Yellow Flowers: Our 10 Favorite Types


There is something about the color yellow that lifts the mood. Perhaps it is its sun-like hue that fills us with hope and joy. Studies show that yellow is related to things like memory, emotional attachment, and attention. 

It is therefore understandable why yellow flowers are a favorite for many people. But it’s also important not to overdo this color when decorating your home or garden. Why is that? Because, oddly enough, even though yellow can elicit feelings of warmth and happiness, it can also have the opposite effect on the human psyche.  

As strange as it sounds, too much yellow can result in us feeling frustrated and angry. Those are not the type of feelings you want from your flower garden! That’s why you should have an even balance of colors when planting your flowers.

We have found that a combination of oranges and pinks is a great way to offset many yellow blooms. Add in some bolder colors like reds and blues to give your arrangement the perfect feel.

If you’re just starting a garden or flower arrangement in your home, there are many different yellow flowers to consider before planting or arranging. Today, we want to share with you some of our favorite yellow flowers.

You will find that these are great to work with, as they do a fantastic job of bringing your home or garden to life. As we mentioned, the right balance of yellow can bring out some very positive feelings. If you’re having a less-than-stellar day, these yellow flowers can do wonders for your mood.


Our Favorite Picks


Whether you’re in the initial planning stages of decorating or gardening or simply want to spruce things up a bit, you will find the following ten picks add a lot of character to your arrangement.


Calla Lily


Also known as Zantedeschia, Calla Lilies are some of the most stylish of all yellow flowers. They boast a beautiful bell-like design that echoes delicacy and elegance. They make an excellent addition to any arrangement, thanks to their tall stems and vibrant blooms. 

Nothing fancy is needed to ensure their growth other than water and proper fertilization. With that being said, their height can potentially produce some issues. Too much sunlight could become a problem, so be sure to plant taller plants around them to provide some much-needed shade on occasion.




With their innocent star-shaped petals and bright, gentle yellow color, daffodils are rightfully a favorite to many people. Their bloom in the center harkens to a starburst explosion, making this yellow favorite a great choice for lifting the mood.

There’s a reason this flower is a symbol of friendship, with its pleasant appearance and warm design. Daffodils are another yellow flower that tends to grow rather tall, so you may want to plant them deeper than other flowers to avoid bending.

You can also use stakes if you’re planting around your home or garden. This will allow the daffodils to stand tall and grow proudly.




Carnations come in a variety of solid colors, but it is the yellow type that stands as the most vibrant. Its blooms are incredibly soft and lovely to the touch. We especially enjoy the carnation’s petals, as they fan out with an explosive appearance that catches the eye among other flowers.

If you’re planting carnations in a garden, consider planting taller flowers around them to ensure that they have plenty of shade.




Also known as Achillea, the yarrow blooms in both yellow and white colors that leave you with an excellent balance throughout your garden. Some people plant this flower to ward off negativity, but we like them for their soft touch and beautiful shade of yellow.

With that said, yarrows are a great gift idea. They tend to promote feelings of relaxation and ease. Just be sure to plant sparingly, as this flower is known to invade other plants and can leave you with more than you want or need.

Make sure that you plant the yarrow in a way that gives it lots of room to grow on its own. And when you are satisfied with your growth, cut away any excess and gift them to friends and family. 


Yellow Butterfly Bush


As perhaps one of the most unusually shaped flowers among our top picks, the yellow butterfly bush is reminiscent of a honeycomb nest. Its striking yellow color is an instant eye-catcher that stands out from most other flowers.

We love the pleasing aroma that emanates from this flower, and apparently, so do insects. If you want to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your yard, this is the flower to do it.

You will find that the yellow butterfly bush makes an excellent addition to your home or garden. It is the perfect flower to plant and watch grow. Once it reaches maturity, you will have a splendid decorative flower to enjoy.




This bold and bright flower is very much like a daisy in its appearance, making it an excellent gift idea to give to those you care for. The coreopsis is known as a flower of hope and joy, which is why it is often given to those going through times of difficultly or loss.

There are pink varieties of this flower as well, which look just as marvelous as the yellow variant. The coreopsis is a flower of longevity, as it will stand tall when all others have fallen. 



Chrysanthemums are often just called mums. They are an attractive addition to any garden, thanks to their soft, elegant petals and bold yellow color. If you’re shooting for a specific look and theme in your garden, you will want to take time to select the right variety of chrysanthemums.

This is because chrysanthemums come in all sorts of sizes. Some grow taller than others, and some have larger blooms. This flower is known to be one that symbolizes love and is often given to someone for whom you have feelings.

It is also a flower of hope and prosperity, so you might consider giving chrysanthemums as a gift to celebrate a friendship or anniversary.




This old-timey flower is a mainstay among gardeners that has been used for centuries around the world to promote an appearance of color. Marigolds are very easy to work with and require minimal maintenance. 

There is something special about the way these flowers display their colors. They are bright and vibrant in their appearance, making your garden explode with warmth and feelings of happiness.

You’ll want to keep an eye on your blooms, as there are some insects that can cause great harm to marigolds. You might consider planting some protective plants nearby to offset potential damage.




Ask just about anyone to identify a sunflower, and chances are they will know exactly what it is. As their name implies, sunflowers resemble a sunburst, with huge, bright petals that can be easily spotted from afar.

And if you are partial to their seeds, you will find this flower to be a gift that keeps on giving. The stalks of sunflowers are edible, as well. Since they taste similar to celery, sunflower stalks are great as a snack with hummus or peanut butter.

The sunflower is a popular choice for summertime weddings and get-togethers with friends and family. This flower is a resilient, robust variety that stands taller than almost any other.

Yellow Roses


We’re pretty partial to yellow roses, as they look absolutely stunning in our Suede Large Square. The meaning of this beauty has changed rather radically over the centuries. In the Victorian era, the yellow rose was known as a flower of jealousy.

Thankfully, that has changed. This is far too pretty of a flower to be equated with a negative emotion like that. In modern times, we give the yellow rose to symbolize our friendships. It’s a flower commonly known to bring joy and happiness to those around us.


Yellow Roses with Venus ET Fleur®

A slight variant of this flower is the champagne rose. We offer a breathtaking version of this flower in our Eternity® Rose Collection. One of our favorite arrangements is the Grey Suede Small Round with Champagne Eternity Roses.

We find that the color of the roses perfectly contrasts the grey suede. If you’re thinking of a gift idea for that special person in your life and you really want to melt their heart, this is the way to do it.

Another color variation that we are quite partial to is the Pearl Eternity Rose. Think of this as a very soft, light-yellow color. In a White Classic Small Round, the Pearl Eternity Roses stand out with luxurious elegance. 

Unlike the contrast offered by the Champagne Eternity Roses in the Grey Suede Round, the similar shades of the Pearl Eternity Roses and White Classic Round complement each other well.

The two come together to form a stunning union of softness and color that is sure to please the one receiving it.