Very Venus Holiday Gifts By Personality Type

This year, the holiday season is all about coming home — making our spaces gorgeous, warming, elegant, and filled with joy, and blissfully spending time peacefully in our homes. The holidays are about coming home to ourselves and to those who we love. They’re about enjoying and celebrating all that we have — in style. The holidays are a time for being grateful for the abundance of that which we love in our lives, and for honoring our countless blessings.

Traveling is going to be a bit harder this year, so it’s an ideal time to send amazing gifts and holiday arrangements to those who you love. Make sure to arrange virtual celebrations with your nearest and dearest. Love isn’t canceled, and celebration isn’t canceled. Let’s make it a stunning, luxurious, glamorous, warming, and soothing holiday season to remember with beautiful décor and gifts.

Here are a few gifts that we love for each person in your life, broken down by personality type:


The Jetsetter

For the one who adores travel, adventure, and setting their sights on distant locales, here are a few gorgeous objects that will make their travels even more luxurious and memorable:

The Classic Bundle Set is perfect for the traveler in your life. They can place a Le Mini in their car, keep one in their home, and travel with the votive candle. You can choose between either of our incredible scents when selecting your Classic Bundle Set, so it’s easy to customize one for everyone on your list. Traveling with our Classic Bundle Set will allow for the jetsetters in your life to make every hotel room that they spend time in feel and smell like home.

An embossed wallet: find a gorgeous leather bifold wallet or card case in a bright color that suits your loved one and have it embossed with their initials for a personalized, loving touch.

Cashmere scarf wrap: this is a travel essential. It will keep them warm on airplanes and can serve as a blanket for long car rides. It’s also ideal for bringing as an extra layer every day and is a seasonal, classic gift. They can keep it in their bag and will think of you — and be so grateful — every time that they wear it.

Ballet flats: a great pair of leather ballet flats is timeless. It’s an ideal footwear choice for exploring new cities — ballet flats are comfortable and chic and pair well with just about any outfit.

Travel perfume: find a scent that your dear one will love, and select a travel-size container so that they can smell incredible while away. If they already have a signature scent, find it in a small container.

Passport case: a gorgeous leather passport case is a super functional and luxurious travel must! Have it embossed with their initials for extra (travel) points!

Powerbank: this will save your loved one! Find a top of the line powerbank in a color that they love (you can’t go wrong with silver, gold, or black). They’ll be so grateful for being able to charge their necessities while on the go.


The One who Has Everything

Even those who have everything will love a token of adoration from you. Here are some suggestions for those who don’t need anything—but will love a gift from your regardless:

Our Florentina Vase is simple and incredibly luxurious. The vase is set in a golden crown, replete with a rose quartz, and it holds a single long-lasting rose. It’s an ideal gift for the one who has everything because it’ll elevate their space even more—without taking up too much space—and will serve as a refined reminder of your love for them.

Donation: for those who have it all, giving back is one of the best gifts. Donate to a charity or cause that suits them, and give them the loving and thoughtful gift of bettering the universe. 

Gratitude box: find a luxurious golden box, a notepad, and a great pen—and you’ve got a gratitude box. Encourage your loved one to take time to reflect on that which they are grateful for, note it, and place it in their Gratitude box. In doing so, you’ll improve their life immensely. Gratitude is everything. Gratitude is gold.

Gift certificate to favorite restaurant: this one is simple—arrange an evening out at your loved one’s favorite restaurant—on you! They’ll enjoy their favorite meal even more knowing that it’s from you. To make it an even more special gift, call the restaurant ahead when they’re going and send them a drink or an appetizer—a surprise treat that will make the evening even more memorable.

Framed photo of the two of you together: select a photo of the two of you and have it framed in a beautiful picture frame. They'll be reminded of your love every time that they glance at it. 

Luxury pens: golden pens or other fountain pens are wonderful for writing in style, and will look great any desk.

Condiment of the month subscription: find a subscription box of incredible mustards, sauces, capers, and so forth—they’ll love receiving the box every month and will enjoy the gorgeous treats! Everyone loves condiments, so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Cashmere pajamas: warm, sumptuous pajamas will keep those who you love cozy, in style, while they’re at home relaxing.

Personalized locket bracelet: a golden chain bracelet with an engraved heart locket is a timeless, sophisticated piece that they’ll treasure forever.

Private gallery tour: arrange a private tour through a great gallery or museum where your loved one lives. It’s a memorable experience that they’ll adore. You can also send this along with a coffee table book on an artist that they love.


The Homebody

These days, this describes all of us. Here are a few incredible things that will make spending time at home even more cozy and luxurious:

Gift the homebody in your life with an abundant arrangement such as our Thalia Vase with gold or blush roses. It’s super sophisticated, and will be right at home on top of a stack of coffee table books in their living room. They’ll spend many afternoons cuddled up on their couch admiring its timeless beauty.

Coffee table book: what does your loved one love? Fashion? Global cuisines and cooking? Art? Architecture? Find a stunning coffee table book on the subject—it’ll elevate their living room and bring them joy to flip through.

Cozy slippers: make time at home cozy and comfortable with a pair of fur-lined or cashmere slippers that they can wear while puttering around.

Tea set and teas: find gorgeous imported teas, a tea strainer, and beautiful tea cups and saucers. They’ll enjoy warm, soothing, delicious cups of tea for a long time to come, and will think of you every time that they’re having tea time!

A great bottle of tequila and a bar set: invest in a bottle of  top shelf silver tequila and send it along with a new cocktail shaker, ice bucket, coasters, ice tongs, an ice cube tray, and so forth. Make their happy hours even more enjoyable! You can also send things like bitters, bottled organic ginger juice, flakey sea salt, dried lemon rounds, and edible gold leaf—each of these will make their cocktails even more exquisite.

Breakfast tray: find a beautiful tray that will allow for your loved one to enjoy slow, mindful, delicious meals in the comfort of their own bed—a truly luxurious, homey, beautiful experience. You can also send a beautiful ceramic coffee mug and a porcelain bowl with this gift.

Linen bed set: linen bed sheets are great for every season, look beautiful, are soft to the touch, and are ideal for everyone in your life. Find a bedding set in classic white and make their time in bed even more enjoyable.

Light therapy lamp: for the homebody who rarely goes outside, a light therapy lamp can be a wonderful tool for making their winter brighter. It’ll help them with their circadian rhythm and will provide them with Vitamin D and endorphins. This is a great gift for anyone during the winter time.


The Glamour Girl

For the one who applies makeup for Zoom meetings and loves all things glitz and glamour, we recommend the following little luxuries:

Our Le Clair Quinze has a storage compartment built into the arrangement, which is ideal for storing makeup, jewelry, and other get-gorgeous necessities. It’ll make any closet or vanity even more glamorous and tidy, making it an ideal gift for the fashion and beauty lovers in your circle. Choose pink, ivory, or blush roses for the classic beauty in your life, and go with gold for the luxury lover.

Under eye patches: these are great for toning, de-puffing, and moisturizing the tender under-eye area. They’re a simple, fun way of upping one’s skin care game.

Luxury skin care tools: think a gorgeous gua sha, toning tools, and facial massage tools. These can help to improve skin texture and brightness, and your glamorous friend is sure to look her best when she uses them.

Eye shadow pallet: find a pallet that suits the face of your loved one—you can’t go wrong with a neutral pallet of bronzes, golds, and browns. A pallet will make their get-gorgeous routine simple and, well, beautiful.

Luxury lip balm: lip balm is an essential for keeping lips moisturized and beautiful. Find one in clear or a tone such as rose—or select a few so that they can keep one in their bag, one on their desk, and one on their bedside table. 

Gorgeous perfume: one can never have too many incredible perfumes! Find an incredible scent in a beautiful bottle—they’ll love having it on their vanity and will smell as beautiful as they are.

Luxury face oil and serums set: face oils and serums are great for providing faces with moisture (especially during the winter). Look for one that’s void of synthetic fragrances and ingredients for extra credit.

Lit makeup mirror: this is a great tool for applying makeup without having to go outside. For the people in your life who love the look of a full face of makeup, a lit mirror can be extremely helpful.

LED Face Mask: known for improving skin texture, pores, and for helping to repair the skin, these techi masks are fun to wear—and your loved one most likely doesn’t already own this.

Gold lipstick case: for the classic beauty lover and/or the more sophisticated woman in your life, a gold lipstick case is a reusable, timeless gift that will elevate their makeup bag.

Brow Grooming Kit: groomed brows are essential—and there are so many products that can help your friends and family to achieve the look of a set of gorgeous, beautifully maintained eyebrows. It’ll improve their whole look—even on days when they’re not wearing makeup.


The Minimalist

Gift those in your life who aren’t “stuff” people with simple, minimal, beautiful, and meaningful objects that will fill their life with joy:

Our Le Clair Grand Un epitomizes minimalist beauty. A singular gardenia set in crystal-clear lucite is ideal for the minimalists in your life who long for space, serenity, and bliss. It’s perfect for placing on a desk or bedside table and will remind the minimalist in your life of the exquisite beauty of our natural world—and, of course, of your love.

Donation: again, a donation is the perfect gift for those who have everything or simply don’t want a lot of stuff. Find a cause that will speak to them and make a donation in their name.

Simple piece of jewelry: a minimalist ring, bracelet, or simple necklace is a gorgeous, thoughtful, and timeless gift that will suit even those who wear little or no jewelry. Look for a piece that can be worn with everything from jeans to a date night dress. You can’t go wrong with a little gold!

Sea salt set: flakey, smoked, and flavored sea salts will enhance any meal that your loved one enjoys—and many come in gorgeous, simple boxes that’ll look amazing in their un-cluttered kitchens.

Coffee subscription box and french press: find a coffee-of-the-month box so that your loved one can enjoy a different brew every month of the year, and send them a french press so that they have a beautiful new piece to make their coffee in every morning.

The perfect white t-shirt: this tried and true classic is a staple piece in any wardrobe—one can never have too many. Find a white t-shirt that’s soft, comfortable, and chic—they’ll wear it often and will think of you every time.

Botanical garden membership: this gift is ideal for nature lovers—give them a gorgeous place to escape to for relaxing, beautiful day trips any time that they need or want a little me time.

Japanese tea pot: a beautiful Japanese tea pot will elevate their mornings and tea time and is a simple, special piece that will beautify their space without crowding it. Send them a variety of imported teas along with this gift to make it even more special.

Luxury walking sneakers: for the minimalist who enjoys the mindful act of walking, find a great pair of sneakers. Their legs will thank you, and they’ll appreciate the generous, beautiful, and super functional gift.


The Aesthete

For the artist, the art lover, and the person with exquisite taste, an assemblage of objects that will make their life even more gorgeous:

Our Sylvie Vase is a timeless piece. The aesthete in your life will appreciate the sophistication of the ancient Greek architecture-inspired vase and the colorful, long-lasting flowers. The Sylvie is a work of art in its own right.

Art print: find a print of a work by an artist that your loved one admires, or go for a print of a work by a classic such as Picasso or Matisse. They’ll adore it and it will make their space more textural and gorgeous.

Hand blown glass carafe and glasses: a beautiful colorful carafe and glasses will help your loved one to hydrate in style. They’ll love keeping it on their desk or by their bed. For an even more gorgeous gift, include a sachet of rose petals so that they can infuse their water or make Seema’s rose petal ice cubes.

Modern architecture or art coffee table book: a great coffee table book on architecture or an artist who they adore will make their living room even more sophisticated and will provide them with a wonderful and engaging activity to enjoy while lounging at home.

Origami set: find an elevated origami set replete with exquisite papers—this will provide the aesthete in your life with a fun, soothing activity.

Puzzle of a famous or beloved artwork: available at museum stores and online, a puzzle of well known artwork is another thoughtful gift. It’s an enjoyable activity for those who love spending time at home and keeping their minds and hands busy during downtime.

Illustrated or personalized stationery set: find a stationary set printed with works by an artist that your loved one admires, or select a sophisticated a simple set that’s embossed with their initials. Send with a high quality gold pen. This will allow for them to engage in the art of sending love to their nearest and dearest.


The Lover

For the hopeless romantic, here are a few gifts that’ll enhance their love life—and their love of self:

Our Heart Box arrangements are amorous declarations of adoration that will make a statement of adoration for the lover in your life. They’re ideal for giving to your significant other.

Our new Nue Tuberose candle is also ideal for the love lovers in your life. Replete with romantic rose-toned wax, this candle can transport those who you adore to a garden night-blooming tuberose, warmth, and beauty. It’s ideal for placing on a bedside table and can make any space feel more romantic and luxurious. 

Heart jewelry: find a locket necklace or bracelet with a heart locket. They’ll love the piece, wear it frequently, and keep an image of their S.O in the locket.

Silk robe and eye mask: luxury X romance X coziness? Ideal for the lover in your life. Sending them a cozy and gorgeous robe and eye mask will allow for them to be comfortable and beautiful while at home—and allow for them to have even more romantic dreams.

Essential oils: select blends that include rose, ylang ylang, bergamot and other scents that are adored for their amorous properties. These are great for setting the mood, massage, and using as a natural scent.

Golden handcuffs: this is a playful, seductive gift. Find a super luxurious, high end set of handcuffs—your friend will love to see them in their bedside table drawer.

Oyster gift: have fresh oysters on the half shell shipped to your adoring adored one. Oysters are a natural aphrodisiac, and this gift is a delicious, wonderful treat that they’re sure to enjoy. Send them a few silver oyster to make the gift even more sumptuous.

Staycation night or weekend in a luxury hotel: book a night or weekend at an upscale hotel nearby your friend’s home—they’ll be thrilled to enjoy a spa day and a night or two in a cozy, gorgeous hotel. Who doesn’t want a romantic weekend escape? This is a great gift even for single lovers in your life—a vacation is always an incredible treat.


The Chef

Gift the whiz in the kitchen with any of these, which will enhance their meals and their quality of life with elegance and grace. 

For the people in your life who live to create and enjoy exquisite edible creations, consider a small arrangement such as our Le Clair Quinze is ideal for placing in the kitchen, and the chef in your life can store sea salt, spices, and other necessities in the drawer.

Another gorgeous arrangement for the kitchen? Our Le Fleura with hydrangea leaves. The ceramic will blend (no pun intended) into their kitchen decor beautifully. We recommend selecting a color tone such as green or aqua—both are fresh and vibrant, just like the gorgeous produce that they use in their recipes.

Cookbook: find a book full of recipes from a different culture (think Japanese, French, Italian, and so forth) or a book that focuses specifically on one of their favorite types of food (vegetables, seafood, etc). They can experiment with new recipes and learn a few new tips and tricks.

Produce box subscription: this is a great gift for anyone, and the chef in your life will be eternally grateful every time that they receive a box with an abundance of fresh, seasonal ingredients to make beautiful dishes with. Bonus? They’ll have opportunities to experiment with vegetables and fruits that they perhaps they don’t typically buy.

Beautiful salt and spice set: everyone loves great salts and spices, and the chefs in your life are no exception. Create or select a set that has tons of classics such as herbs de provence and italian seasonings, as well as a few more special spices, chiles, and gorgeous salts. It’ll enhance every dish that they make.

Imported olives, vinegars, and mustards: as with the spices, amazing imported condiments are a true treat for everyone. These will make their salads and other dishes even more incredible, and they’ll love using these special products.

Personalized apron: for the chef and/ord entertainer who likes to stay neat while cooking, a personalized apron is a charming, adorable gift. They’ll love wearing it while cooking and will think of you every time that they slip it on.

Caviar: the ultimate luxury! Send them some amazing caviar on ice, and they’ll enjoy it during the holidays or later on in the new year.

Luxurious extract set: extracts are great for bakers and chefs alike. Look for a set that has the classics, like a great vanilla, and also has unique extracts such as rose and lemon. Extracts are wonderful for baking and can also be used in a variety of other recipes, including smoothies.

Luxury mortar and pestle: this is a wonderful gift that will allow for your loved one to make herbs even more flavorful and rich. It will also look great in their kitchen.

Heart shaped ramekins: these adorable ceramic pieces are wonderful for cooking eggs and other single-serving dishes. It’ll make their meals even more enjoyable, because they’ll be reminded of love every time that they use them.


The Wellnessista

For the yogini, the vegan, the people in your life who know that health is wealth and are committed to taking impeccable care of themselves, we recommend the following:

Our Florentina Vase has a rose quartz crystal that hangs from its gold crown, making this gorgeous piece ideal for those who are interested in manifesting all that they want in life.

For the ultimate self care gift, go with one of our sumptuous scented candles. They’re perfect for meditation, placing on a bedside table, and brightening the home (and life) of those who seek lightness, brightness, and positivity. Our Evil Eye Collection is comprised of long lasting roses placed in printed boxes that will ward off evil and protect those who you love.

Luxury adaptogens: there are tons of amazing blends of adaptogens including Ashwagandha, tocos, and other beautiful and powerful gifts from the earth that the wellness lover in your house will love. They’re great for incorporating into smoothies, bowls, and elixirs, and come in amazing packaging.

Mala: a gorgeous mala is always a perfect gift. Find one with stones such as rose quartz to attract more life. They’ll love to wear it every day or keep it on their altar.

Luxury essential oil diffuser: a diffuser is a wonderful gift that can make any space smell incredible. Send it with a few great essential oils that they can experiment with.

Meditation bench or cushion: this a great gift as it will enhance their meditation practice. One doesn’t need anything in order to meditate, but a meditation bench or cushion is a wonderful gift that will enhance their daily meditation and even yoga practice. 

Exquisite incense with holder: a beautiful, minimalistic or ornate incense holder will be amazing on their desk, altar, or bedside table. Send it alongside a few boxes of exquisite imported incense—it’ll fill their space with exquisite scents and they’ll think of you every time that they burn the incense.

Matcha set with ceremonial matchas: matcha is a wonderful alternative to coffee, and there are so many delicious, high quality ceremonial matchas as on the market. Send it with a whisk and bowl for a gift that will make their morning routine even more celebratory and lovely.

A copy of Be Here Now: this book is a total classic. Find a copy of it and mail it to them—they’ll love flipping through the pages and learning as they go.

Gel eye mask: this will help your loved one to improve their skin tone, de-puff their eyes, and wind down after long days. It’s a fun way to care for their gorgeous skin and self.

Weighted blanket: ideal for those with anxiety, weighted blankets are incredible for staying warm and cozy. They feel amazing and will help your loved one to sleep even better—which is absolutely essential.

Weekend trip to a wellness resort, to redeem once travel is safe: a wellness retreat is an amazing gift—think spa, beautiful, clean spa cuisine, yoga classes, and nature time! Find a wellness resort or hotel and book a night or weekend getaway.

Produce and/or organic seafood box subscription: just as the chefs in your life will adore a produce subscription box, this is an ideal gift for wellness lovers. They’ll adore experimenting with the stunning, seasonal produce and organic seafood. Think clean, delicious, nourishing meals that they can make for themselves with love.


The Hostess with the Most

Give the entertainers in your life any of the following—it’ll make their home and their celebrations even more gorgeous, and will fill their lives—and their guests lives—with abundance, joy, and a dose of celebratory glitter:

For those who live to entertain, select an abundant arrangement such as our Allura Vase from our Maison Collection. Set in a sophisticated, ancient Greek-architecture inspired porcelain vase, this arrangement will elevate your loved one’s living room and give their guests something to be in awe of. We recommend choosing a neutral tone such as ivory or blush so that it fits seamlessly into their decor.

Personalized coasters: think colorful coasters embossed with their initials that will look amazing on their coffee table and will be perfect for placing under drinks. Your loved one will adore these and put them to good use!

Bar set with luxury bitters, a great bottle of their favorite alcohol, ice tray, etc: this is such a thoughtful and fun gift for entertainers. The set will look amazing on their bar cart and their guests will love to concoct delicious cocktails using ingredients and tools that you send. If your friend or family member has a signature cocktail, include a bottle of the top shelf liquor that it calls for (i.e a silver tequila for margaritas, or vodka for martinis). 

Charcuterie board and optional charcuterie delivery: this is a great gift that they’ll use frequently while entertaining. Think a beautiful wooden board and a delivery of meats, olives, capers, mustards, and so forth. They’ll love the board for years to come.

Silver serving dishes for nuts, olives, etc: find a set of ceramic, wooden, brass, or crystal bowls that they can keep on their kitchen counter and coffee table while entertaining. It’s a gracious gift that will allow for them to provide cocktail hour snacks for their guests.

Fragrant hand soap and lotion: a great hand soap and lotion set is ideal for placing in restrooms that guests will be using, or for using in the kitchen. Select a lovely fragrance such as lavender or rose.

Luxury home speakers: find a set of speakers that can be used with your loved one’s phone or computer so that they can play music while cooking, working, and entertaining—with ease. Find a minimalist set that blends in with their decor.

Espresso machine: who doesn’t love a great espresso? This is ideal for friends and family who have frequent guests that stay for a few days, as they can enjoy the espresso machine every morning and also make fresh coffee drinks for guests.

Make this holiday the most gracious, luxurious, and joy-filled one yet by sending love to those who you adore and by, above all, being grateful for all that we have.

We wish you a very merry, elegant, and love-filled season. Happy Holidays from Venus ET Fleur!