Themed Gifts for Every Wedding Anniversary

Themed Gifts for Every Wedding Anniversary

The Full Bloom Of Love Begins With Real Roses That Last A Year®

Every year of marriage is a milestone — whether you’re celebrating your very first anniversary or a couple of decades have come and past, this love liturgy is a chance to reflect, commemorate, and reaffirm the love between you and your partner. 

Venus ET Fleur® cultivates a space for this love to flourish and is a tangible reminder, day in and day out, of how vital it is to stay connected and honor love. Discover how our Eternity® Roses can play an annual role in your wedding anniversary.

Venus ET Fleur is more than just roses…

Roses are a traditional wedding anniversary gift, but their lifespan is short-lived. And while people try to expand their beauty through old wives’ tales and drying, in the end, their fullness is never what it once was.  

Venus ET Fleur has changed that with the inception of Real Roses That Last A Year. With each passing year, you can have roses that trace the memory of that year — in the beauty and opulence that only Venus ET Fleur ushers! 

Greet every new wedding anniversary with a rose arrangement that traces the heartbeat of your love.

The Anniversary Staple Of Eternity Roses and Mixed Eternity™ Flowers

Procuring a gift, especially a wedding anniversary gift, can be a lot of pressure, but Venus ET Fleur can help play a role in procuring an anniversary gift today and every year after. Begin with a Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement and create the rest of your gift from there. Our arrangements become the staple and tradition of each wedding anniversary — you will always get the flowers right! 

First Wedding Anniversary - Paper And Gold

Your first wedding anniversary is always one of the most treasured — you’ve made it through the first year which is oftentimes a lot of fun joyous moments mixed with some growing pains! Signify this moment and welcome the beginning of the second year with a gift that will last. 

The traditional theme of the first anniversary is paper, but why not modernize and bring your own unique spin to it? Arrangements from Venus ET Fleur will surely stand on their own or be a perfect complement to any other traditional wedding anniversary gift you choose.   

Gold Roses

Gold jewelry is traditionally gifted on the first anniversary. If your partner defies tradition or isn’t a jewelry person, gold roses may be the perfect compromise of mixing tradition with a more modern anniversary gift. 

Choose from a wide assortment of Parisian-inspired arrangements that bring a classic elegance. From the large square to small le Plein, Venus ET Fleur has an arrangement perfect for your first wedding anniversary. 

Third Wedding Anniversary - Leather And Pearl

Staying within the tradition of leather, our Cruelty-Free Leather Collection comes in a chic leather box with the ability to personalize your rose arrangement — from a solid arrangement to numbers that commemorate your third year of marriage!

Tenth Wedding Anniversary - Aluminum And Diamond

Our Marble Collection signifies timeless elegance and fortitude, just like what 10 years of marriage represents. Choose from a beautifully decorated white or black marble box alongside your favorite color of Eternity Roses — from classic red to rose gold. 

Eighteenth Wedding Anniversary - Porcelain And Aquamarine

The eighteenth year may not quite be two decades or one of the major milestone wedding anniversaries, but in anyone’s book, it’s sure a feat! Celebrate this anniversary with a very special collection from Venus ET Fleur — the Maison Collection. Each porcelain vase holds an exquisite arrangement of your choice of Eternity Roses or Mixed Eternity Flowers. 

Venus ET Fleur is for every wedding anniversary!

Every wedding anniversary is special and Venus Et Fleur wants to highlight the milestones (1, 5, 10, 20, etc.) and every year in between! You’ll be able to find something that’s both traditional and a little outside ordinary gifts. 

Our Velvet Collection features vibrant jewel-tone velvet boxes such as emerald, ruby, and sapphire to accompany milestone anniversaries including years 5, 15, and 20. 

The Le Clair Collection not only allows you to display an arrangement on any table or counter space, but uniquely displays your jewelry or special items in the hidden storage drawer beneath, as seen on the Le Clair Neuf and many others. 

Celebrate Your Next Wedding anniversary With Venus ET Fleur

Venus ET Fleur has a spirited mix of both traditional and unique wedding anniversary floral arrangements that last the entire year — only to be replaced with a new arrangement to mark the beginning of another year together! 

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