A Guy's Guide to Sending Flowers

If you’re a guy, sending flowers to a lady you admire or a special girlfriend can be stressful and overwhelming. Trying to choose between the countless different types of blooms and species to the right color combination may cause you to instantly start sweating. Don’t fret! This post will be dedicated to helping you choose the right type of flowers for your significant other or someone that you’re getting to know. When you’re ready to send flowers, surprise your girlfriend or date with a delivery from Venus ET Fleur. Our gorgeous Eternity™ roses will definitely take her breath away and be sure to leave a lasting reminder of your feelings. When you’re ready to order, you can easily customize the roses to perfectly reflect her personal likes so she’ll feel especially honored by your thoughtfulness. Shop Venus ET Fleur today!

Spontaneity is Key

One of the best feelings in the world is opening the front door to an unexpected beautiful delivery of flowers. They will be sure to brighten your lovely lady’s day, as well as thrill her with the surprise. Whether it’s the first delivery to communicate your feelings or a celebration of several months of bliss, a surprise gift will make her feel like she’s thought of and admired. You’ll also surprise her when you send “just because” roses and the thrill will draw her heart even closer towards yours.

Try Something New

If you always bring your significant other or girlfriend pink roses, try shaking it up and sending a gorgeous deep maroon, a gentle white, or an unexpected blue. She’ll be surprised by your choice and they’ll be sure to bring a smile to her face. If you’re worried that she might not like the color, try sending a smaller arrangement so she won’t feel the need to pretend that she likes it in case that she doesn’t. However, if you send a Venus ET Fleur arrangement, there’s a serious chance that she’ll absolutely love the delivery and be thrilled by your decision.

Flowers Don’t Mean Commitment

Many men are afraid to send flowers because they believe that they mean that they’re committed to the relationship. While flowers are a great way to express feelings, they don’t necessarily convey that the man is ready to take the relationship to the next level. Flowers are an excellent gift to communicate a thank you for a wonderful date, excitement for an upcoming event, or just a “thinking of you” surprise. If you want to take her breath away, sending flowers after a first date will be sure to win you some brownie points.

Flowers Are Never Boring

Chivalry isn’t dead! While some women may say that they don’t need flowers to feel affection, a delivery full of fragrant blooms will still bring a smile to her face. She’ll still feel special and honored that you thought about her and liked her enough to take the time to send flowers. While she might even seem indifferent, deep down she will feel honored by your consideration. Being “old-fashioned” is never bad and will definitely set you apart from past beaus she dated. If you’re worried about her reception to a floral arrangement, try sending a smaller Eternity™ rose delivery the first time that you express your feelings for her so she won’t feel overwhelmed by a huge gift.

Flowers Go a Long Way

If you want to truly wow your special lady, a beautiful flower arrangement will be sure to knock her socks off. Many women can remember every single time that they received flowers, especially if they were from someone that they care about. Of course, some women may not be as quickly swayed by blooms, but an unexpected delivery of stunning roses will blow the flower lover completely away.

Be Prepared

Plan ahead before you send flowers. Make sure that you have her full name, her address, and any other delivery information that may be needed. If you’re planning to send a floral arrangement to her office, call her secretary or the office assistant before choosing a delivery date or time to ensure that she’ll be there. You can even ask her assistant for advice on the color or arrangement style. By making sure that she’ll be in the office and able to receive your delivery, you will be sure to make her day.

Don’t be daunted by sending flowers! The next time that you’re planning to send a beautiful floral arrangement, surprise her with gorgeous Venus ET Fleur roses. Our roses are hand-picked and can last for up to a year, so your incredibly thoughtful gift will continue to take her breath away for months. We have plenty of options to choose from as well so you can pick her favorite color and customize other elements that will delight her to no end. Order your Venus ET Fleur Eternity arrangement now!