The Black Rose: History, Meaning, and Symbolism

A black rose, a gothic take on a flower that so well encompasses deep feelings. Similar to the thick layer of petals they possess, the emotions that roses convey are equally layered; for black roses, those emotions comprise passion and sophistication. Loved for their mysterious, yet elegant appearance, the black rose is an extremely rare color that offers unrivaled beauty for the most sophisticated occasions and décor.

Woman in Black Holds Black Rose Feu Cast Iron Arrangement

One of the few rose colors that doesn’t exist in nature, black roses are one of the many unique colors offered by Venus et Fleur®. Our sophisticated eternity® arrangements are hand arranged by in-house designers, providing an elegant masterpiece that lasts at least a year with proper care. One of the lesser-used colors of rose, but considered to have a distinct beauty and power, black roses are often reserved for sophisticated or high-brow events and décor.

In the floral world, roses are one of the most popular and coveted flowers. They were cherished in ancient civilizations and have been found in tombs and paintings belonging to great rulers, showing that this beautiful flower was loved even thousands of years ago. But what of the newer roses? Being such a unique type of flower, the history, meaning, and symbolism of the black rose is just as unique.

Where Do Black Roses Come From?

There is an interesting internet myth that surfaced a few years ago surrounding the black rose. An internet user suggested that completely black roses are only found in a small Turkish town called Halfeti due to the climate. It has since been proven that this was a myth to attract travelers and tourists, and the search for a naturally occurring black rose continues.

Still, there are a few ways to obtain a black rose. Firstly, you can dye a white or red rose black by soaking it in warm water with the black dye of your choice. This method may take a few days to achieve the black rose look.

There are also a few options to grow something similar to a black rose in your garden, although all of these options are really dark shades of red or purple.

There are a few different roses that do their best to imitate the color black, like a breed of flower named “Dark Jade” in which the rose will turn a deep shade during the hot weather. However, this breed is more vulnerable to diseases and pests. Another option is ‘Black Baccara,’ which is the deepest shade of rose you can find, and it darkens during cool weather. As it’s unscented, this breed of rose sadly loses some appeal with flower lovers. A third option is ‘Midnight Blue,’ which is a very deep shade of purple and has a strong scent.

Many gardeners suggest growing these roses in a greenhouse that will offer the optimal conditions for the flower. A greenhouse enables the cultivator to maintain ideal light and temperature for the roses to bloom in the darkest color they can.

You can experiment with these options, or in the future, you might be able to naturally grow a pure black rose, as genetic engineers are working on a way to grow them. Once this is achieved, the black rose will surely see a boom in popularity with those wanting to add an air of sophistication to their home or garden.

A Le Douze Dozen Rose Flower Arrangement of Black Eternity Roses

Of course, the only way to get truly black roses are with an option like Venus et Fleur. Our black roses and arrangements will last up to an entire year, and you never have to worry about their vibrant color losing its effect. They look amazing, are a unique addition to your home’s décor, and make a bold statement against neutral colors.


Despite not existing in reality until modern times, even in ancient civilizations like ancient Greece and Rome, the black rose symbolized power and strength. Since then, it has become a popular symbol in fiction. After dying out slightly, the black rose resurfaced in the Victorian Era through the Language of Flowers and was very popular in gothic and macabre literature.

Flower language, otherwise known as floriography, is a way of communicating through flowers with different messages, so people can talk to each other with the coded messages rather than verbally. This began in the Victorian Era and continued long afterward. While it has faded out in modern society, it is still ingrained in many fictional works like video games, movies, TV shows, and more.

The black rose has been used as a symbol throughout the ages in literature and pop culture, usually to show a tragic love or danger. For example, a black rose appeared in American Horror Story: Murder House, when Tate gave a black rose to Violet as a way of foreshadowing the future tragedy involving their romance. The “black” rose was also used as a symbol within the Sicilian mafia to send a hidden message that could not be detected. If the mafia sent you a black rose, it meant murder was approaching, but again these were actually just very dark red roses.

There are many more uses of the black rose in these instances, but none of them were truly dealing with a black rose, aside from Chase who could be current enough to have a black rose and while tragic, you could argue there was certainly a lot of passion in his feelings as well.

Smoke Wafts Against the Solemn Luxury of a Black Rose Arrangement in Cast Iron Vase


Today, we consider the black rose a sign of passion, sophistication, and as a sign of new beginnings. The black rose can be used symbolically at many different life events, and the context of how the black rose is used shows what the person intended to communicate.


So often, black represents death, but you wouldn’t buy an arrangement of flowers to simply feel mournful when you look at them. That’s why the black rose has taken on as the symbol for the other side of death: rebirth. It can be a symbol of new beginnings, representing rebirth positively. Therefore, it can be used as a gift for someone starting a new chapter in their life, such as someone who has just graduated from higher education or bought a new home.


The black rose can be a symbol of the end of a significant life event, such as the end of an important relationship. Often, the end of a significant event can be a bittersweet experience; therefore, a black rose can show this, as it points towards tragedy as well as a new positive beginning. The black rose can demonstrate to a person that you hope everything works out for the best and provide them with strength.

In the wake of a breakup, you can acknowledge their pain, encourage their rebirth, give them something powerful and sophisticated to look at, and instill quiet confidence into them when they look at it.


A Black Rose Fleura Porcelain Vase Arrangement


The sophistication and beauty of a black rose makes it a beautiful present for various occasions, such as the beginning of a new career for a special anniversary, or to anyone who embraces the gothic aesthetic in their lives. A black rose arrangement can signify your hope they will have the strength to succeed in their new beginnings as well as act as a refined piece of décor.

When you need to offer someone encouragement or want to offer an air of sophistication to your loved one’s home or your own, choose the black rose as a delicate standalone flower or in a larger eye-catching arrangement and shop with Venus et Fleur for eternity roses and all your flower gifting needs.