Zodiac, Seasonal, and Holiday Gifts for October

In October, there are plenty of birthday gift ideas and seasonal décor to go with the seasons that are in full swing, from the slow sundering of fall to weird and joyful moods of spooky season, and of course, Libra and Scorpio season. With everything going on, the beautiful colors, and spooky and festive décor as well as feelings all around, there are plenty of great birthday gifts and reasons to celebrate one might be able to think of.

At Venus et Fleur, we’re here for all of your reasons to celebrate. Our customizable flower arrangements, home décor, and various gift collections offer something fully personalized with an unmatched combination of elegance and value. Our eternity® roses and other flowers come in beautiful arrangements that will last the entire year, bringing luxury into your home and saving you money over the course of a year, season, or even a month.

Aside from the value and elegance offered, most of our gifts come custom to your specifications or you can design your own, because sometimes the perfect gift or décor requires being a little extra.

Gift Idea Inspiration for October Signs, Holidays, and the Fall Season

To achieve that perfect gift, it’s important to take into consideration the relationship you’re gifting for, their interests and spirit, and the context of when and where you’ll be giving the gift. Unfortunately, the first two might not always give us a ton of direction, especially for the person who wants nothing. However, October brings plenty of activities and beautiful scenery to build your gift ideas around.

What Libra and Scorpio Tell Us

If they were born in October, the person you’re shopping for is either a Libra or a Scorpio, while not completely different, the major difference between a Libra and a Scorpio might be their social abilities. Libras are more likely to be the socialite type, while Scorpios have a more serious nature and favor deeper relationships and conversations. Both signs value truth and justice, if they were activists, Scorpios may be helping to push the most advanced items on the agenda in a practical way, while a Libra would help frame things however necessary to accomplish her goal while bringing the most people together. 

In flower arrangements or other gifts, something that represents the passion and values of the Scorpio would be great, like one of our pomegranate arrangements or a minimalistic, small or mini arrangement. Libra would enjoy something that helps her show off her personality, whether it’s a centerpiece or something she can put in a social media post.

What the Month’s Colors Say

With the colors of fall and Halloween, there are already plenty of great, coordinated options when it comes to fashion and décor as well as any of the gifts you might give along those themes. However, if you want to get a gift more personal to the recipient, a custom gift incorporating October’s color of the month, birthstone, and each birthday’s individual color also provides some good choices. 

Cerulean is the color of the month according to colorstrology, drawing inspiration from Libra, giving an aura of peace and balance with a beautiful backdrop. It will still make a beautiful color for Scorpio as well, especially when paired with a purple similar to tourmaline or the blues and whites that come with opal, the traditional and modern birthstones for the month.

The Season and Holidays

While it’s not quite the gift giving season that December is, October may have an argument as the most festive month. Halloween is upon us, everybody loves fall, and some people are already gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. That being said, with Christmas just around the corner and the last bits of warm weather coming before winter, this is a great time to give a gift that they can use in fall or throughout the holiday season. That’s because any gift you give at Christmas, at the start of winter, might have to wait until next year to be used.

October Gift Ideas

Now that we know the context of the season we’re giving in and a few things to round the perfect gift idea out of, we can come up with some gift ideas that are personal and take advantage of the season.

For Libras and Scorpios who love Halloween, bringing them out somewhere fun to celebrate the holiday is sure to be a good gift. Libras will love the chance to have fun and be sociable at a crowded event, while Scorpio will just enjoy making the memory with you and providing it. 

If they’re not into Halloween but are crazy about fall instead, then something to celebrate the season, like a fall floral arrangement, or some outdoor fashions to enjoy the season in would be perfect. If you know their taste and appropriately match them to these ideas, they might just be blown away. Plus, the right colors can be used throughout the holiday season, as the deep red and violet hues of fall harvest, especially when paired with a white or pearl, go great with holiday décor as well. Consider a custom arrangement of pearl, red, plum, and burgundy for a gorgeous, passionate display worthy of being a centerpiece on their Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.

Shop With Us for Fall Flower Arrangements, Zodiac Gifts, and Birthdays in October

Whether you have a friend with a birthday in October or not, there’s so many festivities and reasons to celebrate. Getting the perfect gift or décor for all your events can be a struggle, but with Venus et Fleur, flower arrangements never are. With our custom arrangements you could create exactly what you’re imagining and see it shine throughout the year. Capture your love and the feelings of October and beyond with the perfect arrangement from Venus et Fleur.