Apology Flowers: The Best Flowers to Say I’m Sorry


We have all been in a situation where we need to apologize after saying or doing the wrong thing. It is important to recognize that we all make mistakes, but that being able to hold ourselves accountable for our actions is what determines what kind of person we are.

It can be difficult and awkward to say, “I’m sorry;” we understand that. Sending someone flowers with an apologetic note can be a great way to break the ice and let the person you wronged know that you care about their feelings.

The best way to demonstrate your remorse after an argument with your significant other or friend is to send them flowers. They will be certain to appreciate the kind gesture. However, there are so many different species and colors of flowers that it can be hard to know what to send.

Plus, people that you have different relationships with need different kinds of flowers. Venus ET Fleur® has got you covered, so don’t worry! These are the best apology flowers for when you need to tell someone, “I’m sorry.”

Best Apology Flowers for Your Wife or Girlfriend


Getting into an argument with the woman you love can be frustrating. Apologizing sooner rather than later will help keep your relationship from being strained. Telling her you are deeply sorry with an arrangement of flowers and a note or another gift will be sure to make her feel special.

These are the apology best flowers you can offer to the special woman in your life:



Roses are the most romantic flower out there. Luckily for you, Venus ET Fleur has a wide variety of Eternity® Roses available for you to pick from. All of our flowers are elegant and romantic, making them the perfect apology gift.

Red roses convey a message of unconditional love and affection, making them an effective way to apologize to the woman you have hurt. Venus ET Fleur offers many customization options as well. So if red roses are not her thing, you can choose a color that matches her preferences.

Including a small gift with the flowers can make it feel even more special to receive them. This could be some candy, a thoughtful and handwritten note, or a stuffed animal- anything you know she will appreciate.



The gardenia is another beautiful flower that represents many different feelings. It is elegant and has an amazing smell, making it a good apology flower.

The flower itself symbolizes love, trust, and purity, as well as being a way to tell someone that you find them lovely. Gardenias also represent self-reflection and reduce negative energy in their environment. Because of this, you could send your significant other a gardenia to let her know that you thought about your actions and are truly sorry for what happened between you.

Our Le Clair Rangée includes a delicate row of 5 Eternity gardenias encased in a long acrylic box. This arrangement is elegant and beautiful and would make the perfect centerpiece of any table. Your significant other will be pleased to open the lid and find the wonderful scent of these flowers washing over her.

If you want her to know that you are truly and deeply sorry for what happened, be sure to include an apologetic note alongside your flower arrangement.

Other Types of Flowers 


Tulips are another great way to apologize to your wife or girlfriend. We often associate tulips with spring, meaning that they can symbolize a fresh and beautiful start. They also represent forgiveness and peace of mind.

When sent to someone, the tulip is said to represent your sincerest apologies, making them one of the most popular apology flowers to send to women.

Lilies are another flower that can communicate your desire to make amends with your significant other. They represent devotion, humility, and love. If you want your apology to be seen as sincere, you should be sure the petals are light in color.

If you are unsure of what to send her, a vase with mixed flowers would be a sweet gesture that she will be certain to cherish.

Best Apology Flowers for Your Husband or Boyfriend


Getting into an argument with the man you love is a terrible feeling. However, sending him flowers can be a nice way to let him know you want to make amends and feel deeply sorry for what happened.

These are the flowers that we would recommend you send as an apology to the special man in your life:



Men love receiving roses as much as women do because of what the flower has come to represent over the course of history. Roses let your significant other know that you care about his feelings and still love him deeply, even after a bad fight.

Red roses are always a classic choice for your partner, as they represent unconditional love. You might also choose to personalize the color of the flowers to a theme that you know your love would cherish. 

Red roses mixed in with white ones symbolizes love and unity, making this a good theme if you want to demonstrate your desire to stay in a relationship with your significant other. Being willing to show unity after an argument is important and will help the two of you grow closer together.

Our flower arrangements can be completely customized, so you can offer him Eternity Roses you know he will love.



Orchids are a great option as an apology flower to send to a man. They are elegant and symbolize strength and rarity. This makes them a pleasant surprise to receive as an apology, plus, they are letting him know that you recognize the strengths he adds to yours.

Sending him white or light-colored orchids makes the gesture even more sincere. This is because the lighter colors make them also represent an enduring and long-lasting love. However, you can be certain that he will enjoy receiving any type of flower as a meaningful gift from you.

Best Apology Flowers for Your Friend


Apology flowers do not need to be just sent between people in relationships. If you recently were in disagreement with your friend, sending them flowers would be a kind and unexpected gesture.

Yellow roses are the best type of flower to send to your friend. The color symbolizes happiness and friendship. If you send yellow flowers to a friend you have wronged, it shows that you are happy to be their friend and care about their feelings.

Peach roses are another great option and could even be mixed among the yellow ones. Peach colored roses symbolize gratitude. When you send them an apology arrangement, you let your friend know that you appreciate their friendship and want to continue being there for one another. 

What Are the Best Apology Colors?


Any arrangement of flowers can hold a message depending on the types and colors of the flowers used. If you want to let your loved one know that you are truly sorry, then you want to be sure that the colors can be read as sincere. 

These are the best apology colors when sending someone flowers:



White or other light colors represent purity, unity, and loyalty, which is why they are popular at weddings. However, this sweet message they hold can also make for a wonderful apology arrangement. 



Pink colored petals represent love and appreciation. They are used to tell someone “Thank you” but make a wonderful way to tell your partner that you are grateful to have them in your life. 



Red is the color of love, making red roses the most popular choice for apology flowers among couples. 



Yellow flowers are more commonly gifted among friends and can help soothe over a disagreement. The color expresses your joy of being their friend and wanting to work things out.



We have all been in arguments in the past. It is part of being a human to fight with those close to us sometimes. However, apologizing demonstrates that you are aware of the other person’s feelings, and you recognize that you treated them poorly.

Sending flowers as an apology gift has been a practice among people for ages. It is a great way to demonstrate to your friend or significant other that you want to work things out. Giving flowers is a sweet gesture and can break the ice for your apology.

If you want to be more sincere, you should consider writing them a heartfelt note to include with the flowers. They will be sure to cherish this gift for a long time.

If you need help picking out the best set of apology flowers, do not be afraid to get in touch with Venus ET Fleur. We have a wide variety of arrangements available and can help you find the perfect setting for your unique situation.

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