The Huffington Post The Seasons Changing And Your Apartments Decor Should Too

Guys, flowers aren’t just for prom or for saying you’re sorry to your girlfriend - you can have flowers as decoration in your apartment. However I will admit it’s hard to take care of flowers and justify the price knowing that well, they die. And really fast at that. However, I found the perfect solution to that. Introducing Venus Et Fleur. While they only work in roses, they will be able to put together an order that will not only look amazing because they use all sorts of different colors (think black, gold, navy) but also they last for ONE YEAR. You read that right, these flowers will continue to be fragrant and beautiful for a whole year. With the ability to choose from various colors, it becomes incredibly easy to justify the price (think of how many flowers you’d have to keep buying to keep them alive otherwise). This way, all you need is the one initial purchase of flowers that match the colors in the room you want to keep them and boom, you don’t need to worry about flowers again until you decide to change up the colors in your room again next season.