Zodiac, Valentine’s, and Other Gift Ideas For February

If you’re looking for a gift for someone and aren’t sure where to start, you’re in luck, because just knowing the zodiac symbols and events of the season is enough to give you some insight. In February, love and cozy feelings are in the air as Valentine’s Day hits us at one of the coldest times of the year and when Pisces and Aquarius are at their most prominent.

February is of course a very big time for flowers, and at Venus et Fleur, it’s a time when we especially want to reach out and make sure you’re getting the best possible gift for your loved one, including flower arrangements from us that last up to a full year. Whether you’re getting a gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday gift for a Pisces or Aquarius, or just wanting to change the energy of your home, our custom arrangements will carry your sentiments throughout the year.

Gift Idea Inspiration for February Signs and Valentine’s Day

In February, Aquarius is joined by Pisces, with an artistic, intuitive, and gentle spirit. The month’s color is sheer lilac, which again complements both signs and goes with a variety of decors and February themes.

What Pisces and Aquarius Tell Us

While Aquarius is an outgoing sign that likes to fight for a cause, Pisces are more likely to be introverted, romantic types who shy away from conflict and risk. However, since Pisces can make friends with anybody and Aquarius is so outgoing, they could be friends. The two would just have to settle on activities that weren’t too mellow for Aquarius or extreme for Pisces.

What the Month’s Colors Say

The birthday color for the month is sheer lilac. A great color to match all the red themes in February as well as the personalities of Aquarius and Pisces. For aquarius, this is a color that could encourage their progressive and friendly nature. Pisces on the other hand could use this color to dispel some of her tendencies towards paranoia or clingy love. Other options for each individual day include, pink, blue, green, and brown.

The Season and Holidays

February is the coldest month in many places, but luckily, we have an excuse to cozy up with someone we love when Valentine’s Day comes around. With our Eternity® Roses, you can get a Valentine’s Day gift, with a variety of pinks, whites, and reds to choose from, that will remind them of your love all year long. Aside from our many luxurious arrangements, our more subtle heart boxes and single-stemmed vases make a beautiful choice as well. 

If you’re spurning the notion of love on Valentine’s day this year, or have someone single in your life who could use a pick-me-up, a colorful arrangement featuring vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, lilac, or violet can help remind them of all of life’s possibilities.

Birthday Gift Ideas

With two such different signs, the Aquarius and Pisces should require very different gifts. However, something bright, like an arrangement or flower box of pink, blue, and lilac could work for both of them. It will give Aquarius something lively to look at and something to pick Pisces up with its subtle beauty. 

In February, love will be in the air and it will be cold, it’s perfect for complementing a Pisces. If you’re romantically interested, Pisces will appreciate a gift that goes over-the-top, and if you’re not, anything that will help a Pisces cozy up and relax will be great. For Aquarians, they’ll likely be running from the feelings brought with Valentine’s day, so maybe take them out somewhere fun or with high spirits and away from the fanciful notions of romance.

Shop With Us for Valentine’s Arrangements and Zodiac Gifts in February

With a month that has so much to offer in terms of warm feelings, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a gift for Pisces, Aquarius, or your partner in love. Shop for beautiful arrangements that capture your romantic love or that encapsulate the wishes of anyone you might be gifting too. For the most beautiful arrangements that last up to a year, shop with Venus et Fleur.