Decorative Vases for All Your Home’s Spaces

A customized flower arrangement adds the perfect finishing touch to your home decor. An elegant porcelain vase or floral bouquet from our Stone Collection works well as a centerpiece or decorative accent in any space.

Venus et Fleur® flower arrangements last a year or more with proper care, and each is displayed in a stunning vase or signature flower box. Discover a floral arrangement fit to coordinate with any room in your home or office for a truly unique statement piece. Our eternity roses, orchids, lilies, and hydrangeas are real flowers that last a year. They far surpass traditional florals, making them a beautiful home decor option or gift.

Design your own custom floral arrangement by choosing your rose color and vessel for an effortless shopping experience.

Various Arrangements of Eternity Roses in Classic, Aphrodite, and Thalia Porcelain Vase

Eternity Flowers and the Perfect Vases For Your Home Decor

Coordinate a flower arrangement to your home’s theme or color scheme for the perfect finishing touch on any decor. Doing so will brighten the room and add a luxurious feel, allowing the energy of your space to flow freely from room to room. The right vase of flowers or arrangement adds a sense of elegance to your home, silently displaying your refined tastes and personal style.

Entryway and Foyer Vases

Consider elevating your entryway or foyer space with a bouquet of white roses or a light-colored floral arrangement. Adding an arrangement to an entryway or foyer table is a great way to incorporate a sophisticated touch to your home. Many entryways may offer space for a large foyer table, and these are great for accommodating mid to large size arrangements. For a smaller entryway table, a single long-stemmed red rose arrangement would add a sophisticated and stylish touch.

Our Florentina Glass Vase With A Single Eternity Rose

Bathroom Flower Arrangements

Create a welcoming environment for your guests with an elegant flower arrangement designed to match your bathroom decor.

Choose larger arrangements in our Porcelain or Stone Collections for master bathrooms or those with a large counter space. If your lavatory lacks in space, select an arrangement that is smaller, such as the Aura Porcelain Vase or other small arrangement containing a single rose.

Decor of Our Aura Porcelain Vase With A Single Rose and Votive Candle

Living Room Flower Arrangements

The living area is generally the largest room in the home, and it typically displays your personal style through your home’s decor. This room is ideal for displaying a grand centerpiece on the mantle or coffee table, such as our Demi Sandstone Vase.

This arrangement is classy, while also carrying a hint of mystique and a strong sense of character. For an equally refined flower arrangement that shines bright against the glowing hearth, choose the Feu Cast Iron Vase. This arrangement stands like a trophy among your home décor, while subtly harkening to the luxuries of kings and queens past.

If you prefer a more discreet style, choose our Aphrodite Porcelain Vase arrangement, which features one dozen long-stem eternity roses, or one of our porcelain vases to impart elegance to any space while also flawlessly coordinating with various décor styles.

Aphrodite Porcelain Vase With a Dozen Red Eternity Roses

Kitchen and Dining Room Floral Centerpieces and Home Decor Accents

Memories and messes are made in the kitchen. That’s why beauty and practicality should be considered when selecting a floral arrangement for your kitchen and dining areas.

Keep it simple by choosing a vase that is easy to clean when accidental spills occur. Our porcelain and black smoked glass vase options are easy to clean and adaptable to a wide range of décor styles.

A Gorgeous Porcelain Vase With Burgundy Roses

Bedroom and Nursery Floral Decoration

Finally, to complete your home decor renovation, find a flower arrangement that suits your bedroom furnishings. This is your private space, a room for serenity, so select an arrangement that makes you feel serene.

For more minimalistic décor, a vase in black or white will serve you well. It will coordinate with the crisp, clean look you crave and match any colors you incorporate into the mix. Almost any color, style, or material works well in a bedroom because it is your personalized safe haven for rest and relaxation. Customize the colors of your flower arrangement to your bedroom decor, and choose a vase material and texture that matches your aesthetic for a space truly your own.

Rose Flower Arrangements for Nursery Decor or Baby Shower Gifts

Elevate Your Home Decor With Eternity Flowers from Venus et Fleur

Several factors determine which vase and floral arrangement you should choose for your home decor. Our customizable flower arrangements and various styles of vases, including porcelain, marble, sandstone, metal, glass, and textile make selecting the perfect bouquet effortless. Shop Venus et Fleur today to begin revamping your home’s décor.