Fall Drinks, Food, and Activities to Brighten the Season

With the leaves changing and the temperature cooling, fall is upon us again and no fall is complete without warm foods, hot drinks, and cozy activities. With summer tailing off and our speeds downshifting, it’s time to get comfortable, spend some time with the ones you love, and get excited about fall.

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3 Things to Love About Fall

Being many people’s favorite season, there’s plenty to love about fall. Between the warm autumn clothes, the holidays, everything pumpkin, and the beauty in everything changing, there are so many things to love about this time of year. Making the most of the entire season is just a matter of taking the time and knowing how to relax. Hot food, drinks, and silly activities make it an easy season for some low key, fall-style fun.

Hot Fall Drinks 

Many cozy fall activities, whether it’s around a fire, sitting down for a scary movie, or in the bleachers at a sporting event, are so much better when you have a hot drink to go with them. When fall comes around, not only does the cold weather nip at us, but plenty of warm spices and flavors come into season, such as:



Keeping it simple is one of the components of fall that makes it so special, and all these drinks are an easy recipe or drive away for your fall season. Cider is a classic combination with the season, and is easily brightened with cloves and cinnamon, while Russian Tea is a citrusy, warm drink to wake you up on slow fall days. For a large gathering, consider one of many slow-cooker hot drinks, these recipes allow you to let the flavors of your drink slowly meld together and provide a large batch for parties and get-togethers.

Any of these fall drinks are sure to keep you going through the day with some pep or enjoying a cozy night after filling your belly with warm fall foods.

Warm Fall Foods 

During the warmer months of the year, you may turn to lighter foods such as salads and sandwiches. 

In the colder months, you need foods that will keep you warm, which may be why you automatically lean towards heartier, more comforting foods as your meal of choice. With that, comes a ton of easy options that can actually be somewhat healthy — as long as you throw in plenty of the cheap, ample vegetables we’ve always prepared for winter with. Here are just a few examples of dishes that are best made in bulk, so you’ll be prepping for one or ready to serve a whole crowd of guests and family.


  • Chilis, Soups, and Stews
  • Pan-Roasted Dishes
  • Shepherd's Pie
  • Curry
  • Lasagna


Aside from Lasagna and Shepherd's pie, which are just plain worth the effort, all of these are things that should only take a couple of dishes to cook. Simply chop up all your vegetables, get your stock or base going, add any spices you may need, and let the flavors come together. For lighter takes on the typical lasagna or shepherd's pie, use ground turkey instead of beef and veggie pasta or rice as your carb.

No matter what kind of evening you’re having, these meals will go great with fall and give whoever’s eating them a warm feeling as they look over the fall scenery outdoors and in your home. Perhaps with a yellow, orange, and burgundy fall flower arrangement from Venus et Fleur.

Fun Fall Activities 

Part of the beauty of fall, and probably why it’s so admired, is the comfortable temperature and conditions that set up so many fun fall activities. With the holidays brewing, leaves changing, and our harvests happening, there are plenty of great chances to have a lovely fall day or evening and many of them are community driven! Once you’ve nailed down your décor with the necessary leaves, foliage, and flower arrangements for the season, you can enjoy one of the few times of the year where communities come together to lift the town and their spirits.

Here are just a few of the events and activities you should take advantage of this fall:


  • Haunted Hayrides, Houses, and Mazes
  • Apple Picking and Pumpkin Patches
  • Community Walks
  • Cultural Celebrations


Again, the range of fun activities that you won’t have to pay much or at all for is vast in some communities. Get together with a few friends and warm drinks, maybe adult ones, and go enjoy all the warm feelings that come with it, or take some time for yourself just to embrace the fall air and spirit of the season.

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