Trendy Flower Decor Ideas From Milan

Milan Fashion Week was abundant in new styles and fresh fashion inspiration. Designers utilized new fabrics and color combinations to turn classically refined looks into modernized concepts. Venus et Fleur® delivers the same energy to your home with our luxurious eternity® flowers, unique rose colors, and vessels. With a wide range of unique rose colors and vessels, all of luxurious quality, Venus et Fleur® can help you bring the same energy into your home.

Venus et Fleur began with a love story and has since graced the presence of many homes. Everyone deserves the best in luxury, especially when it comes to flowers. Our preserved flowers and stylish decor flaunt real roses that last a year® or more, ensuring a luxurious experience throughout the year.

Various Porcelain Vases With Luxury Eternity Roses

Invite Fashion Week Styles Into Your Home Decor

Your home reflects your style and the tone you desire to set. Whether you want to replicate the trends at Milan Fashion Week or trying to set the right aura for your space, our selection of vases, Parisian hatbox-inspired vessels, and luxurious rose colors provide an arrangement for any style.

Simple, Striking Home Decor Colors

Milan Fashion Week delivered many striking looks that transformed simple colors into stunningly unique fashions. Solid colors with simple accents ruled the runway, with many models in one or two-piece ensembles. Designers made a statement with these sleek fashions ranging from pastel colors to white and black and an emerging presence of yellow.

Bring modern looks into your home decor with hand-crafted vases that embrace a similar ethos. Our minimalistic white porcelain and black glass vases showcase modern appeal with rose colors such as lavender, lilac, and pink. Choose one of our signature round or square classic flower boxes in various prints and dynamic rose colors for a statement-making decor piece.

 A Variety of Eternity Roses in Classic Boxes With Colored Suede

Fashionable Florals and Fabulous Frills

Two major trends at Milan Fashion Week included floral designs and dresses that thrilled with perfectly placed frills. From elegance with a flair to otherworldly outfits, these two trends worked in tandem with various alternating fashion week trends. Models wore mysterious, elegant looks such as sheer black dresses and vibrantly colored outfits embellished with flowers. 

Our limited spring 2023 collection includes mixed and textured eternity roses in gorgeous spring colors. Choose dusty lavender or dusty rose to add a mysterious aura to your decor or papaya and cantaloupe for a vibrant and dramatic introduction to spring.

One of Our Textured Rose Arrangements in Spring Colors

Steely, Streaming, and Refined Fashions

One of the underlying trends at Milan Fashion Week included dresses and skirts of classic and new-age styling that resulted in a luxurious yet refined appeal. Models captivated their audience in striking, monochromatic outfits. Red and black-colored dresses were particularly in vogue, from fairytale styles to gothic black-sheer designs. In contrast, bright yellow dresses brought a gorgeous and rarely seen ferocity color.

Bring a striking gothic elegance to your home decor by displaying our Fleura Porcelain Vase or Aphrodite Porcelain Vase with black roses. If yellow roses are more your style, flaunt them in a black Eau Smoked Glass Vase for a bright, vogue look.

Our Fleura Porcelain Vase With Black Eternity Roses

Bold Styles in Brown and Beige

The recurring trend during fashion month has been the continued use of brown and beige on the runway. From light dresses, broad winter furs, and elegant business attire, designers discovered ways to incorporate these neutral hues into tone-setting apparel. Even Kendall Jenner walked the runway in a tan-hooded Prada toggle coat, polishing off the outfit in yellow pumps for a floral finish.

Venus et Fleur’s various floral shades and rose colors keep your home in style and on-trend. Take advantage of this trend’s color neutrality, and design your own eternity arrangement to incorporate your style with the latest trends. Choose from rose colors in nude, gold, and rose gold to add elegance to your theme, or choose a bright color for contrast.

Eternity Rose Arrangements in Classic Flower Boxes With Neutral Tones

Fashionable Home Flower Decor With Venus et Fleur

Set the tone of your home in 2023 with the original luxury roses that last a year. Venus et Fleur's customizable floral arrangements are hand-designed, ensuring your home decor is always uniquely on-trend and beautiful. 

Shop online for fashionable flower decor and customizable arrangements, or at your local Venus et Fleur flower boutique in NYC, L.A., PA, NJ, and more. Experience the beauty of luxurious eternity flowers with worldwide, next-day, and same-day local flower delivery.