A Guide to Elegant, Minimalist Decor

Create a beautiful interior space with Real Roses That Last A Year®

Achieving a minimalistic aesthetic doesn’t have to be stark and uninviting — when adopting a “less is more” lifestyle, the decor can be just as vibrant and elegant as ever. 

Uncluttered, monochromatic, and simple, fused with clean lines, creates a minimalist decor. Venus ET Fleur® has a variety of floral arrangements that will complement your space and cultivate a classic design that lasts. 

Form-Focused Interiors Through Venus ET Fleur

The fluidity of shapes and colors is what defines minimalist decor — not only does everything have an intention, but it has a purpose. This is an important aspect to let guide your decor, yet this is where a harsh space can develop. 

It’s vital to, yes, keep things clean and simple, but it also toes a fine line of ending up cold and uninviting — and that the last thing you want your home to feel like. 

Acquiesce form through flowers!

Flowers can add warmth and elegance to any minimalistic space — they can be the focal point or foster cohesiveness. Set a focal point of your room with a large rose arrangement from our Maison Collection. Perhaps your living room has many round pieces of furniture — chicly disrupt this with a square arrangement that draws focus to itself. 

To add a deeper cohesiveness, add a rose arrangement from and offset it on your fireplace mantle or on a table or shelf that traces the perimeter. 

Neutral Color Palette

Minimalist decor devours neutral color palettes — whether it’s creams and beige or grays and blues, you always stick with color continuity. 

Our Maison Collection is the pinnacle of Parisian minimalism. There is a grandeur in our Allura Vase With Mixed Eternity™ Flowers, abundant in mixed blooms that will enliven any room. It’s paired with a porcelain vase that displays the best of elegant minimalist decor. 

For a more traditional look, impart the Fleura Vase with Eternity® Roses and Eternity™ Hedera Leaves in a classic pearl or rose gold arrangement. 


Minimalist decor incorporates clean lines, but texture is what brings your room to life. This can be a shearling rug, unique lighting fixtures, or real roses that last a year! 

Venus ET Fleur’s rose arrangements are carefully crafted to embody the boldness and richness you need for your minimalist decor. Each rose down to each petal cultivates a texture that only flowers can. Customize your rose arrangement that speaks to your individual interior style. 

The Grandiose De Venus is a great place to start. With approximately 150 roses, you tailor your exact rose arrangement. Display 150 white roses or craft of a fun message that becomes a conversation piece for your guests. 


Create depth with Eternity® Roses. Minimalism doesn’t have to be one-dimensional. Instead, you build depth through floral arrangements. 

The foyer or dining room are rooms that are often neglected and can feel barren or unfinished as a result. Create more depth and transform the aesthetic with something as simple as flowers. 

Elevate your foyer by hanging art above the table. Style two rose arrangements that offset the art to create a fullness to the room. The same can be done in your formal dining room on the credenza — leave enough room to accommodate the food and entertainment pieces, and place the arrangements at each edge. For a unified look, square arrangements blend the best and for more of a focal point, try our round or Le Plain arrangements. 

Each arrangement can add further depth with the type of box you choose — from our Suede Collection to our Cruelty-Free Leather Collection, there is a material perfect for all design aesthetics. 


Your home is just that — yours — so while keeping within minimalist decor, you should also display your own personal style. The most successful minimalist homes reflect the homeowner’s tastes and preferences. So, if you want to bring a Georgia O’Keefe painting to life with floral arrangements after floral arrangements, by all means, do it! 

Line shelves with Eternity® Roses or create one big floral arrangement for your coffee table or front entrance. 


Because less is more in minimalist decor, quality over quantity is highly regarded. Don’t sacrifice quality with inferior floral arrangements that droop and shrivel within a week. Instead, invest in the highest quality arrangements with real flowers that last a year. Buying quality will only further amalgamate the beauty of your minimalist decor. 

Venus ET Fleur Has A Place In Every Room

Make flowers the essential theme of your minimalist aesthetic — Venus ET Fleur complements every room in your home — from foyer and kitchen to the formal dining room and guest bathroom. 

Each floral collection exudes a different minimalist function including neutral colors, textures, depth, personality, and quality. 

Watch your minimalism decor unfold with Venus ET Fleur today!