What to Get For the Mom Who Has Everything

While some mothers may gush over a hand-written poem or a “World’s Best Mom” coffee mug, your mother may be the one who’s seen it all when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. She may also be the kind of woman who gets what she wants, if she wants it, or she may be the mother who tells you she already has everything she needs — family! We understand how difficult it is to shop for mothers, which is why Venus ET Fleur® curated a list of beautiful floral arrangements in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide that’s sure to impress the woman who has it all.

Venus ET Fleur’s bespoke atelier arrangements feature high-quality Ecuadorian roses that have been hand-selected at the peak of its full bloom. Our team of expert designers arrange each piece by hand. Our arrangements last for a year when cared for as instructed, though they require hardly any maintenance, which makes it the perfect gift. Visit our online store and customize your arrangement today!

At-Home Spa Day

spa day mini round le clair arrangements on bathtub

If there’s one thing all mothers have in common, it’s that they’re constantly battling stress and fatigue. Though she may have access to everything she wants, there’s always room for a break and some time to pamper herself. Arrange a spa-day basket for your wife, mother, grandmother, or sister, so she can spend the day winding down and relaxing.

Pack a couple different bath bombs, bath salts, and an exfoliating body scrub. You should also consider choosing a candle that uses essential oils so she can have an aromatherapy session while she takes a bath. Crystal face rollers and gua shas are also trending for their ability to depuff and rejuvenize the skin, which is especially perfect for working mothers.

Last but not least, finish up the basket with a Lé Clair Un or Le Clair Tresor arrangement, featuring a stunning Eternity® Rose beautifully encased in a sleek acrylic box. Studies show that surrounding yourself with aesthetically-pleasing elements will uplift your mood. Tie up the basket with a satin bow and present this sweet care package right after your Mother’s Day brunch.

Personalized Arrangements

custom large arrangements of eternity roses

We all know the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” This especially rings true for mothers who look at the heart and thought behind every gift. You could give her a small tube of lavender-smelling lotion and tell her that it reminds you of the time you went to Marseille together, and she’ll cherish the gift forever because of the sentiment you put behind it. This Mother’s Day, we encourage you to give her a truly one-of-a-kind gift, personalized just for her.

At Venus ET Fleur, you have the ability to craft your creations with different rose colors and arrange them in different letters, numbers, or symbols. When you place an order for a Large Square arrangement, you have the freedom to choose the color and material of the box all the way to selecting the message that goes underneath the box lid. This extravagant arrangement features 36 to 42 Eternity Roses. Place this elegant piece on your dining room table or put it on display on a shelf in the living room to elevate the surroundings.

For an even bigger statement, send her a box of approximately 150 roses with our Grandiose De Venus arrangement. Visit our Design-Your-Own page to get inspired and see how others customized their arrangement for their loved ones.

Online Creative Class

rose arrangements in the kitchen

For the past couple months, there’s been a boom in online creative courses, such as baking, painting, taking photos, and more. Choose a course that you think your mother would be interested in and sign up the two of you to take a one-day class together. Some courses will send you materials before the class starts, while others will require you to source the medium you need.

A few unique online course ideas include a chocolatier course, a candle-making class, a craft-cocktail course, or a lesson on the art of feng shui. Learn how to create gourmet truffles and never settle for store-bought chocolate ever again, or have a little fun preparing drinks with your mother, wife, or even grandmother. If you want to spend more time together, learn the art of feng shui and see how you can rearrange and redecorate your home for a better energy flow. Even a classic piece, such as a Small Round Pink Suede arrangement can make the difference between a great room and a bland one.

Get the creative juices flowing and use this time to bond together. Remember to take photos of this experience or record your session so you can look back on these memories and laugh.

large square custom arrangements for mothers day

Venus ET Fleur is here to help you express appreciation and celebrate your loved ones with high-quality, luxe arrangements you can’t find anywhere else. Our exquisite floral arrangements leave lasting impressions and are sure to stun even the mother who has everything she could ever want.

A mother’s love never waivers, and neither should her flowers. Take the tradition of sending roses on Mother’s Day to the next level with fresh, gorgeous flowers that don’t wilt or wither. Visit Venus ET Fleur and browse our collections today.

Happy Mother’s Day!