Celebrate Spring With Our New Eternity® Roses

We are proud to introduce four new rose colors and textured reflexed roses just in time for spring. Experience the season with this latest variation of our gorgeous eternity® rose arrangements. Explore the new Venus et Fleur® spring collection to discover your favorite floral arrangement of the season. 


Wheelbarrow with Spring Roses - Venus et Fleur

The Textured Rose: What Are Reflexed Roses?

One may ask, “What is a reflexed flower?” Reflexed roses carry the aesthetic of a mature rose with broad, fluttery petals. The internet flower hack involves the reverse curling of rose petals, creating an organically textured style to the flower arrangement. Many tutorials teach how to reflex roses without tearing or ripping the flower, but the design is quite challenging to achieve on your own.

Reflexed rose petals require a design technique best suited for floral designers that frequently handle delicate flowers. Floral professionals possess the skills necessary to intricately style every bloom to perfection. This is why we proudly announce our spring collection of reflexed roses. Every bloom is hand-sculpted by our skilled in-house floral designers. Reflexed roses are the on-trend, must-have floral of the season.

How Long Do Reflexed Roses Last?

Traditional roses retain their fresh, floral beauty for approximately one week before they wilt. Unfortunately, store-bought flowers and commercial flower delivery do not always provide the best roses and quality flower arrangements. 

The art of reflexing a rose begins at the hands of our creative floral designers. Venus et Fleur eternity roses are real roses that last a year®, which ensures that your reflexed roses remain fresh and vibrant longer than traditional flowers.

Spring Flower Arrangements in New Rose Colors

We welcome the spring season with four limited-edition rose colors and two colorways for a fresh take on our classic eternity roses. Our new rose colors are proprietary to Venus et Fleur®, meaning no one else offers these luxurious colors. Each seasonal color adds sophisticated appeal to the arrangement it graces. 

Discover the meaning behind each rose color meaning below.


Rose Color Block

Dusty Rose

Our new Dusty Rose color is a seasonal pink shade in the Morning Mist colorway. This elegant shade adds modern flair to eternity rose arrangements. Dusty rose represents the pink rose meaning, symbolizing femininity, grace, and thoughtfulness. Eternity reflexed roses are available in our white porcelain Thalia and Fleura vases, Small Round Classic flower box arrangements, Demi Sandstone, and Terre Travertine stone vases. Spring roses make the perfect birthday flower gift or luxury Mother’s Day gift.

Dusty Lavender

The new Dusty Lavender rose color meaning stands for originality, calmness, and enchantment. This graceful shade of purple roses is a part of the Morning Mist colorway. Dusty lavender flower arrangements are available in several flower box arrangements and the Fleura, Thalia, and Sylvie porcelain vases. Purple roses are also available for the Terre Travertine and Demi Sandstone vessels. Give a Dusty Lavender eternity arrangement as a gift, or cherish it as a beautiful addition to your home decor.


Papaya is the seasonal orange rose color, joining our Melon Sorbet colorway. The orange rose color meaning represents creativity, fascination, and energy, and it is simply delightful. This fresh, vibrant color enlivens your home when displayed in any arrangement. Choose the perfect orange flower bouquet from select flower boxes and stone or porcelain vases. Papaya roses are a cheerful gift for any occasion.


Our creamy Cantaloupe rose color also joins the Melon Sorbet colorway this spring. This yellow shade represents friendship, happiness, and appreciation, mirroring the meaning of yellow roses. Yellow roses are available in flower box arrangements and select stone and porcelain vases. Give a gift of cantaloupe roses to a friend or family member for a thoughtful gesture of affection.



New Vibrant Spring Rose Colorways

Our two new colorways delight even the faintest of hearts. Choose a rose arrangement featuring Melon Sorbet or Morning Mist for a perfectly prim spring rose bouquet. The color combinations feature a mix of our new spring rose colors for a dreamy spring flower bouquet.

Melon Sorbet

Our Melon Sorbet spring rose colorway unites Papaya and Cantaloupe for a vibrant, friendly bouquet. These colors are the perfect combination of subtle elegance and cheer. Enjoy the aesthetic of reflexed roses in Melon Sorbet for a unique gift or home decor option.

Morning Mist

Dusty lavender and dusty rose unite to create the Morning Mist rose colorway. These lush colors are a royal addition to our limited reflexed roses. Eternity arrangements with textured roses create a textured floral design that is undeniably chic.

Are Reflexed Roses Available in All Venus et Fleur Arrangements?

Limited-edition reflexed eternity roses are available in the Fleura Porcelain Vase, Thalia Porcelain Vase, Demi Sandstone Vase, Terre Travertine Vase, and Small Round flower box arrangements. Each reflexed arrangement features real roses that last a year® in lush spring colors.

 Spring Arrangements

The Thalia Porcelain Vase

Over one dozen traditional or reflexed eternity roses encompass the gorgeous Thalia white porcelain vase. This arrangement is available in your choice of four spring rose colors. This luxurious arrangement of roses is the perfect all-occasion flower bouquet or gift for Mother’s Day or anniversaries.

The Fleura Porcelain Vase

The charming Fleura Porcelain Vase arrangement flaunts over two dozen original or reflexed roses in our lush spring rose colors. It is an elegant, beautiful statement-setting piece for your home or office decor. Give the Fleura porcelain vase as a gift to the one you cherish for any holiday or occasion, as a gift that showcases your love. Textured roses saturated in spring colors are exceptionally sophisticated and make the perfect surprise flower delivery.

The Sylvie Porcelain Vase

Brighten your space with four eternity roses in spring rose colors. The Sylive Porcelain Vase arrangement is a delicate hand-designed bouquet of real roses that lasts a year. This sweet rose arrangement imparts vibrant spring vibes when filled with the original eternity roses. Give this to your special someone or as a thoughtful birthday gift or surprise flower delivery.


Melon Sorbet

The Terre Travertine Vase

Elevate any space with over four dozen original or reflexed roses set in the Terre Travertine Vase. This vessel imparts class and sophistication, and when it embraces spring-colored roses, it is a masterpiece. Each hand-styled reflexed rose radiates beauty, making it the must-have arrangement of the season. Bestow the Terre as a Mother’s Day gift or birthday flower delivery, or keep it as a well-deserved gift for yourself.

The Demi Sandstone Vase

The natural Demi Sandstone carved vase holds over one dozen original or reflexed roses in beautiful spring colors. Each textured rose features an artistic design, making every arrangement unique. The stunning design of the Demi eternity arrangement makes it a special gift or unique centerpiece for your home.

Classic Flower Box Arrangements

Venus et Fleur Classic Round and Square arrangements are a few of our most popular rose gifts. Our hand-styled eternity roses in signature white and black Parisian-inspired flower boxes are among the most beautiful arrangements we design. Choose new rose colors for an elegant and unforgettable spring-season flower gift.


Orange Rose Mix

Experience Reflexed Roses in Spring Flower Bouquets

Welcome the spring season with bespoke eternity arrangements from Venus et Fleur. Our new spring rose collection adds chic and modern style to your home. Each hand-sculpted arrangement is intricately styled by floral designers, resulting in the perfect bespoke gift for Mother’s Day, anniversaries, or any occasion. Discover real roses that last a year® for a truly unique gifting experience.

Visit us on our website or at a Venus et Fleur flower boutique to discover the beautiful spring collection of eternity flowers.