What Color Flowers Are Best for Birthdays?


Birthdays are the time to celebrate the lives of the people you love. As a truly momentous occasion, birthdays are a chance to grow closer together, show appreciation for our loved ones, and have some fun with a birthday bash! There is no better way to share the joy of a birthday with someone you love than by sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers that will bring a smile to his or her face.

But there are so many types of flowers. How should you go about selecting the bouquet that best expresses the joy of the occasion and represents the personality of the birthday girl or boy?

If you know the birthday girl or boy’s favorite types of flowers, you can assemble a bouquet of assorted mixed flowers that encompass her favorites. For example, if she loves Stargazer lilies for their sweet fragrance (and not just the cool name), that is a great place to start in building an arrangement. Roses, of course, are always a popular choice, and we will discuss how to choose the best rose arrangement for the birthday occasion. 

Other ideas include planters and dish gardens, which are a great choice if you have a green thumb growing another year older. Also, consider green and blooming plants for the gardener in your life. 

But what colors are best for a birthday bouquet? Do different colors signify different birthday wishes? 

Birthday Flower Colors


A bright arrangement of rainbow or yellow roses is a birthday tradition. Because the birthday flowers celebrate the life of the person getting one year older, the colors should be festive and bring about a mood of thankfulness and happiness. 

In addition to bright-colored roses, other types of flowers can be included in the bouquet. The key is to keep the colors light and festive.

Does the birthday boy or girl have a favorite color or colors? Including these in the birthday bouquet or flower arrangement is a great way to create a display that reflects the birthday boy or girl’s unique personality.

In addition to choosing bouquet flower colors, you must also consider the birthday flowers by month. If you want to go beyond festive colored roses, check out the below list of birthday flowers. Each month has specific flowers that correspond to it and signify specific qualities and traits. Do these match the person you are shopping for?

Birthday Flowers by Month


In addition to the color, birthday flowers can also be chosen by the month. Each month has certain flowers associated with those born during it. You may just find that the birthday flowers by month lead you to the perfect choice. 


Not surprisingly, snowdrops are a January birthday flower, along with the very complimentary carnation. These flowers signify the qualities of passion, enthusiasm, and adventure. Is the birthday girl or boy full of life, eager to take on the next challenge, and ever curious to see what the world has to offer? If born in January, the snowdrop and carnation may be the ideal gift.


February birthday flowers are the primrose and violet, which signify the qualities of conventionalism and being a lover of food. Is the birthday girl or boy a down to earth, conservative type who is happiest at a fine dining establishment? If so, the primrose and violet may be your February birthday flowers of choice.


Is your March born loved one a big personality? They love to gab, are lively and sociable, but they’re also an intellectual type who reads the book instead of seeing the movie? Then the March birthday flowers offer the ideal expression of his or her unique personality. Jonquil and violet signify the qualities of being talkative, lively, and intellectual. They are perfect for celebrating March birthdays.


The April birthday flowers of the daisy and the sweet pea signify the qualities of being secretive and protective. Does the April birthday girl or boy keep confidences very well and is someone you would trust with your private affairs? Is he or she a fiercely protective friend, parent, or sibling? If so, the daisy and sweet pea are the flowers to celebrate these qualities.


Extroverts love birthday parties, and if your May birthday loved one is an extroverted party lover, we have the flowers for you. The May birthday flowers are the lily of the valley and the hawthorn, which celebrate extroverted personalities. In addition, they also signify faithfulness. Is your extroverted May birthday loved one a loyal friend, spouse, and family member? Then these May birthday flowers are a great way to celebrate these attributes. 


Rose and honeysuckle, the June birthday flowers, signify the qualities of passion, modesty, and perfectionism. Is the birthday boy or girl a stickler for details who only accepts the best from herself or himself? Despite this drive for perfection, is he or she also not the type to brag or slight others? Are they driven by passion in love, work, and hobbies? If so, the June flowers are a great pick.


The July birthday flowers of the water lily and larkspur signify the qualities of elegance and romanticism. Is your July birthday loved one a dreamer who seeks glamorous experiences? Does he or she love to dress up, wear fine jewelry, and attend fancy parties? The water lily and larkspur represent his or her personality exactly.


August brings with it the dog days of summer, a time to enjoy the remains of the sunny season. The August birthday flowers, the poppy, and gladiolus in particular match the spirit of the carefree summer season. They signify the qualities of optimism and playfulness. Does this sound like someone born in August that you know? If so, the poppy and gladiolus are for you!


The change of season is marked by morning glory and aster. These flowers signify the qualities of grace and variety. Is the birthday girl or boy an eclectic sort who tries all types of foods, gets along with different types of people and loves many types of music? Does she move, speak, and interact with grace? If this describes your September birthday loved one, the morning glory and aster are for you.


Are you building a bouquet for an ambitious and highly respected person? Someone who burns the candle at both ends to get ahead. Does this person command respect? Do people trust him or her and ask for advice? The October birthday flowers, the cosmos, and calendula signify the qualities of ambitiousness and respectability. If this describes the birthday girl or boy, we have the flowers for you.


Chrysanthemum is the November birth flower. It signifies the qualities of unconventionality and independence. Are you building a bouquet for a maverick? Someone who lives his or her own way and takes the road less traveled? Perhaps the birthday girl or boy has discovered new ways of thinking, working, and living that make life better. For the unconventional and independent, the chrysanthemum is the way to go.


December is a dark and cold month, the time of year when warmth and compassion are most in need. The December birthday flowers, the narcissus, and the holly signify the qualities of compassion and warmth. Does the birthday girl or boy exude goodwill? Is he or she concerned about the state of humanity, animals, and the world at large? The opposite of self-centered? If your December birthday loved one is a warm, compassionate being, then the narcissus and holly are the flowers you need.

Flowers Are Imbued with Meaning


Flower power is real. Through the ages, flowers have been thought to carry special meanings, and giving them conveyed the emotions and thoughts that define our relationships.

The belief in red roses as the symbol of love can be traced back to Greco-Roman times. The Greeks believed Aphrodite, their goddess of love, created the red rose in tribute to Adonis, her lover who was killed by a wild boar. Roman mythology holds that Venus, their goddess of love, created red roses when, as she hurried to save Adonis from an assassination plot, she ran through thorn bushes and severely cut her ankles. Adonis could not be saved, and the blood she spilled fell to the ground and created the rose bush.

Since that time, red roses have been how we tell our partners and love interests that we care for them.

Roses have also been symbols of strength and courage. In the Middle Ages, kings, such as Charlemagne, the savior of the Franks, cultivated roses for the power he believed they possessed. Knights of the crusades collected new species of flowers and brought them back to Europe. The War of the Roses was so named because each army chose the rose for its symbol, one the white rose and the other the red.

Flowers have been symbolic for thousands of years. Monthly birthday flowers, like the Zodiac signs, correspond to specific personality traits. When choosing birthday flowers, it is important to include bright, festive colors to match the occasion, especially the birthday boy or girl’s favorite color(s). These, paired with the appropriate birthday flowers, provide a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Birthday flowers are always appreciated, and with a little planning, you can create the perfect birthday bouquet.


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