Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement

After much anticipation, the love of your life has popped the question and you said “Yes!”. Now the fun and excitement of planning your big day can begin, but not before you announce your engagement to the world. While some couples are satisfied with mailing a simple engagement announcement, you may want to announce your marriage plans in a way that is as fun and unique as the love you share with your fiancée.

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Five Engagement Announcement Ideas

Spell it Out

Do you and your fiancée love to play Scrabble? Was this classic game a part of family game night growing up? Whether you love the game or you are a self-confessed word nerd, incorporating the simple, small Scrabble tiles into your engagement announcement is a clever way to share your news. The circular shape of your engagement ring can substitute as the “o” in words like “love,” “I do,” and other matrimonial phrases. Simply arrange the tiles on a neutral background, snap a few photos, and mail them off to friends and family.

Candid Shots

Some individuals want the moment their love proposes to be simple and private, while others may prefer a public proposal. Either way, capturing the special moment on camera is a great way to memorialize the event. If you think your beau will be popping the question soon, you may give him the name of a trusted photographer to have on hand to get those romantic, candid shots of him on bended knee. You can include these photos in a traditional announcement, or use them on their own as a photo announcement.

Say It With Flowers

Roses are synonymous with romance, and they are the flower of choice for important occasions like weddings. Your engagement is a momentous occasion, and many newly engaged couples send roses to loved ones when they share their news. Why not use the rose delivery itself to make your big announcement? Sending a custom hat box of roses that has your new initials designed right into the arrangement is a fun and creative way of sharing your news, and if you send Eternity™ Roses, your recipients can enjoy the delicate scent and opulent aesthetic of roses for months on end.

Involve the Pets

We often think of our pets as a part of our family, and it is not uncommon for a couple to have a pet or two together before they get hitched. In fact, some couples even raise a pet together as a trial run before they have kids. If you share a pet that is near and dear to you, it is only natural to incorporate it into your engagement announcement. A fun idea is to take a picture of your pet with a sign that announces your big news. A sign that reads, “my people are getting hitched” is not only adorable, your recipients will get a chuckle out of the witty ownership role reversal.

Timeline of Events

Every relationship starts somewhere, whether it was with coy flirtation at the corner coffee shop or an introduction through a mutual friend. Chronicling the major milestones in your relationship is a great way to highlight your fondest memories, and it can give friends and loved ones a closer look at the special bond that you and your soon-to-be spouse share. You can easily create a timeline of your relationship with a photo montage, and you can incorporate the dates that you first met, went on your first date, shared your first kiss, and got engaged. If you know the date you’ll be getting married, you can even include that on this sweet, unique engagement announcement.

Order Your Hat Box of Roses Today

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