How To Add Contemporary Decor to Your Home

If you are preparing to update your home design style and want to create a contemporary feel, you are in the right place. Adding some new contemporary decor items will elevate your space with a clean, sleek, and elegant look fit for a contemporary queen.

Read on to learn about how to add contemporary decor to your home this year.

What Is Contemporary Style?

Contemporary style is always changing and is all about embracing minimalist elements and highlighting current trends. The word “contemporary” means “of the same time period, or at the present time,” which means that this style is constantly evolving. 

The contemporary design style can be unique to every individual but is typically made up of sleek designs, clean lines, and a neutral color palette. 

Here are some key elements and characteristics that contemporary style homes might include:

  • Crisp lines or curves are often used along with geometric shapes such as triangles, rectangles, circles, and squares
  • Ornamental decorations that make a statement
  • Muted neutrals such as black, white, grey, beige for your main color
  • Vibrant accent colors to make a statement and to bring individuality to your home
  • Organic accent decor to bring freshness to your space
  • An open floor plan
  • Greenery and over-sized plants

Now that you have learned what contemporary style is, let’s dive into what makes this unique style different from modern design. 

Differences Between Contemporary and Modern Style

Many people use contemporary style and modern style interchangeably, leaving home decorators confused. While these two popular design styles share many similarities, their origins and characteristics are quite different.

The contemporary design style is relatively new and became popular back in the 1970s. Contemporary design began as a blend of styles, gathering ideas from whatever the current trends were at the time. 

Since the contemporary design style is always changing, it is not tied to a specific time period like modern style. It is actually an ever-evolving style that reflects the current design trends of the present day.

Modern style, on the other hand, is much older, dating back to the late 1800s and the modernism movement. Modern decor has always been about simplicity and function and has branched off into similar design styles such as mid-century modern and postmodern styles.

Overall, the modern design style is very strict, whereas contemporary style is more flexible. Both design styles feature a neutral color palette. However, contrasts in colors are more common in contemporary design.

When it comes to decor, modern decor is based on functionality, whereas contemporary decor can be ornamental and purely decorative. 

While both styles are sophisticated and elegant, the contemporary design style is best suited for those who like to stay up to date with current trends and are not afraid to change their design style over time. 

How To Decorate Your Home With Contemporary Decor

Most contemporary style homes have an open floor plan where each room flows right into the next one to create a seamless feel. This makes the decorating process even more fun, as you can use contemporary decor items and crisp lines to bring each space to life.

If you want to make a statement in your contemporary styled home this year, be sure to check out our gorgeous Housewarming Collection. These charming flower arrangements will add texture and life to your space and are a beautiful, contemporary accent piece for your home.

Let’s break down how to decorate each room in your home with contemporary decor. 

The Living Room

Your living room is the heart of your home and can easily become a contemporary style oasis with the right furniture, colors, textures, and of course, decor. 

In order to let your contemporary decor truly shine, start with white walls and then add in pops of color like a green sofa or an abstract rug. Place throw pillows with geometric shape designs on your sofa to create an inviting space. 

With contemporary style comes many trendy, new living room looks, such as a sophisticated double-sided fireplace, an accent wall, or a striking light fixture. Be sure to integrate organic, woven materials and textures into your decor to create a beautiful, flowy contemporary space.

As the centerpiece of your living room, add a dramatic rose gold flower arrangement in our simple and elegant Fleura Vase. Large blooms are the perfect contemporary decor item for your home and can be enjoyed year-round. 

Your Bedroom

When adding contemporary decor to your bedroom, keep it soft and simple to create a calming and relaxing oasis. Start by adding a fun patterned, pastel wallpaper behind your bed to make this area stand out and tie your bedroom together. Add matching sheets and a plush wool Throw Blanket for a hotel-like, luxurious feel. 

You’ll want to keep your bedroom airy by allowing natural light to flow in through your windows. You can also add one or two pieces of beautiful artwork, a geometrically shaped gold clock, and glittering candles to create a stunning look with contemporary decor in your bedroom.

The Kitchen

If you want to turn your kitchen into a sleek and clutter-free masterpiece, the contemporary design style is for you. 

To style your kitchen with contemporary decor, first make sure your island and countertops are seamless surfaces, as this provides an easy-to-clean base that will bring out the contemporary style. Make sure to hide your appliances in drawers and cupboards, have a place for everything, and keep your kitchen wire-free. 

Use shades of white for a natural color palette, and add golden hardware throughout this space for a luxurious, contemporary look. You can also use metal bar stools for a sleek seating area.

Wooden floors and a gorgeous bouquet of EternityⓇ Roses in your favorite color will bring organic warmth to your contemporary style kitchen and add a touch of personality and classic charm to your space.

Contemporary Decor Ideas

Now that you’ve learned how to add contemporary decor to the main rooms in your home, let’s review some more tips and tricks on adding contemporary decor.

  • Use metal accents throughout your home
  • Use linear furniture and clean shapes
  • Provide ample seating options to create an inviting space
  • Use black and white photographs as wall decor
  • Give your room a clean and spacious feel by matching the wall and ceiling colors 

If you follow these design suggestions, you will be sure to create a contemporary masterpiece and will fall in love with your home.

Final Remarks

All in all, adding contemporary decor to your home is a wonderful way to pay homage to current design trends while also creating a sleek, elegant, and inviting space for loved ones. Remember to seek out pieces with clean lines and geometric shapes, for a fun, contemporary feel. Happy Decorating!



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