FORBES Flower Sales Boom Over The Holidays

Venus Et Fleur, another floral startup, is also shaking up the game. The company uses a special formula to treat its roses, allowing them to last for a full year. “People love getting roses, but hate having to throw them away,” Seema Bansal, Venus Et Fleur’s co-founder, told Business Insider. We spoke to Seema Bansal and Sunny Chadha, founders of Venus Et Fleur, who explained their process. “All the roses are grown on our farm in Ecuador and they’re treated with our non-toxic proprietary solution, a kind of wax-based formula. Then, we go ahead and dye them any color. We offer an 18-color range right now, but we can actually do any sort of Pantone to color match to a company’s logo for instance.” Packaged in a signature Parisian-inspired keepsake hat box, Venus Et Fleur’s arrangements are often used for corporate gifting—by clients like Olay and Sunday Riley—“because of how long they last and also because the same experience that will go to one of your clients in New York will be the same experience that they get in Oklahoma or Dubai or London.”