Cantaloupe Yellow: A New Color of Rose For Spring

This spring, cantaloupe yellow is one of our newly released colors, an elegant spring shade of yellow roses to bring happiness and appreciation to your home. As sweet as the fruit that bears its name, it’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or spring birthdays.

When you shop with Venus et Fleur® this spring, you’ll receive the highest in luxury and style from roses that last a year®. Choose eternity roses to be the start of a lavish springtime experience, with spring colors that bring the essence of the season into your home.

 Our Four Spring Release Rose Colors in Our Classic Flower Boxes

What is the Meaning Behind Cantaloupe Yellow Roses?

Yellow is the rose color of friendship, appreciation, and happiness, and the cantaloupe rose embraces this meaning with new vigor. Cantaloupe-colored roses are a perfect daily reminder of the opportunity to be appreciative, create happiness, and nurture friendships.

Choose the cantaloupe yellow rose as a gift to bring happiness into a loved ones' home and as a reminder of how much they’re appreciated.

Cantaloupe Roses For A Spring Flower Bouquet

A spring flower bouquet of yellow roses is a surefire way to brighten someone’s life at the start of spring. When flowers and plants begin to grow, and they look upon their bouquet or flower box of cantaloupe yellow roses, it will be impossible not to be thankful and optimistic for the times ahead.

Cantaloupe Rose Flower Boxes

Bring the beauty of Parisian hatbox-inspired flower boxes into your home. Our eternity roses are elegantly displayed in our classic flower boxes and available in round, square, or dome-style arrangements.

Our various prints and sizes allow you to find spring flower decor for throughout your home. Curated specifically for our spring release, they all pair beautifully with our cantaloupe yellow roses for uplifting decor and birthday gifts or as a Mother’s day flower delivery.


Our Reflexed Eternity Roses In a Classic Small Round Flower Box

Porcelain Vases With Cantaloupe Yellow Roses

To go with our spring release of new colors, we chose three of our most popular porcelain vases to create elegant spring flower arrangements. The distinct size and shape of each arrangement makes them suitable for a wide range of gifts and decor uses. Elevate your home with beautiful springtime accents and centerpieces, or give mom her best Mother’s Day gift yet.

Sylvie Porcelain Vase - Four elegant roses and the beautiful porcelain of Sylvie make an accent piece that brightens any room of your home or office with a touch of spring.

Fleura Porcelain Vase - The second largest of our spring flower bouquets in a porcelain vase, the Fleura Porcelain Vase with cantaloupe roses is perfect for appreciating spring while displayed on mantles, kitchen and dining tables, and more.

Thalia Porcelain Vase - A large, voluptuous arrangement of our cantaloupe eternity roses will bring brightness and joy to even the largest rooms while matching a wide range of decor schemes.


Our Fleura Porcelain Vase With Cantaloupe Reflexed Roses

Stone Vases With Cantaloupe Yellow Roses

Spring brings a breeze that carries the scent of nature and the sensations that come with it. We’d be remiss not to do the same with our spring flower release, so we’ve selected two of our stone vases to bring the scent, feel, and sights of nature into a variety of home decor.

Terre Travertine Vase - Paired with the cheery color of cantaloupe, the warm stone of our travertine vase brings strength and positivity to your home decor. Use it as a centerpiece or invite those coming into your home with an elegant entryway flower arrangement.

Demi Sandstone Vase - The course white sandstone of the Demi Sandstone Vase is a look that integrates and stands out in any decor. Pair it with cantaloupe yellow roses to brighten any home with a breezy, uplifting look.


Our Demi Sandstone Vase With Cantaloupe Eternity Roses

Experience the New Cantaloupe Rose of Spring

Elevate your home with eternity flowers from Venus et Fleur this season. Our hand-arranged cantaloupe yellow roses and elegant spring flower options will carry the spirit and beauty of spring in your home for the entire year.

Uncover the best gifts and decor for spring, Mother’s Day, and more this year with Venus et Fleur. Shop our spring flower arrangements online or order flower delivery with your local Venus et Fleur boutique.