Zodiac and Seasonal Gift Ideas for August Birthdays

Caught in the in-between of the hottest summer days and the first hints of autumn, August is a month that can be difficult to gift for. So many people are coming and going or off and on vacation that it makes it hard to be in touch with people and their current wants or needs. However, there are some gifts that are always in vogue, and that’s what we want to help you with this August.

At Venus et Fleur®, we make flower arrangements and gifts that can be fit to any special occasion. Particularly in a month like August, gifts need to be adaptable and realistic for what’s going on in their life. With our variety of sizes, extremely low-maintenance eternity® flowers, and a number of colors, you can be sure to get something that fits them and their life just right.

Getting a Timely and Personal Gift for Their August Birthday

With no major themes, people moving in and out of places, and the end of summer where people are in all different types of phases in terms of vacation and work, the challenges to August gift giving are also something can help make a good gift around this time all that more obvious.

August Gifts Inspired by the Zodiac

In August, Leo and Virgo share the calendar, with Leo dominating the first two-thirds of the month. While these two share a month, they diverge quite a bit in personality, so it could certainly be something to consider when giving a birthday gift in July. Leo’s personality is warm and outgoing while Virgos aren’t cold, but are more shy and analytical. 

To match the season and their personality, a good gift for Leo is something that’s going to inspire them or keep them going towards whatever passion they’ve already set their mind on. Think travel gifts, outdoor equipment, or something they can take along with them, like something in our Le Mini collection

For Virgos, more practical gifts that helps them take care of their basic needs and enjoy the summer are things they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and insight of. Gifts around the house include décor, such as one of our many centerpiece worthy arrangements, or something to help advance their career would be great choices.

Seasonal Gifts in August

As we discussed earlier, there are many factors that make it hard to make a connection in August. You may have a friend that’s far away or who you haven’t seen in a while and aren’t sure about their current interests. When this is the case, a great gift is often an elevated version of something that may be considered a more general gift if it wasn’t so unique and if there wasn’t some distance between you and your loved one. 

Something “normal,” but taken with love and care can mean a lot to someone who’s far away, especially if you’re the one off on an adventure while they’re moving, starting the school year, or past their vacation days. Apart from something travel related, a simple gift carrying your love might be the number one option for a good gift for someone on the move. For luxurious gifts that carry your message in a simple, classic way, what could be better than stunning flowers, delivered to them, and customizable to their life at home or on the move?

Colors of the Month for August

For August, the colors of the month are bright and varied, making for a wide variety of fashion and décor options. First, the color of the month according to colorstrology is sun orange. This orange almost mirrors the brightness of our orange roses. It's a great color to give a seasonal accent to your décor or outfits that stand out, including great swimsuits, t-shirts, or blouses in the summer. 

Far from the only colors that represent the month, August comes with three birthstones and three colors that represent individual days of the month. With green, blue, spinel (hot pink), or black represented in the colors, there’s truly a great variety of arrangements you could make or fashions that you could choose from to tie into the month and to personalize the gift if you’re shopping for a birthday in August.

Shop for August Flower Arrangements, Zodiac, and Birthday Gifts With Venus et Fleur

Getting a great gift for someone can seem daunting, but with a little personalization and what you know about them and your relationship, you’ll get them something they admire and remember. If you choose Venus et Fleur, not only will you be able to customize many gifts to your intended message, but we promise your gift will be sophisticated and timeless with beauty and value you won’t find anywhere else. Shop now to see all of our beautiful floral options this August.