What Moms Really Want For Mother's Day

« L'amour d'une mère est toujours dans son printemps. » A mother’s love is ever in its spring.

A mother’s love is unconditional and faithful — it goes against human nature’s innate desire for self-preservation. Ancient Greek philosophy labels this type of unconditional love as agápe. It’s the type of love that transcends and persists, regardless of circumstance. A mother who loves her children will put her children before her own wants and desires countless times.

The reason why it’s so difficult to get your mother a gift for Mother’s Day is because she rarely expresses her own wants and desires; however, when we asked a group of mothers for the one thing they could have for Mother’s Day, the unanimous response was “More time!” Whether it’s time for herself or time with her family, many mothers around the world want more time to do what they want!

Venus ET Fleur® presents to you a list of the best ways you can give your mother what she really wants this Mother’s Day on May 10th! For more inspiration, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, a curated list of bespoke arrangements to help you make her day even more special this year.

Mother’s Day Wish #1: Clean House

fleura vase and florentina vase clean home

Often, the smallest of children can create the biggest messes. On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, round up the family and spend your time cleaning around the house, so she can wake up on Sunday morning, feeling relaxed, loved, and appreciated.

You’ll feel great when she walks out to see the dishes put away, couch cushions fluffed, and every corner of the house glowing. For an added touch of sparkle, place a few matching Fleura Vase arrangements around the house, choosing her favorite color for the roses. The hand-crafted, white porcelain vase will add elegance to any space. Or for a more subtle approach, add a Florentina Vase to the center of your breakfast table. This single arrangement is simple and delicate — the perfect centerpiece for a warm Sunday brunch.

With a clean house and the sight of blossoming roses around you, the family can enjoy all of Sunday morning to have a hearty breakfast and engage in fun conversations! Starting the day off right will set a positive pace for the rest of the day.

Mother’s Day Wish #2: Quiet Time for Themselves

gardenia flowers in acrylic box

Once all the breakfast plates and mimosa glasses have been cleaned and put away, you’ll notice that the sun has risen to its peak. The afternoon brings along many leisures, especially for the kids, but today is her day. Reassure your mother or your wife that this afternoon is her time to spend however she’d like.

Whether she’d like to enjoy a bike ride out in the fresh air, or lounge out on the patio with a really good book, this time is for her to enjoy. To accompany her reading, surprise her with a delicate gardenia arrangement, Le Clair Grand Un. Leave this single flower assemblage on her side table to set a calm, enchanting atmosphere for her. When she opens the lid, she’ll be embraced by the honeyed aroma of a gardenia flower, allowing her to escape into her book, her journal, or simply into another world.

Mother’s Day Wish #3: Spa Day

rose blanche candles spa day bathtub

As the day draws to a close, don’t let your mother spend her evening worrying about if she’s been too selfish for the day. Remind her that this is her day to let you take care of her! Emphasize the importance of self-care, especially for a mother whose heart is too big to care for herself.

Draw a bath with some bath salts and oil, and light a couple Rose Blanche candles for a truly immersive experience. The smell of roses, freesia, and hints of geranium will set her mind at ease. For a spa day bundle, put together a basket of face masks, lotions, bath bombs, and a bottle of rosé. Or visit our Mother’s Day Gift Guide to see how a few elegant arrangements of Real Roses That Last A Year® can elevate your bathroom.

Mother’s Day Wish #4: Words of Affirmation

le clair neuf and vingt cinqAt the end of the day, your mother may be feeling relaxed and recharged, but the most important thing to tell her, if you hadn’t shown or said it already, is that she is an amazing mother. Don’t let her go to bed without giving her those much needed words of affirmation. Your mother never hesitates to tell you how much she loves you or how proud she is of you — now it’s your turn to tell her how much you appreciate the things she does.

For an added touch, use Venus ET Fleur’s Le Clair Neuf arrangement to pair along with your gratitude. This arrangement features nine Eternity® Roses, in the color of your (or her!) choice, beautifully set in a clear acrylic box with a drawer. Inside the drawer, you can create a list of 10 things you love about her, place a gift card to her favorite restaurant (so you can take her out to eat one day), or sneak a few of her favorite chocolate truffles in there for her to indulge in later in the night.

Though this is the one day to emphasize your love for your mother, remember that there are 364 other great days to appreciate her too. Venus ET Fleur is here to help you show your appreciation and affection with beautiful, timeless gifts for your mother, wife, grandmother, sister, or aunt. Browse through our Mother’s Day gift guide today for more inspiration, and order your arrangement today to get it delivered by May 10th.

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