Why Ecuadorian Roses Are the Best in the World

For centuries, roses have been considered the premier flower choice due to their long-coveted beauty and deep floral fragrance. Ecuadorian roses are known for their bold colors and big blooms, making them some of the most beautiful roses in the world.

Here at Venus et Fleur®, our Ecuadorian Eternity® Roses begin their journey in Ecuador, where each rose is carefully cultivated to produce a full, lavish bloom. These luxury roses are then clipped and sent to our facilities, where they are transformed into our expertly handcrafted arrangements. 

Read on to discover why Ecuadorian roses are the best in the world and how you can take care of your precious blooms. 

What Are Ecuadorian Roses?

Ecuadorian roses are known for their large, luscious size, bright colors, and longevity, with each rose telling a unique story and offering stunning beauty. 

Ecuador is home to many gorgeous rose farms, where the budding rose industry has grown to make Ecuador one of the largest suppliers of roses in the world. Ecuadorian roses are used to make luxurious perfumes and beauty products but are mostly used to make beautiful bouquets.

While Ecuador is a small country, the growing rose industry has provided thousands of jobs for local Ecuadorians. Each person who handles these delicate roses is able to spread beauty, love, and peace throughout the world.

Why Ecuadorian Roses Are the Best in the World

Our Ecuadorian Eternity Roses are 100-percent real roses with a natural biological structure and elegant freshness. Once these sophisticated roses have reached their peak state in Ecuador, they are cut and treated with a proprietary solution and color pigmentation process.

Traditional rose deliveries only last anywhere from a few days to a week before the flowers begin fading or bowing their delicate heads. However, thanks to the special process we use to treat our Ecuadorian roses, they can maintain their authentic look and feel for up to a year or more. 

Now, let’s break down exactly why Ecuadorian roses are the best in the world. 

Big Blooms

Ecuadorian roses are some of the most popular roses because they have the fullest rose heads in the world. Unlike many other countries, roses from Ecuador are known for their large buds and blooms due to the beautiful climate where they are cultivated. Most Ecuadorian rose heads are two inches larger in diameter than roses grown in other countries. 

Roses grown in Ecuador also have longer, thicker stems and can grow over five feet tall, making them some of the tallest standing roses. 

Long-Lasting Roses

One of the reasons why Ecuadorian roses are some of the most prized in the world is because of their long-lasting nature. Ecuadorian roses are very strong flowers with thick stems and have a longer vase life than many other roses. 

With the proper care and maintenance, our Ecuadorian Eternity Roses can provide their amazing beauty and aesthetic for up to a year or even longer. These fresh-cut roses from Ecuador give off a stunning fragrance for much longer than a traditional rose arrangement. 

In order to ensure that your Ecuadorian Eternity Roses last for as long as possible, simply follow these steps:

  • Do not water your roses
  • Avoid exposing your roses to direct sunlight
  • Display your flowers in a room-temperature environment in your home
  • Remember to remove any dust gently with a duster as needed
  • Do not place anything on top of your roses
  • Do not remove your roses from the box that they come in 

All in all, if you follow these steps and handle your rose with care, your luxury rose arrangement will be able to last an entire year with minimal effort, no watering, and no maintenance. 

Vibrant Colors

Another reason why Ecuadorian roses are some of the best in the world is that they have such a wide selection of vibrant colors and color combinations. There are over 500 different kinds of rose varieties in Ecuador, with almost every color that you can think of.

Some of the most popular colors for roses include red, pink, white, lavender, purple, orange, yellow, and even green. Each color has a different meaning that can symbolize everything from love, purity, friendship, romance, gratitude, and new beginnings. 

If you enjoy unique and exotic flowers, bi-colored roses also grow exceptionally well in Ecuador due to the low temperatures at night, which help the delicate rose petals change tones.

Here at Venus et Fleur, we have a wide variety of Ecuadorian roses for you to choose from. Whether it’s a bouquet of our classic red roses or one of our stunning Le Plein arrangements, these gorgeous and refined clusters of Eternity Roses will be sure to make your space feel magnificent. 

Healthy Growing Conditions

Lastly, one of the main reasons Ecuadorian roses are some of the best in the world is because of the amazing growing conditions. Ecuador is found on South America’s west coast, right near the equator, and is a country filled with diverse landscapes.

With everything from the Andean highlands, the Amazon jungle, and the lush Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is home to some of the most unique growing conditions for roses in the world. 

Since Ecuador straddles the equator, the roses grown there receive more hours of daylight than anywhere else in the world. Also, roses grown in Ecuador are at such high altitudes that the flowers have more time to grow and flourish. 

An ancient myth also says that since Ecuador is located on the equator, all roses grown in this special country will grow perfectly straight. Ecuador produces the world’s biggest and brightest roses, making for a luxurious bouquet, which is why flower lovers from all over enjoy having Ecuadorian roses.

Most of the roses grown in Ecuador are harvested near the Pichincha province in the Andes Mountains. The elevation here is around 3000 meters above sea level, giving the roses longer to develop. This area typically has consistent rainfall and cooler temperatures, creating perfect conditions for rose cultivation. 

These gorgeous roses love having 12 hours of daylight and consistent temperatures for almost every day of the year. There are many farms located near the foothills of the Andes Mountains, where most of the rose plants are grown.

All in all, these healthy growing conditions make the Ecuadorian roses some of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

How To Decorate Your Home With Ecuadorian Roses

This is another big question that we often hear: How do I decorate my home with Ecuadorian roses? Since roses from Ecuador incorporate some of the most beautiful accent colors in the world, they are perfect to use as a centerpiece in your home.

In the Living Room

For your living room, we recommend selecting one of our Large Classic Arrangements, filled with gorgeous roses. Our luxurious Large Round arrangements are made with over 40 gorgeous Ecuadorian Eternity Roses set in a box inspired by a Parisian hat box. The classic arrangement will elevate any room in your home with grace and majesty and is perfect for the center of your mantle or on your dining room table.

You will be able to choose from over 25 different rose colors and instantly fall in love with each rose's stunning beauty and detail.

In the Bedroom

In your bedroom, opt for a smaller bouquet of Ecuadorian beauties, such as our Le Clair Cinq arrangement, in a sleek acrylic box. This stunning arrangement features five roses and comes in a clear case perfect for displaying each rose’s true beauty. 

There is also a hidden storage drawer beneath the top layer of roses that makes this arrangement of boxed roses as functional as it is gorgeous. Simply place this sleek arrangement on your nightstand or dresser, and place your favorite pieces of jewelry inside the petite drawer for safekeeping.

Every time you slip on your favorite ring or bracelet, you will fall in love with the elegant fragrance from your Ecuadorian roses and will love seeing them shimmer in this gorgeous case.

Other Spaces

Last but not least, you can also add an arrangement of bright Ecuadorian roses in your entryway, on your bathroom counter, or even in your office. 

Having your home filled with beautiful flowers will be the perfect way to improve your mood and bring love and joy to your space. You can also place glittering candles or small accent decor items next to your roses to create a stylish vignette in your home.

Final Remarks

We hope that you have enjoyed learning all about our Ecuadorian Eternity Roses and why the beautiful country of Ecuador makes them so special. Whichever arrangement you choose, you will be sure to fall in love with your Ecuadorian blooms.


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