Give the Gift of Easter Roses This Year

Easter is the first holiday of the spring, and while most of us tend to associate Easter with pastel-dyed eggs and marshmallow bunnies, the religious and spiritual significance of this date is found to be nearly ubiquitous in cultures across the world. Much of this is rooted in various spring festivals of antiquity. One thing which binds these symbolic traditions is what they stand for – new life, rebirth, and renewal. It comes as little wonder to us, therefore, that the gifting of Easter flowers is growing in popularity as a custom.

Flowers are the very epitome of springtime. Their soft, delicate petals and sprouting young buds fill us with hope for growth and rejuvenation at a time when we’re all too glad to bid farewell to the coldest days of the year—days to which the bright colors and warm fragrance of blooming flowers stand in stark contrast.

At Venus ET Fleur®, we believe that there’s never a wrong time to give the gift of gorgeous blooms. We provide a host of stunning arrangements that perfectly complement the rites and rhythms of spring, particularly when it comes to our signature offering—our Eternity® Roses. These come in a wide variety of vibrant spring colors and will last up to a year with proper care, allowing you to enjoy their fragrance well into summer and autumn.

As we prepare to enjoy the emergence of spring, we’ve compiled a few suggestions on how to savor and celebrate this delectable occasion—by giving the gift of flowers.

Why the Gift of Flowers at Easter?

A bouquet of colorful blooms is an ideal gift for this particular change of season, especially if you’re giving to someone who doesn’t favor chocolate bunnies (though, as a pairing for a lovely bouquet, you could do much worse). Flowers add color, warmth, radiance, and fragrance to our lives and spaces.

Not only are flowers the most fitting symbol for the season, but they also bring perfume and joy to any Easter Day celebration. If you find yourself celebrating with family, or attending as a guest a more formal Easter get-together, a bouquet of wonderful blooms can make a spectacular impression.

Here are a few of the most popular and fitting flowers to bring to any occasion this Easter holiday.


Tulips are a fine choice to feature in any bouquet of Easter flowers since they are one of the first flowers to find their blooms in the spring. You will sometimes find them poking up through a layer of spring snow. For this reason, tulips are often associated with springtime. Like roses, they can be found in a wide array of colors, enabling you to fill your home with stunning color.

The Lily

This flower, so intimately associated with the holiday that it is more commonly referred to as the Easter Lily, is a soft white bloom considered to be a symbol of purity and goodness. It is intimately associated with the Christian faith, and therefore it makes a fine gift for a more traditional Easter religious observance.

Curiously, this flower does not naturally bloom around Easter, preferring to show itself nearer to late spring or early summer. This can lead to it being slightly more difficult to procure than other blooms more oriented to blossoming in the spring.


We adore the sweet scent of hyacinth flowers. Like the tulip, this is an early spring blooming bulb, making it ideal for the occasion. Moreover, the hyacinth can be gifted as a potted bulb, then re-planted in your garden after the blooms die back.

They can often be found in pink, yellow, white, and different shades of purple—classic Easter colors, which can make this flower as fun and complementary to the occasion as it is beautiful and fragrant.

Beautiful Roses

Commonly understood to be the flower of love, the fragrant rose is a potent symbol that is the perfect gift for this, the season of love, whether presented in a radiant bouquet or offered as a solitary bloom of immense significance. At Venus ET Fleur, roses are our specialty.

It may come as a surprise to you that roses come in a wide variety of different colors, each color holding its own set of symbolic associations and meanings for the recipient. We’ve gone into a great deal of detail on this subject in the past, and the dawn of spring offers us a new and brilliant opportunity to help you choose the perfect color blooms to give as a gift.

Everyone loves the delicate scent of roses in their home. Something about the fragrance brings back special memories for everyone who encounters them. At Venus ET Fleur, we take pride in our gorgeous Eternity® Roses, which are full of that wonderful fragrance that you love so much about roses, which, best of all, allow you to enjoy it for months on end as opposed to other rose bouquets.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at a few rose options to gift your friends and loved ones this Easter.

Red Roses – Romantic Love

Bright red roses make for a stunning and timeless bouquet to give as a gift. The reader is no doubt aware that these ubiquitous blooms are commonly understood to represent feelings of romantic love. If, on Easter Sunday, you want to celebrate being with someone special, a fine arrangement of bright red roses can speak volumes.

If this fits your situation, consider for a moment the Petit Love Locks Box, which our artisans have filled with vibrant red Eternity Roses. This unique and impressive piece is carefully crafted to emulate the love locks on the Pont des Arts. This classic, elegant gift can be personalized to commemorate the seasonal occasion so as to set the perfect impression.

This piece radiates refinement and functions perfectly as both elegant décor and simply a bouquet of fragrant roses for you to enjoy in the home.

White Roses – Purity, Innocence, Divinity

The understated elegance of the white rose is simply perfect for this time of year, particularly if you’re giving them to someone who is observing the Easter holiday. These color blooms traditionally convey a sense of reverence and honor, making them a popular color for expressing sympathy as well as spirituality.

An ideal arrangement with which to commemorate the holiday and pay homage to its spiritual grandeur is in our Fleura Vase. This striking piece features two dozen Eternity Roses in a gorgeous handcrafted ceramic vessel. Like all our Eternity Rose arrangements, this piece is designed to be enjoyed year-round and is sure to make a bold and ceremonious impression.

Yellow Roses – Joy, Friendship

We believe that this cheerful hue is unmatched in its ability to brighten anyone’s day. And custom holds that yellow roses symbolize love and caring while generally free from any romantic associations. That makes these radiant blooms ideal for a friend or relative to whom you want to send a lovely gift this spring.

Mark the occasion with one of our tastefully elegant Le Clair arrangements. This piece features a single, glamorous Eternity Rose encased in a crystal-clear lucite box that will protect the rose while also windowing and displaying its true beauty to the world and the space around it. This is a simple luxury, but one which will make any space feel more sophisticated.

The reader will also be reminded that yellow roses are an ideal color companion to marshmallow Peeps, one of the Easter holiday’s most popular candies.

Pink Roses – the Fullness of Spring

We can think of no color that more fully embodies the sweet, blossoming abundance of springtime than a vibrant pink. Traditionally, this color of rose signifies gratitude and respect—a gentle, not-necessarily-romantic love that still hums with human care.

For such a sentiment, our splendid Le Mini Round is ideal for elevating the elegance factor in any environment, professional and domestic. Displayed within a stunning yet tasteful suede box—modeled after Parisian style of hat boxes—this arrangement is simple in its charm, yet profound in its beauty. Like all our Eternity Roses, it is gently infused with the natural perfume one expects of a rose and will fill your home with this fragrance long after the gift is given.

Final Thoughts

Of all the gifts to share with your loved ones this spring, a radiant arrangement of blooms is one of the most timeless and traditional. Flowers bring beauty into our lives, fragrance into our spaces, and warmth into our hearts.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you as you contemplate how best to honor your loved ones and friendships as we herald in a new spring. When all else fails, consider giving the gift of roses this Easter.

Best wishes and happy Easter from us and ours at Venus ET Fleur.



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