The Venus ET Fleur Experience

When you’re browsing the internet and searching for the perfect bouquet of flowers to send to a loved one or a special person in your life, look no further than Venus ET Fleur. When you order an Eternity™ rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur, you’re not only sending flowers that will last for up to a year without any watering or maintenance, but you’re sending a luxurious and decadent experience. A Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement is a luxurious floral delivery that will truly be an unforgettable and heartfelt expression of love and affection. Opening a gorgeous, Parisian-inspired box of Eternity™ roses is truly an experience. In this blog, we’ll discuss how exciting it is to receive a gorgeous Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement and experience pure luxury! The next time you’re planning to send flowers, surprise him or her with a Venus ET Fleur arrangement!

Gorgeous Roses

Our rose arrangements are full of expertly-chosen and arranged Eternity™ roses. Flown in from Ecuador, these beautiful roses are picked at the peak of perfection and then treated with vibrant colors. Once the roses have been dyed, they’re treated with natural oils and a non-allergenic wax. This is how we ensure that our roses stay gorgeous for up to a year and will remain vibrant and fragrant. When an arrangement is chosen by a customer, our team of highly-trained floral arrangers select only the best and the most perfect roses for the arrangement so that they will create the most incredible design. We can help you create any form of Eternity­™ rose arrangement that you can imagine. If you need help designing an arrangement for a special event, we’re also here to help with that. Why send a traditional bouquet when you can send a stunning Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement?

Perfect Designs

Part of the excitement of sending a Venus ET Fleur arrangement is getting to design it yourself. We proudly offer customization at every point of the process and if you need help or advice, our attentive customer service team will be more than happy to help you out. You can choose the Eternity™ rose shade you would like, and then choose the shape, size, design, and texture of the box. We have stunning Parisian-inspired boxes that can be used as a memento box for many years to come. Along with our gorgeous flowers and luscious boxes, there are many different Venus ET Fleur collections that you can also choose from that are absolutely incredible. You’ll be able to design the perfect rose arrangement for your friend or loved one that will be a wonderful surprise delivery.

Unique Luxury

Venus ET Fleur got our name from the Roman goddess Venus, who is the goddess of luxury, attraction, and romance. We want our customers to be thrilled by a Venus Et Fleur arrangement and truly feel pampered and honored by our Eternity™ rose arrangements. Make your loved one or friend feel appreciated and adored by sending him or her a rose arrangement that will stay exquisitely stunning and fragrant for months on end. No one will have these same flowers, and you can’t simply stop in a florist’s shop and pick up one of our arrangements on the way home. Any event will be made even more special when you send Venus ET Fleur!

When you send a Venus ET Fleur Eternity™ rose arrangement, you’ll be sending an amazing experience that will leave the recipient breathless and completely honored by your thoughtfulness. Sure, a normal floral arrangement is pretty and will bring some joy for a week or so, but a Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement will last for up to a year without any maintenance. Send your loved one or dear friend the gift of pure floral luxury with a Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement today!