeous branches will add a touch of playful glamour to your autumn space. These glamorized natural elements are also great for incorporating into centerpieces.

Dining in Autumnal Style

Autumn is a great time for cooking and enjoying warm, delicious, healthy, and nourishing meals—butternut squash soup, gorgeous roasted vegetable salads, chicken soup, and so forth. Set the scene for romance—be it with yourself or loved ones, with a gracious selection of candles—we love the look of elegant, long tapers, golden leaves, and a gracious arrangement of fresh, long-lasting flowers such as our Allura with roses in blush or ivory for a subtle look, or, to set a warm fall tone, go with orange, rose gold, or gold roses. Each of these will pair beautifully with your fall linens and flatware, and will enhance your mindful eating experiences. 

Taking Care of Business, Elegantly

Now onto your work space. Make your chair colder weather-ready with a cashmere or velvet blanket, and make your desk more elegant—without cluttering it—with a single, elegant, long-lasting rose in a sophisticated vase—our Florentina Vase will give your eyes something sumptuous to look at as you work and glance out the window to marvel at the changing leaves. Set on a gold-toned crown with a rose quartz pendant, it’s a perfect piece for the place in which you invite more love and abundance into your life. Make sure to have a coaster on your desk for a warm fall beverage, a soothing essential oil (lavender is wonderful), and a stunning candle that will glow and warm your space as you work. In the spirit of back to school season, consider investing in some gorgeous luxury pens, a leather planner, and leather notebooks.

Rest is a Form of Self Care: the Autumnal Bedroom

When the weather gets colder, you’re likely getting into bed early for some meditation, movies, and relaxing. Update your rest and sleep oasis with charcoal toned sheets, a cloud-like duvet, cashmere, candles, and a Le Clair Cinc arrangement with golden roses. Bonus? You can store your jewelry and other necessities in the drawer. For the bedroom, think lots of layers of blanket, relaxing scents such as rose and lavender, dim lights, and very little else. Bedroom decor should be cozy but minimal, so that you can rest comfortably. If you have wood floors, you may want to bring a soft area rug into your bedroom for the colder seasons. Autumn is an amazing season for enjoying coffee and warm, healthy breakfasts in bed, so consider purchasing a tray or bamboo lap desk—each is easy to store, and will make lazy mornings in bed even more luxurious. Pumpkin protein pancakes and cinnamon coffee in bed, anyone? Get into your most sumptuous robe, light a Rose Blanche candle, and savor slow mornings.

Closet Stories: Your Get-Gorgeous Space

With the weather cooling down, now is the time to move your summer dresses and sandals to the back of your closet and to move your jeans, cashmere, sweaters, leather boots, and other cozy pieces to the front. Closets are parts of our homes, and inspire us as we get dressed. All of us want to look and feel our best every single day. Make your closet a star by decorating it for the seasons. Our Le Mini and Florentina arrangements are ideal pieces for your closet. Place a few Le Minis amidst your stacks of folded sweaters, shirts, and jeans for a glamorous fall look. Place a Florentina, in its stunning and super feminine vase—on top of your dresser. It’s wearing a rose quartz pendant, so it’ll be right at home next to your other jewels. For more closet decor, home decor, and styling tips, be sure to check out installment four of our Fall Mini Series, on color stories!