Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Your Best Girls!

When you get engaged, one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is choosing the girls who will stand beside you on your special day. Whether they’re your sisters, childhood best friends, sorority sisters from college, or dear coworkers, bridesmaids can make your wedding experience a time to create special and unforgettable memories. When you ask the ladies in your life to assist you in choosing your dress, picking out wedding colors, and finalizing every detail, it’s a huge honor to them but also can be time consuming and labor intensive. Show your special girls that you appreciate their involvement in your wedding day with a heartfelt gift. In this blog, we’ll discuss some unique and delightful gift ideas that will be perfect for your bridesmaids. If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind gift that can be personalized for each friend or family member, consider a rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur! With a beautiful selection of rose colors and box shapes, designs, and shades, you’ll be able to choose a beautiful Eternity™ rose arrangement that will be a perfect representation of each bridesmaid’s personality. Browse our website now!

A Personalized Necklace

For the girl in your life who loves jewelry, a personalized necklace might be just the thing to make her feel thought of and special. There are many ways to choose a design to reflect her own unique style too. You can pick between different metals, such as gold, silver, or rose gold, a small initial or a larger letter, chain lengths, and even adding a birthstone to the necklace. Monograms are also extremely popular and definitely take the original necklace idea to the next level. Make sure that if you do choose to have monogram necklaces created that you ensure you know the preferred two or three initials of each maid in your wedding party. It might also be a good idea to make sure that the metal shade you choose is also the preferred color for each girl. There is nothing more personal than wearing your own monogram or initial, and a necklace from you on such a special day will be the finishing touch to your bridesmaids’ wedding look. They can wear it down the aisle and every day after that to keep you and the memory of your wedding day close to their heart.

A Fun Tote Bag

Tote bags always make wonderful gifts and definitely will come in handy on the wedding day. With so many options to choose from, you can put as much personality into the bags as you like and show each maid how much you know and care. Here are some great ways to add your own personal flair:

Color or Print Choice

You can choose colors or prints to perfectly reflect the personality of each bridesmaid. Take the time to specifically evaluate the preference of every girl so they’ll be thrilled with their gift. It will perfectly describe their inclinations and personalities, while also corresponding with their closets!


You can personalize their bags individually with an embroidered monogram. There are many different internet sites that offer this service, or you can even check and see if there are any sewing or alterations shops that offer custom monogramming. Take the time to choose a complimentary color that works well with the shade or print of the bag. Each bridesmaid will truly feel special and honored with her own personal monogram on her tote bag.

Add Some Goodies Inside

Give a gift that keeps on giving by adding some other little things inside. You can throw in some candy, bath bombs or shower gel, scented lotion, makeup, yummy snacks, bottles of water or juice, nail polish, hair ties, magazines, robe for getting ready in the bridal suite, or anything else that you would imagine the bridesmaids would like. This can be a hugely thoughtful gift and your dear friends or family members will love receiving little goodies inside of their cute and adorable tote bag.

Luxury Candle

Who doesn’t love candles? This is an excellent way to give a gorgeous gift without taking up a lot of space, so if you’re planning a destination wedding and have to make sure you’re packing smart, a candle gift is the perfect choice. While choosing scents can be stressful, a great place to start is to remember your bridesmaids’ perfume choice. If a friend loves floral scents, like rose or jasmine perfume, chances are she’ll love a gardenia perfumed candle. A sandlewood or ylang-ylang candle is a perfect idea for the cousin who loves spicy and musky perfumes. And a fresh candle, like a linen scent, is the surefire choice for a friend who adores smelling like clean laundry. Don’t forget the merits of an aromatherapy scent either, as it can take a late-night hot bath and turn it into a spa session. If you’re worried at all about a maid not loving her candle, you can attach a gift receipt to the gift box or card so she’ll be able to return it in case she would prefer a different scent.

A Floral Arrangement

If you’re looking to truly wow your maids and give them a gift that lasts, consider an Eternity™ rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur. Full of beautiful roses that require no maintenance or watering and can last up to a year, a Venus ET Fleur arrangement is a gorgeous gift to express your love and thanks to your bridesmaids. You’ll have the option to choose from incredible rose colors and multiple box designs, shapes, and shades. If you have an idea that you would like designed or created for you, you can contact our helpful customer service team and they will be sure to do their best to help your dream become a reality. When you present the beautiful Venus ET Fleur rose boxes to your bridesmaids, there will surely be tears and gasps of delight when they take the lids off and see the incredibly breathtaking Eternity™ roses perfectly arranged. You’ll love how gorgeous our roses are, and your bridesmaids will smile every time they see the arrangements displayed in their homes or apartments after your wedding.

Whatever type of gift you end up choosing for your bridesmaids, they will be honored that you chose them to be with you on your special day. The parties, events, dinners, and showers will be a wonderful time to spend with your dear friends and family members, and presenting them with a gift on your wedding day will convey your feelings and deep love for each and every bridesmaid. If you’re looking to order beautiful arrangements for your bridesmaids, check out Venus ET Fleur. Our premiere luxury roses are incredible and will last up to a year. Order from Venus ET Fleur now!