A Man's Guide to Buying Valentine's Gifts

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A Fun Vacation
Step up your Valentine’s gifting game with a jaw-dropping surprise–a vacation! A relaxing vacation makes the perfect gift for your sweetheart and YOU. You can have a night in any other night...Why not take them away to a place where they can truly get away from all the worry and really find some peace of mind? There are many places you can go, and your loved one will be so grateful for giving them a much-needed break. The vacation you gift is a great way to make your Valentine’s celebration last even longer! 

Exquisite Jewelry
Jewelry is also a Valentine’s Day staple for a reason. Buying your loved one new jewelry, whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, can be an easy way to show how much you care. Keep in mind this doesn’t have to be gifted every Valentine’s Day, just enough so to keep the gesture extra special! Jewelry can be the perfect gift for someone trying to make this year’s celebration extra intimate. Try to find a unique piece or customize it someway to make it even more special. Whatever you pick out, your loved one will know that you took the time to pick it for them! 

Did Someone Say...Spa Day?!
Show some love to your sweetheart with a day of pampering! This idea brings so many options. You can gift a spa day and make it all about them, a day of pampering to enjoy together, or show them you also care about their friendships and give the gift of pampering to her and her Galentine! Either way, this gift tells your special someone, “Hey, you deserve to relax!” 

A Shopping Spree
Although this means taking the surprise factor out of the present, it gives a fun experience to spend time together and let’s you get exactly what they want! Go to stores together and pick out an entire outfit that your loved one may want to wear. It’s a great gesture when you show how you’re willing to take the time to take them shopping! The kind gesture will mean a lot. It shows that you’re patient, fun, and that you care about their style! This is the perfect moment to show off that you really listen and know how to help add more to their closet.