Votive Candle Ornaments: A Very Venus Holiday

‘Tis the season — and time for Very Venus Holiday. Venus et Fleur® is thrilled to announce our limited edition luxury ornaments among our holiday collection. For the first time ever, we’re releasing special gifts inside of our gorgeously packed ornament boxes perfect for the holidays. Open our luxurious gifts to discover the holiday surprises that are in store. Limited edition and here for a short amount of time, these treasures are available to order today. 

Warm Up this Season with Votive Candle Ornaments

In many parts of the world, it’s beginning to grow cold — but we have holiday décor and gifts to brighten your season and warm their hearts. Venus et Fleur is thrilled to announce our first-ever limited edition ornaments. The packaging is a luxurious, exclusive gift box that looks gorgeous on the tree, and inside, it holds a special surprise. No need to wait — unbox these gifts right away and behold our lovely votive candles.

The votive ornaments feature our best selling, gorgeous, fragrant Rose Blanche votive candle or our beautiful Nue Tuberose votive candle in a decorative, holiday-ready navy and gold pyramidal box. The box is perfect for admiring on the tree while your candle flickers away, and the fragrance emitted by the gorgeous candles will fill  the home with a sensational scent that’ll set your home aglow for the holidays

It’s a Very Venus holiday

We believe that thoughtfulness is a virtue, so we’re offering both of our candles in our holiday ornaments. Each one is crafted with you and your loved ones in mind. Everyone loves a candle—they’re gracious, simple gifts that you can truly never go wrong with. But most holiday-inspired candles are loaded with scents that don’t carry over into the new year once the tree comes down. These treats can be enjoyed the day they're opened or reserved for a special occasion in the months to come. 

Holiday Abroad at Home

Elevate your holiday ambiance with the warmth of our Rose Blanche votive candle. There’s a reason why this candle is ever so popular. This is a perfect case study in balance, versatility, freshness, and purity. With love and care, our in-house designers created an inspired scent, blended with exactly seven tested, tried, and true perfume oils from around the world. These candles were formulated to transport you to the rose gardens of Grasse, France, every time you light the wick. We’re not hiding our gifts this year, so here are the gorgeous notes of this magical candle: 

  • Freesia, which is a sweet, floral fragrance with subtle notes of honey and mint. 
  • Davana, which is a very famous fragrance known to smell like tea. 
  • Rose, Venus’ favorite flower
  • Cinnamon, which is spicy, warm, stimulating, and hot. 
  • Geranium, which is often mistaken as “the other rose,” hasis rose-like in essence—but it’s a bit more lemony and herbaceous.
  • Patchouli, which is earthy, grounding, and balancing. 
  • Vetiver, which has notes of wood, leather, and smoke. 

Our Nue Tuberose is the newest addition to our candle family and is also available to be a new addition to your holiday home collection. This creation was released just this 2020 year, and we’re thrilled to include it in our ornament debut. The candle consists of a soy-coconut wax blend and five of the highest quality perfumes. Composed of the most coveted scents, this sophisticated candle has a beautiful blush pink wax. It will soothe you while lifting your spirits. A highly spiritual candle, Nue Tuberose is the incarnation of a winter-stroll during twilight. The notes in this exquisite candle?

  • Tuberose, which is a decadent flower with a sweet, creamy, rich floral scent. It even has inspiring notes of Gingerbread, making this a fitting holiday treat.
  • Orange Blossom, which is bright and citrusy, balancing the tuberose
  • Bergamot, which is bright and tart, with a spicy edge 
  • Freesia, which is sweet and fresh
  • Lotus, which is pleasant and enlightening

Our hand-poured candles are an ideal gift to show you care. The simple ritual of lighting a candle sets the scene for a soothing, romantic evening As the sweet scent of floral and earth permeates the space, you’ll feel rejuvenated and inspired while visions of roses dance in your head. And the celebrations can last all day and night long as both of our votives have a burn time of 20-25 hours. 

Peace by Candlelight

Our candles are created with serenity in mind and are widely utilized in rituals of self care. Embrace this time with yourself as you light one of our votives—bask in the warmth, envelop your senses with scent, and close your eyes to turn inside. Mindfulness and meditation can be an incredible tool during both the holidays and the winter months. While we love to celebrate and bask in the glow of the season, sometimes, the to-do list can get us a bit stressed, or the ongoing cold can make us a bit sad. That’s all fine and natural. Create a loving atmosphere as you remember what the holidays are truly about.

Candles bring so much warmth to our lives, both literally and figuratively, because they are symbols of light. They’re multi-sensory, revive our energy with pleasant scents, warm feelings, and a charming glow. Gratitude is key during the holidays and can easily be lost as we bustle about, but just the simple act of igniting your candle with loving intention can bring you back down to earth and into the festive season. As the flame flickers, feel the sensation of love filling your heart.

Share the Love This Season

Extend that feeling to those you love. Our ornaments make ideal gifts for any recipient and are excellent stocking stuffers. These luxurious and unique gifts are holiday exclusive and are a thoughtful touch for the hostess, a teacher you adore, parents, friends, partners, anyone who likes a dazzle of elegance in their lives. This is a perfect gift for everyone on your list. With stunningly designed packaging, there’s no wrapping necessary—the beautiful pyramid needs no elaborate covering. 

Our ornament boxes are a true holiday treat and can be packed away with the rest of your collection for the years to come. They’re lovely tokens that hold a memory, and your recipient will remember your generosity and warmth for years to come when they place the stunning memento onto the branches. Just like our Eternity® Roses, as long as you treat them with care, they'll last for a long, long time. 

These votives are gorgeously simple and ever-so-charming because we know that a large impact can come in a small presentation. They’re absolutely elegant and serve as great additions to any space—on the ledge of a claw-foot tub, perched on the mantle, snug in your holiday décor, or flickering next to a scrapbook of memories from celebrations past. The votive candles, especially, make great additions to smaller spaces like your vanity, bedside tables, and small restroom sink counters. 

Place one in your home for a special touch, or collect multiple ornaments to spread the holiday cheer. These ornaments are available for a limited time only, so be sure to brighten your holiday season with these exclusive gifts now while they’re still available for purchase. It’s easy to order online 24/7 with worldwide shipping, or you can visit one of our festive boutiques in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, or London. It’s a special time, and we’re so elated to share some special holiday gifts with you.

Candles are a beautiful tradition around the holidays. There are endless symbols of the candle during this special season full of love. You’ll see this as a common thread in most holiday celebrations amongst many religions or practices of spirituality: a candle in the window as a beaconing light, lighting the menorah together, multi-colored candles in a kinara, the original yuletide. No matter how you celebrate this time of the year, these vessels carry an everlasting message of warmth and hope. Of love and light. Candles are a cozy comfort for cold winter nights. 

Our Venus et Fleur family is so grateful and honored to be part of your life. During the holiday and all year round, it is so special for us to be a symbol of beauty and love in your sweet abode. 

For all your holiday décor and gifts for anyone in your life, shop with Venus et Fleur.